How to set up phone service in Vietnam?

Headed to Da Nang, Vietnam in my first international digital nomad experiment!

I’m a noob - what’s the best way to set up my phone over there.

  • I need to keep my same cell number as I get business calls to it. I can’t afford to miss a call.

  • AT & T is my USA carrier, but heir options are very expensive.

  • I’ve heard everything from SIM cards to forwarding to a Skype number etc.

Note: If any of you are in Da Nang, I’d love to meet up!!! LMK.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

port your number to Google Voice.

install Google Hangouts on your phone. Google will manage your incoming texts and calls. you can also make free outgoing texts/calls to the US.

get a local prepaid SIM (must include data) and pop it into that phone.

install Skype in the phone. set up Skype Caller-ID. it takes 48 hours to activate.

after activation, you can now send OUTGOING texts to non-US numbers (requires Skype credit).

this is because your local VN prepaid number expires after 1-3 month if not topped up (depending on plan)… if you top it up religiously, that’s okay. as i fly in/out of VN, my number some times expires and i have to get a new one.

thus i prefer to give out my US-number and communicate via WhatsApp with the Vietnamese. i save my local VN prepaid minutes for local VN landline calls.

if you have a cloud-based Office 365 subscription, that will add 60 world minutes/month (excluding Vietnam) to your Skype account (linking/activation required).

this gives you a back-up service if Hangouts doesn’t work well… as well as for making calls to non-US and non-VN numbers (check list of eligible countries for Office 365 Skype World Minutes to be sure).

option 2:

roam on your old number. set up a new GV number instead of porting your old one, and follow as above.