How to stay in Australia for longer than 3 months

Hey there!

I’m planning on spending 3 months in Australia next year on a tourist visa. I’ve already gotten my working holiday visa (in 2017), but unfortunately didn’t get to take advantage of the full year (only stayed 3 months).

My boyfriend will be able to get his working holiday visa before we go, so I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way that I might be able to extend my stay (6 months would be ideal, if longer I wouldn’t complain).

I’d like to do this legally of course, so I’m wondering about a student visa. Anyone have experience getting this to extend their stay?

And other workarounds that might be worth exploring?

Might also be worth noting – I’ll be working while I’m there (for a US-based company) and I am American.

Appreciate the help!


I dont think you have an option unfortunately. besides continually doing tourist visa runs but I’m not sure how easy that is. australia is a fairly tough country when it comes to immigration, particularly visa overstays and making sure you’re not working.

Easiest option, marriage.

marriage is not an easy option unless AU$30K is in the budget…

my wife can’t just “Get in” - we live somewhere else as a result…