I dream of being a digital nomad? How do I do it?

Hello digital nomad!

I dream of being an independent digital nomad. But it feels very elusive & unattainable with my success rate. In full disclosure, whilst I have dreamed about making money online since high school; I have not earned a single cent making money online. $0, nada, zilch!! On the contrary, I have spent a lot of time & money on books, podcasts. Even though I have spent a lot of time reading/listening to others, I do not have anything to show for it!

I have made attempts in the past to start an online business, but these fizzle out quite quickly when I do not see traction especially when the goal I have set myself is too high.

Instead of reaching for the ultimate nomadic lifestyle goal, I want to start much smaller. Really small! I am simply looking to make $50 profit per month from a new online business. That’s it.

I need some advice from you please!

  • Is $50 profit too low? How long did it take you to earn $50 profit per month?

  • What is a good way of achieving this goal?

aka the $0 online business entrepreneur

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So many red flags here, so I’ll have to mention them because nobody else will:

  • You think it’s the ultimate life style, it’s not. It’s just traveling with a laptop. If you approach it like something ultimate and idealized, you’ll probably burn out like everybody else that did. The reality of remote workers (and DNs) is that they slow down and settle somewhere or settle multiple places, usually outside their home country.
  • You say you’ve been buying lots of books etc. so I think you’re idealizing it because other people are idealizing it to sell you stuff. Nothing ideal about it. “It” is not even a thing. It’s just people working remotely living in different places. The only difference with a traditional life is that you’re living in a place that’s not necessarily your home country.
  • Becoming a digital nomad shouldn’t be a goal. It wasn’t for most people. The people on here were mostly working a normal job, then worked from home, then could work remotely and then traveled and now live in different places. And some had a business running that they could work on from their laptop.
  • The people selling the idealized ultimate digital nomad dream are promising they can teach you how to start a business and live off passive income. But it’s false. You can’t teach or learn that in a few weeks. It takes years of actual practice. And even then it’s high risk.

P.S. I don’t mean to sound harsh and I definitely don’t blame you, this is the problem with most info about digital nomads and remote work on the internet. It’s a lot of idealized b.s.

How I think you should approach this is (and your career) by focusing on your skillset. What’s your current skills and are they sellable? What do you do for work now? Can you do that remotely? Can you ask your employer to consider allowing working remotely?

That’s way more approachable than starting a business. Building a business that’s sustainable and pays enough to live off can take years, sometimes a decade. And even then most businesses don’t even survive. Entrepreneurship is high risk.

That’s why I’d say approach it from your skillset and make them sellable and marketable. Figure out what people pay for in remote work. I know that’s mostly software development. If that’s your thing, figure out what’s the skillset you can learn to do that.

So to close off with something actionable:

  • What’s your skillset now?

I think @levelsio’s answer is pretty great to get you back to earth.

Nevertheless I want to share that I’ve made quite a good income these past months with fiverr (general “microjobs”) and codementor (for coders and mentors).

With that you can start earning $50 a month pretty fast. After that it’s all about managing your customers and working on that.