I have a one way ticket and two laptops, is it suspicious?

Has anybody traveled as a DN with a one way ticket and two laptops?

I’m going to Chile in a couple weeks and I only have a one way ticket and I’m going to Argentina after Chile. I don’t know when so that is why I still have not bought my onward ticket to Argentina but I will go there before my Chilean visa expires. I’m also going to carry my work windows laptop and my personal mac with me.

Now my question is, is this enough reason for an immigration officer to get suspicious and not let me in Chile? What would you tell them if they try to give me a hard time about my one way ticket and two laptops?

Thanks for you help in advance!

Not suspicious at all, I’ve traveled with two laptops and I wasn’t questioned about it, not even in places like Russia, where immigration officers were more interested in questioning me because I don’t believe in god. Immigration officers won’t even see that you have two laptops anyway. They probably won’t ask you about a return ticket either, it’s usually airlines that do that. If you want to be covered, just use a service like bestonwardticket.com (Avoid flyonward), or book a ticket through Iberia, they let you hold a reservation for 72 hs before paying it, so place the booking the day before and show them the email with the confirmation number.

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