Ideal 6 weeks south of the US border

So I have a cruise on May 11 leaving from Cartagena Columbia. I am leaving the country the end of March and I am looking to hit 3-4 cities before setting off. This it probably my last extended stay in South America.

Current game plan:

  • 2 weeks in Mexico City
  • 1 week in Havana
  • 1 week in Playa Del Carmen
  • Short term in Bogota
  • 1 week in Medellin
  • Short term in Cartagena

Am I making a mistake omitting Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Equador etc?

I work usually around 10 hours a week. I would like to spend the rest of my time soaking up the local culture, enjoying the local nightlife, and practicing my improving mediocre spanglish.

Anyone have experience/insight on areas I may enjoy more?

Thanks in advance!


I would skip Havana, or cut it down to just a few days in which you wont work at all as wifi is bad to non-existent. I would also cut maybe out Bogota and add more time to Medellin. I currently live in Medellin and its a nice city with lots to do and great weather, worth spending more time.

6 weeks isn’t very long for this kind of a trip so I wouldn’t add in any more places. For Central America you need more time really to travel around so maybe save that for another trip.

This trip is a sort of make shift travel stage for a cruise I have in May. So Im throwing together a less than ideal journey but trying to hit some places I think I would enjoy the most right now.

Flights are cheapest into Bogota so I figured Id stay there a couple nights then concentrate more on Medellin. You have confirmed what I have heard about Bogota vs Medellin.

Do you think the Dominican Republic be a a better fit versus Havana?

Thanks @Jodie_Taylor