If luggage space (and weight) was not a problem, what items will you travel with that you can't carry now?

I know that when you become a digital nomad you have to become somehow a minimalist. But if luggage space and weight were not problems. I would like to know what items would you miss traveling with. I certainly would carry. A guitar, a set of good knives, a pair of Hiking shoes, (they are sooo bulky), a good camping tent.

What about you?

Are you suggesting something like Hermione’s invite carrying pouch? If so, then I would carry a studio apartment from place to place. That way I would have a consistent home wherever I went. I do use check-in so I do carry two good knives with me.

I wouldn’t have left all our boardgames with a friend back home :frowning:. I am already restocking now that we are settled for a bit though :blush:

I bring my Traktor S2 already as it’s not that heavy and pretty thin. I think I would have kept my Yamaha HS7’s instead of getting a JBL xtreme (although, no regrets on the purchase. It packs a punch for a small package).

Other than that, we are pretty minimal and don’t really miss anything we don’t already have. We already travel with our juicer and Vitamix haha (although I wish I had bought the 220V versions…)

Yes exactly, like Hermione´s or Felix the cat bag.

I was talking to a friend who has been a Digital Nomad longer than I, and he told me that one of the things he misses the most is a good kitchen set (knives, pans, pots) he travels every two months through AirBnB and well… you may know that AirBnB is kind of a lottery regarding kitchen suplies.

Another thing that happen to me this year is that I had three weddings… I don’t want to carry around formal clothing… but rental is usually half the price than buying a suit… so I ended up buying one… but now… I have no idea what to do with it… the sad part is to know that if I leave it behind I might needed in the future…

oh, if i had a hermione bag I would totally carry a full apartment with well kitted out kitchen, comfortable furniture, and weight room.

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Nothing really. I’ve pretty much forsaken carry on only because not zealously adhere to some minimalist standard at the cost of my own life quality on a day to day basis. Not that I pack much but having a few things that make life better is worth it when you travel for long periods of time.

@carlosaav - I’d not really thought about it but one of the advantages of being a woman is that you can throw together a fairly formal wedding outfit with clothes that work for other occasions :slight_smile:

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All of my guitar gear for live/studio work. A full size bicycle instead of a folder.

At one point I had a guitar, a microphone tripod, a microphone, and a small console to connect everything to the computer. I had to leave all of that behind. I would love to travel like I’m doing right now, but keep in touch with my hobbies… renting stuff is so expensive…

Records, player, speakers. Miss my sound system!!

Either two 1080p monitors or a 4K monitor for authoring code.