I'll be entering the UK for 6 months, will immigration ask to see my finances?

Ahh, just realized this was an old thread…but will add my two-cents for future browsers:

I’m an American and they not only questioned me, but detained me for three and a half hours and then ultimately didn’t let me in. And I know another nomadic American that had the same issue.

I agree with everyone above, definitely don’t mention working (and keep in mind that any sort of volunteering, housesitting, pet-sitting, etc. is considered work).

In my case, after being detained, they did ask for proof of funds (which I did not have on me). So this is an excellent question. I normally wouldn’t advise people to travel with bank statements, but going into the UK it might be a good idea to have a statement on you.

I had been in Google Campus (https://www.campuslondon.com/) twice. It’s a great place to work. The only thing you need to do is signup through the website and head to the campus. Once inside, you need to take a chair and start to work. They have a super high speed internet and a coffee inside. It’s a quiet enviroment despite of being a coworking space). I went there 2 times and in both, I can grab a chair as soon as I arrived.

Where are you living? I had gone to The Timberyard too, it’s near the Google Campus. I think it looks like the Fleet River as you described. When you enter doesn’t look big but there’s a downstairs room too.

Check it out this link too: http://www.locappy.com/blog/blog/best-cafes-and-places-to-work-from-in-london

I’m an American who has entered the UK visa-free two (and a half) times over the past year. The border checks were more thorough and serious than I’ve experienced elsewhere in Europe, and they did ask me once about how I was planning to support myself, but nobody asked to see my actual finances. Nobody asked to see an onward ticket, either — just an estimate of how long I was planning to stay. (I think I said something on the order of “a few months”.)

Caveat: I was arriving by Chunnel bus from mainland Europe. YMMV if you come by plane.

It might be a good idea to have a printout of a bank statement just in case!

This is usually the type of questions you get asked at the border by UK immigration officers. I just saw this post and its good you did not mention work. But for the purposes of the type of visit visa you can be working on your online business. The rules really are about not working in the UK and getting paid for it. Its an old concept and like @wanderingdev said it will confuse them so better keep it simple.

It will be ok to show them that you have the funds being earned online but keep in mind the immigration rules. If you meet them, they they should let you through.

US visitors do not need a visa to visit for a short period but for certain other nationalities, you will. Check out our tips for UK visit visas

I have been in the UK for a week now.

The immigration/border officer asked a couple of questions which are pretty standard:

  • How long are you staying
  • Where are you going next
  • How are you supporting yourself (I mentioned him that I work remotely)