I'm going to New York City, any digital makers spots to visit?

Hi, i am going to New York for the first time in my life, but i have only 7 days (one full week starting on Oct 10). Apart of well known tourist spots (The Statue of Liberty, central park, broadway, 7th av etc) i also want somehow to get into digital makers environment to feel the spirit, speed and trends. What would be your suggestions to do / visit there?
May be some co-working places or cafes, exhibitions, lectures, anything?

I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Hi Litanin -

Not sure where in the city you will be staying but check out this website: http://www.onthegrid.city/new-york/

It was created by the design firm, hyperakt and is a curated guide to the city by designers and makers.

Some people use Grind Spaces: grindspaces.com. I have never used them myself, though an agency I worked for in the past built their website, so I know they are tech-centric. NYC has so much to offer in this regard, its a huge technology hub, so there are going to be tons of technology-positive / developer-oriented coworking joints around the 5 boroughs. Well actually, I bet they’re all just in Manhattan and Brooklyn heh.

Something tells me DUMBO, Brooklyn, would have a lot of web devs in coworking spaces. Its just a hunch tho.

I live down the street from this place: bathaus.com. I’ve never used it myself (my home office kicks ass), but I can tell you its a very artsy and safe neighborhood (Bushwick), and its about 2 blocks from a subway station. There are too many cafes to list in my neighborhood (and bars), but there are a lot of bohemian/nomad types here. You could probably bump into some interesting people at a place called Kave, in a building named The Loom, that is sort of near this coworking space I listed above. Also its street art galore.

Since you’re here after the 10th, I highly recommend you quickly join the NYC.rb meetup.com group, and attend the meetup on Tuesday, Oct 13th, @ Pivotal Labs (on 6th ave). I am too new of a user to put links in posts, so check meetup’s website. Free pizza and beer, Pivotal Labs has a great venue for talks, and these events are always informative and social.

There is a meetup group called “Bots and Brains” that is meeting for a happy hour on Wednesday of that week, they do anything from AI in Python and Ruby to robotics. I’ve never gone, but there is a group named “Android NYC” that meets every Sunday.

I’d recommend just browsing meetup.com for technology topics you’re interested in, and see whats going on the week you are here. You just missed Couchbase NYC, a free, huge ‘NoSQL’ convention that served three free meals and had a plethora of interesting talks, in a historical Wall St building. There is always something happening technology-wise in this city.

(Again, I cant post links…) Do a web search for “techweek.com new york city” - there is quite a lot happening at that conf. Eventbrite is also a decent source for these things. I just found a website called events.alleywatch.com that has a few things.

Also the “Horizons” conference is this week! Not really tech, but its, well, science-y! I’ve gone prior years and heard some fascinating talks.

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