In which cities there’re meal delivery services that provide customers with weekly pre-proportioned meals with recipes?

Think American Blue Apron, or Moscow-based Elementaree for that matter. I’m not a big fan of food-shopping or market-haggling, you know. Yet I’m OK with cooking myself :slight_smile: Such services would definitely make a stay easier.

Prague, for sure (but I do not have a name in mind).

Plus DameJidlo, a famous food delivery startup.
And Tesco does grocery delivery to your home.
For these two last ones, of course, you have to do the proportioning yourself :wink:

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In Australia there are a heap including delivery services for paleo or other dietary needs. You can also get services like fruit and vegetable boxes delivered straight from the farm.

It’s pretty easy to find stuff like that with a google search if you’re in an English speaking country but a bit more challenging when you don’t speak the language. I did notice a few services coming up on my instagram feed when I was in Japan though.

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Take a look at these:
I see Hello Fresh advertised a lot. I’m a chef so I don’t need or use any of these but seems like a great opportunity to expand globally, except in markets where buying fresh, prepared food is super-cheap (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam) - so much so that many apartments don’t have proper kitchens (only a microwave, fridge and maybe a kettle). Probably best niche for this is customers with special dietary requirements - Whole30, Paleo, gluten-free, organic, etc…

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