International Legal Will?

Just tackling my legal will and bought a little $35 pack at my local Australian post office while I’m back in my birth country, but upon reading the first few pages it’s fairly apparent this is only an Australian Legal Will.

Has anyone tackled checking out their will situation on an international level?

I need to consider things like decentralised online assets that don’t exist in any particular country, any resources or experiences even just anecdotally appreciated


There’s no such thing. Each country has their own culture, laws and conventions with regards to estate distribution. The closest you might have are signatories to the Uniform International Wills Act. Other than that, you’ll have to get a will drawn up in accordance with local laws in each country of applicability.

As mentioned, there’s no such thing as a global will. My (non-legal) suggestion is that you should have all the passwords, modes-n-codes, on file with an attorney in your home country along with a will from that country. You should get some type of repatriation insurance in case you want your body sent home, else, your lawyer and designated ‘upon my death’ can handle your wishes like getting death certificate and all the stuff associated. If you aren’t planning on a ‘home country’ or having somebody in your home country do any/all this, each country will have her own list of requirements.

Stay healthy and live a long life while waiting for international law to catch up! :-):sunglasses:

A different take on the situation. Internationally there cannot be a Will. The national laws are bound together by conventions and agreements. And the convention itself decide whether you can take the matter to International Court of Justice or other international court. In other words, the dispute settlement is also part of the agreement.

Therefore, one of the way is to contact the embassy / consulate of your home country for Will in the country of residence.

And if you truly like to live like a digital person then you can convert your assets in virtual currency and then execute smart contract which can be executed in some time future if some events do not happen. Your assets can be transferred to the virtual wallet of your nominees.

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Oh daaaam now we’re talking! Blockchain technology replacing law. Love it :smiley:

Ok after getting excited by the above reply, I found this crypto project I will be following for anyone else that is searching this question in the future: