Internet quality in Guatemala (esp. Antigua)

Has anyone been to Antigua, Guatemala recently? It is on my list for destinations to stay for a week or so. Wanted to know if anyone has had an experience there recently or could point out a cafe or two to find a decent Wi-Fi connection.


Thanks for asking this @clusk - it’s of interest to me too as I’m heading there towards the end of the year.

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The Bagel Barn had probably the best wifi of any cafe in town when I was there in late 2015. Touristy as can be (which, most of Antigua is), but good food and coffee.

Y Tu Piña Tambien is a good spot to work, with decent wifi. Rainbow Cafe was decent as well.

Otherwise, it was pretty hit and miss for me.

Good suggestions. Thanks!

There’s definitely fairly decent internet to be found in Antigua. It can vary from 4Mbps for a home connection to 20Mbps in cafes and coworking spaces. More info here:

This is great - thanks!