Internet speed in Arequipa/Peru and the north of Chile

Has anyone been to Arequipa and worked with Skype or Zoom? I’m currently in Lima and have 8 Mbps which is fine. Funnily, Nomadlist lists Lima with an average speed of 2Mbps and Arequipa with 5Mbps. Any recent experiences? Also interested in the north of Chile as I’m thinking of travelling by bus to Arica, San Pedro de Atacama and then either to Argentina or slowly down south to Patagonia.

Hi Daniela,

I was in San Pedro in January and the hostel I stayed at had crappy WiFi and was tricky to work from. Even my 3G service wasnt working that great (my hostel was on the edge of town).

I was about a 15 minute walk from the centre of town though where there are a number of cafes which had workable wifi (maybe 3 down, 0.5 up) and my 3G SIM was even better than this. I dont need Skype regularly for work but this might not be great speeds for video chats.

So it wasnt ubiquitous and fast but I could make things work no problems. The town is expensive and is for short term tourists only, not really a place you’d stay for longer than a week!

Thanks, Chris. San Pedro de Atacama is surely no place where I’d stay for longer but I thought it would be nice to visit. Internet doesn’t sound good. I know it’s no problem in Santiago but I’m not at all familiar with the very north or south of Chile.

It’s good internet for most of Chile.

The best speeds aren’t actually in the capital as they are in the far south (Coyahaique).

Spent 6 months there last year, and the only place we couldn’t find internet was Villa O’Higgins.

Make sure you get an Entel chip for your phone.