Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?

what’s your name?

where are you from?

how long have you been away from home?
1.5 year

what do you do?
working for several startups as remote engineer, covering web(mainly backend), mobile app, data-visualization, data-mining.
So I can live anywhere I want.
I am also proceeding personal projects such as,

  • creating virtual time-machine on the web(historip)
  • creating a new flute by 3D printer(planning)

where are you currently?
I’m at a co-working house named ‘betahaus’ in Sofia, Bulgaria just now, but will return back to Japan this weekend for my business, and will go to other country next week.

where are you going?
I am planning to start my next Nomad journey from Estonia (maybe will finished in Turkey or somewhere else) .

what has been memorable for you so far?
Yesterday I went to Starbucks at Sofia. A family-like group next to me have been talking for a few hours. I couldn’t understand their language, but I could hear such words as ‘Microsoft’,‘cloud-funding’,‘UX’,‘application’. Very impressive to hear such words from them.

what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
I mastered ‘rindik’(Balinese bamboo instrument) when I stayed at Hubud in Bali.

Hi All,
I’m Salvo from Sicily (Italy) and I’m at “home” right now :slight_smile:
I’m currently remote full stack software developer but I’m not a very nomadic type
although I’ve been in several beautiful place likes Scotland, Swiss and Czech Republic.

I really love this wonderful community (thanks @levelsio !)and the “life-changing” idea of remote work and I hope to get in touch with some amazing nomad developers to grow my experience and my network about this new world.

Feel free to drop me a line for any tips about Sicily or for any remote-related software project.
I will also be in Czech Republic from 14 July so I hope to meet one of you there!
See you soon!

what’s your name? - Bryan
where are you from? - USA, Wisconsin
how long have you been away from home? - Since May 22, 1997
what do you do? A Thailand based startup called and consulting
where are you currently? Chiang Mai
where are you going? no where
what has been memorable for you so far? The pace of change in Thailand. Being here before Starbucks, Tesco and the BTS. I’m here for all the differences, and still enjoy them.
will you go home anytime soon? maybe in 3-4 year, maybe not
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? I’ve learned that borders don’t matter. Also that moving often is a great way not to get too much clutter.

where are you from? - Originally from the San Francisco Bay, specifically the Silicon Valley area

how long have you been away from home? - Slow traveling started when I became full time self employed in 2010, but went to 4 colleges and left home in 2004.

what do you do? - My wife and I publish information products, kindle/print books, apps and other media. I manage a lot of the back-end, optimizing, split testing, PPC, managing our team of outsourcers, etc. She handles content creation and publishing. I do some client work, but my time is most valuable spent on our projects, so I keep focused there.

where are you currently? - Currently roaming the NW of the USA… In Boise Idaho today. A good friend had a wedding I was in, in SF a month ago, so we came back from New Zealand/Australia (via Hawaii for a few weeks), got a car and decided to spend a spring/summer roaming North America.

where are you going? - Seattle, Vancouver BC, Whistler BC, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, New Mexico, then Sedona, Az for a few months to catch our breath before a trip to either Asia or Central America for winter… Slim chance I’ll try Florida out for the winter, but I’d like to see more of Mexico and Costa Rica!

what has been memorable for you so far? - SUP surfing ‘The Cove’ in Maui at sunset with my wife… Giant sea turtles popping up for air all around us for hours, no one else at the break and hip high, mushy rollers… We giggled like schoolkids while we caught wave after wave until we were dead tired and it was dark, and then surfed the same wave all the way to shore under the moonlight coming up over the Haleakala volcano, looking at each other like ‘Is this real’. The pink and orange sky as the sun set over the island of Lanai… Warm water, sandy bottom, reflection on the water and the moon rise lead by the warm Hawaiian breeze made for an absolutely amazing evening.

will you go home anytime soon? - The definition of the word ‘home’ is a bit abstract for me at this point… Looking into the idea of a home base like @jonmyers mentioned… But even that is feeling more like a few 3 month furnished rentals I return to once a year on a loop… Sedona -> Costa Rica -> Mexico -> Hawaii … But the call to see more of the world continues to lure me to new far away lands :smile: There is always this thought of “Well _______ is great, but what about _________”

what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? - Patience

Hello all - my name is Brent and I’m from the wonderful state of Pennsylvania in the US. I have no address at the moment, but thats because I’m about to embark on a trip through central and western Europe to see friends and explore cities for future nomadic residence. Of particular interest are both Prague and Berlin. If anybody in these cities can meet up in early/mid July please message me!

I help small and medium businesses successfully sell their unique products on Some have an established ecommerce presence but its by no means a requirement. I’m still in the early growth stages and working on word of mouth referrals.

I haven’t been a nomad in the sense that I earn income in a location-independent fashion, but I’ve done a good amount of long distance bicycle tours and spent months on the road pedaling. My goal is to stay in Europe long term while running my Amazon business.

I’m very excited to learn and share with all you brilliant folks here on the forum. Thanks to levelsio for building such a beautiful and useful hub.

Hey nomads! I am Shreshth, I hail from India. Presently in Raipur, Chhattisgarh at my parents’ for a few weeks. I have been semi-nomadic since I quit my job in January 2014. Since then I have been moving between familiar Indian cities and staying with friends or family (mostly Bangalore, New Delhi, Raipur and Agra), though New Delhi is where I mostly work from. I have a flat in Delhi that I share with a friend, so I can offer you a room there (when I am not around) if you like. My next stop is Delhi and Bangalore soon after that (I should be in Bangalore by July '15 and stay there for a couple of months at a friend’s place).

@keerthiko I move around many Indian cities, would love to meet up when you are around.

@keerthiko That’s a generous offer! A friend and I are planning to travel a bit in South India (also thinking of learning either kayaking or surfing) We’d love it if you could offer us some space in that beach house for a week or so. As I mentioned I can offer a room in Delhi.

I am currently building India Outside, a website that I wish to see become a good resource for adventure and outdoor enthusiasts based in or travelling to India(Any advice on building an online community?). When I am not writing code, I mostly engage in either rock-climbing, cycling, slacklining, hiking or calisthenics.

Even as an Indian being a digital nomad in India is difficult, mostly because internet connectivity is sucky and costly here (I am typing this out on a cellular data internet connection that conks off without a warning). I have learnt one thing while being a semi-nomad, that is, working while travelling is not easy.
I am not making any money off my venture yet, so once that starts flowing in I plan to slowly move across India on my bicycle while I build and grow India Outside. I have travelled across India quite a bit (Uttarakhand, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir and several other cities spread across the country, not much in the East though).

@CoffeeShopCEO Sure! I would be glad to help. Ask away!

@CoffeeShopCEO Totally! India’s got Himalayas too! And I have been hiking quite a bit here. :blush: (example). I can point you to nice peaceful places in India.

I have recently started writing about my trips, I hope I don’t lose the momentum with that.
Also, if you are in India anytime we can meet up too. Just hit me up on Twitter.

Question: I have seen many people trying to be a nomad with just a small ~40 L backpack. But that must be a costly affair (at least by Indian standards), given that you will need a hotel room to sleep and so on. Do you think it’s possible to be a digital nomad in a country like India for as little as $250 (roughly 15000 INR)? I am willing to do away with the luxuries of having a cosy bed and all. Alternatively, what is the least a nomad in Asia has been spending?

Hey Nomads
I’m Naim, from #Morocco, I’m working remotely as an UI Developer, I was working as a freelancer from home for more than 10 years, then wanted to switch to the Nomad Lifestyle.

I’m thinking to move to another city or cities, but Im still afraid to leave the current environment.

Any advices guys?

Hello there! I’m Bea, been living abroad on and off for almost 10 years now, but only recently really thought about actually organising my life as completely location independent.
I’m originally from Italy but have lived mostly in the UK. This summer I will spend one month in France, then in a few locations in UK (new ones!) and then… who knows, I am still undecided but would like to stay in Europe for the time being (possibly Prague).
I am mostly a creator/artist, trying to set up a few sources of income (one of them being photography) via internet (I dabbled before, but never with the intent of supporting myself).
Really happy for this forum, and the list and all the advice and support of this community! I hope I can help too :smile:
If anybody needs help with Italian, life in Italy or UK or is stopping by Rennes in July/August, feel free to connect!

Hey. I’m Pat (26) from Switzerland
I use to be back home for 1-2 months every year. (say hello to mum and dad, friends)
I’m working part time for a Swiss WebDev Agency, building websites for their customers. I also do websites for my own customers sometimes.
Currently i’m sitting in Thailand, Kanchanaburi. Going to Bali soon, but only for a holiday trip.
When I tell people how I get by, they always act like this is so great and they’d like to do the same. So I use to tell them, that it is not great at all and that this and that sucks a lot. Only to make them feel better. Of course it is great to live like that and I love it!
And now, that I have found this cool website I don’t have to lie about this lifestyle. Because you all live it! Isn’t it great :smiley:
I saw there is a Slack chat service along with the forum. Anybody experience with it? Maybe I’ll join it later…

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Hello, I am Fernando Cordeiro, 28 years old, from Brazil. :smiley:

I am not (yet) a Nomad in the strict sense (Though I’m not living at my home city), but I am a remote worker and I have planned on becoming a Nomad for a long time. I am currently looking at how to best approach this change to the nomadic lifestyle so that my experience is as pleasing as possible. :smiley:

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Hi everyone,

My name is Sylvain, nomad for 4 and half years and been working for myself since 6 years or so.
I was born in France and have been living in Asia for the past 11 years, including 7 in China and the rest in SEA.
Basically I graduated from a french textile master degree school and never worked in France and left straight up to Bangladesh.

I own 2 companies in the nomad life style. First one is called Deadhardrive and deals with forensics and data recovery worldwide and the other one called Mingbai China, dealing with SEO, web stuffs…more classic kind of things.

I speak Chinese, French and English and medium indonesian. Became a Padi dive master, got a dive master too in freediving (4min30 breath hold and 35meter FIM), became a yoga teacher (teaching in cambodia and indonesia). Playing golf, rock climbing (6A, 6B quotes), diver, water skying etc etc…

Anyway, glad to be here in this community and might meet some of you around. Now in Norway tasting beers and swimming.

Hey Mel,

Ive recently joined this forum and I am currently in Sydney and wanted to reach out and see if you are still here. I have been flirting with the idea of making a full-time online income for a few months but I have decided to pursue this idea full time in a few weeks. It would be good to have like minded people to bounce ideas off. It seems like we have similar ideas with what we want to accomplish so it would be great if we could help each other out!

What’s your name?
Hey all, I am Thomas. Looking forward to get to know the community here!

Where are you from?

How long have you been away from home?
12 years more or less, but have spent longer periods in Milan, London and Argentina.

What do you do?
I currently run a Web Development company I started while living in Argentina. Used to be a web development freelancer for years.

Where are you currently?
Belgrade, Serbia. Anyone else here now?

Where are you going?
Back home for a month, then Spain somewhere (maybe Valencia? Spent 3 months in Barcelona last year), then I don’t know, probably Argentina for a little while before coming back to Europe.

Will you go home anytime soon?
I don’t think I ever will, I’ll probably end up staying long term somewhere else.

What have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
That all places have good and bad qualities.

Hey everyone. My name is Chris and I’m from Miami, Florida
I just recently moved to San Juan, PR for work and for love. I am a data and audit support analyst for an international insurance company. Essentially I create and manage a vast multitude of Crystal Report queries for financial and data mining purposes. I will be here for at least the next four years. I previously lived in Gainesville, Florida for 3 years. In my time as a nomad, I have come to redefine the concept of “home” in less physical terms and more emotional and mental terms. To me, home is no longer where I am from, but who I am. Home is a location I take with me wherever I go and has been defined by where I’ve been, the friends I have made, and the lives that have touched mine.

Hi I am Anthony and have been running my blog Working Nomad for 10 years now, the same length of time that I have been out of the rat race.

A decade on from leaving the London corporate world I am still very much a nomad but tend to follow the summer by being in the UK and Europe from April through October and Asia / Southern Hemisphere the rest of the year.

I work in affiliate marketing and publishing.

I have learned a lot from being a nomad, particularly how corrupt modern life can be and how material possessions mean nothing compared to experiences.

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Hey everyone!

I’m a freelance designer, originally from California’s bay area, with a few years in Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY.

Currently in Taipei, Taiwan. Up next is Japan, Hawaii, and Portland.

In my travels, I’ve learned that everyone will try to schedule very important meetings right before my flight.

Hello everyone,
I’m quite happy to join this group.

My name is Giuseppe, I’m 29 and from Italy. I currently have a room in Venice and I’ve lived in several other places in Europe like Copenhagen and London and short periods in Toronto, NY.

I left my parents home around 11 years ago and I do interaction design nearby Venice.

I would love to live for short periods in other cities like Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, etc but really don’t know when or how easy it could be with clients here. :smile:

Most memorable to me…simple things I guess, like living a different light in Venice, knowing people from everywhere and trying to do always something. When I go home it’s just for few days usually…quality of life is the top, but I feel quickly bored.

Along all those years I started learning myself first of all, then getting excited about so much variety and trying to mix al those things in my everyday life.

If you are in Venice, I’d love to meet.

thanks for this group


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My name is Simona Boccuzzi, and I’m from Italy and live in Spain since 2007.
I’ve been away from the Italy since 8 years, and quite new to the life of Digital Nomads.
I currently live in Barcelona and decided to stay here for a while as I’ve just launched a startup about workation for travelers entrepreneurs and digital nomads and this city offers quite enough resources to start a business, good wifi, affordable and healthy food ( apart from tapas).
I recently being in Tarifa, south of Spain to visit Digital Nomads in love with kitesurf and enjoyed some lesson and good wind over there.
I would like to travel after October in New Zealand or Australia (any good advice about best spots is welcome) and get advantage of the warm winter over there.
I’ll be for sure in Barcelona at the end of October to co-organize our workation event, we are working hard on wrapping up the last details on workshops, guests, activities. Would love to hear you opinion on Wanderlustlab


Hi all, I am not officially a DN yet but I am already within striking distance from it as I got a remote job last month.

what’s your name?
Herbert Sabanal

where are you from?

what do you do?
I am a .NET software engineer

where are you currently?
I am in Metro Manila. To be specific I currently live in Bonifacio Global City.

where are you going?
I am planning to have my first DN destination in Chiang Mai. I’m getting excited!

what has been memorable for you so far?
Memorable? Is getting the opportunity to work remotely. :smile:

For those who are planning to go to Manila, Philippines, shoot me an email or a direct message, I’ll make time to help you guys.


Hello all, like Herbert, I’m not already a DN but I planned to be one in the next months. I’m current a freelance consultant and we decided to move in Europe with my family…

What’s your name?
Stéphane Hulard

where are you?

what do you do?
I’m a technical consultant which work as a freelance since 4 years. I work on all the technical web things because I love it ! (PHP, WordPress, Servers, specific tools development…)

where are you currently?
I’m currently in France, near Lyon

where are you going?
I’m going to move to Spain during 2 months in september / october with my wife and my 3 children :smile:

what has been memorable for you so far?
I think that working from home (for the moment and anywhere in a few time !) was the most important thing I do… I enjoy my time differently since that day and I plan to discover a lot of places !!!

If there are some nomads which need helps about France or Lyon, just ask I’ll make my best to answer :wink: