Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?


Hi everybody,

What’s your name?
I’m Georgiana

Where are you from?
A small town in Transylvania

How long have you been away from home?
Almost 14 years

What do you do?
I run Geocare, which is a customer support/translations company using remote resources only.

Where are you currently?

Where are you going?
I am going to bounce around Europe this summer and Australia/New Zealand towards the end of the year.

Will you go home anytime soon?
Only for a short visit.



Jake, originally from Tennessee, USA currently in Utah.

how long have you been away from home?
Getting ready for 1+ yrs abroad, leaving in 2 months

what do you do?
Software Engineer

where are you going?
I think I will start in Nicaragua and work my south, but open to suggestions (warm, surf, decent internet)
what has been memorable for you so far?
Landing in Bali, renting a motorcycle and touring the island on it.

will you go home anytime soon?
probably not for a year or so.


Hey! My name is Nick Seavert.

I’ve been away from home (South Carolina) for nearly 2 years, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

However in this time, I lived in Jakarta Indonesia for a few months December '14 - Feb 2015

I’m currently a marketing manager at a firm here in Albuquerque, but looking stray away from this within the next year and transition into my startup that allows me to work remotely from anywhere.

My most memorable things include getting on a plane for the first time and flying across the US to start a new, more exciting life, as well as living in Indonesia.

I don’t think I could ever go back to live in South Carolina after all the awesomeness i’ve experienced as a nomad!

I’ve learned to just enjoy people and learn who they are and what they’re about!


Hi all!

My name is Jared, originally from Pennsylvania. I have been traveling for about 5 months now, starting with an East coast US city tour, a month in Nairobi, Kenya, and now in Lisbon, Portugal.

I never thought I would have this lifestyle, but have a great full time job as a business coach that allows me to work from anywhere. I work with university students from all around the world - really amazing and fulfilling work.

Right now I am preparing to move to Switzerland, and then I don’t have many plans after that - it might finally be time to go to South America or Asia :smile:

This has been a huge learning experience for me so far. I have been living in cities for 5 months, but am really missing the countryside and easy access to nature (hence Switzerland). Let me know if any of you want to go skiing, climbing, hiking, or camping - always looking for new people to travel with!



Hello! I am James, born in Ireland but raised between Ireland/NYC/UK so my accent is a mess. I was living the last few years in NYC, left in august to travel with my girlfriend.

I was in one of those annoying corporate jobs for 8 years in London and NYC, FinTech sales mainly. Now I am working on a yoga mat kickstarter and a wine marketing business.

Currently in Kathmandu, heading to Indonesia the next two months. Month in Jarkarta, the rest around Bali.

Best times were NYE in Goa, trekking Himalayas and seeing old friends in Barcelona. And Burning Man.

Still have family in Ireland so structured my year to head through there a few weeks on way from australia to central america in July.

The main thing I’ve learned is the one month per place schedule suits me perfectly. less than that is a rush, more than that means itchy feet.



Hi Shayna, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling:


Hi Nomads!

My name is Nic and I’m a 20 year-old entrepreneur from Argentina. At 18 I founded Bulldoce Solutions, a digital marketing shop working specialized in startups. I later sold that company and took over as the Marketing lead at At Debenu, we develop PDF Software to help everyone, from big companies to independent developers, work smarter.

I’m about to jump on this nomad adventure and I have one goal: have a cup of coffee with every single one of you. If you want to help me fulfill this goal (and a free cup of coffee) add me at!

Much love your way!



My name is Kala Kuo. From Taiwan. Lived in Hsinchu city now.
Currently I work remotely half a week and plan to switch to fully remote to join digit nomads soon!!
I been to Europe and US but mostly in cities only. Now I try to find a chance to embrace new life in THIS year!!

Nice to meet you all ! Give me a message when you happen to be in Hsinchu!
I love to hear stories :stuck_out_tongue:


My name is Rosina, I am from Uruguay, South America.
I am starting as a nomad. I will be in Europe on April.
I am a UX / UI Designer, I love my work. I am currently working on iOS app designer for different clients around the world.
You can check my website if you want :slight_smile:
I want to talk with you all! I hope to have the chance!



I am Mark, originally from Philly but I moved to San Francisco after University to work for a tech startup. I lasted about 4 years before leaving my successful (i.e. stressful) FinTech job to solo backpack around the world for a couple years. I ended up in Auckland, New Zealand where I reside now.

I started a travel app with a few good friends called HerePin. It allows travelers to connect and share with others nearby. I’m currently working on getting traction and raising capital so I can work digitally from Bali for a couple years. I spent the Xmas/NYE holiday surfing there this year and I fell in love with the country.

The most important lessons I’ve learned over the last few years are to follow my dreams, be patient, and express genuine gratitude for the things I’ve already got in my life.

I’m super keen on meeting people and helping out where I can, so hit me up if you’d like to chat.



hi all, introducing myself - I am Amit. Based out of Singapore for the most part. am an e-commerce entrepreneur. Currently in New York for a few weeks so if any digital nomads around would love to grab a coffee.


Hello everyone, I’m Nathan Fulkerson. I’m originally from rural Illinois, USA, but following my lifelong ambitions, left the US to teach overseas. I found myself in South Korea, and have been teaching English here for about three years. I’ve been all around Korea, and spent a good deal of time in Japan as well.

I’ve spent a good deal of my free time learning to code–primarily working with iOS (Objective-C & Swift both, but Swift moreso) and Ruby. Given current trends, I’m trying to give Javascript some attention.

I joined this community because I want to leave teaching to further pursue remote tech work, and to build my own game studio. I intend to spend the next year or so getting myself ready for that plunge.

Once I’m ready to leave Korea, I expect I’ll remain in Asia for a good while yet (there’s much I still need to see), with some trips home to keep family and friends in the loop.

I hope to make connections with other nomads or nomads-to-be, learn a lot of new stuff, and make solid friendships in this transient life. :grinning:


Check out the Odin Project if you are looking into Javascript/Web development. I use to teach English in China myself, but I realized I don’t like dealing with kids. Keep us updated on your progress.


Hi Beto,
Im Tim and Im from Barcelona too (though Im Dutch). Have you traveled already to central america?


Hello nomad minds!

Im Tim, Dutch and I live in Barcelona when Im not on the road. I tend to travel 6 months a year but have also noticed that good working conditions are not always easy to find, especially when you’re moving a lot. Because of this I’ve changed habits a bit, picking my locations for longer periods (min 3 months).

Apart from Costa Rica, so far I’ve lived&worked in Indonesia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Morocco, Spain and Portugal (out of a van). Most memorable event is still the feeling of being connected&productive on a solid 3G connection while being in the rainforest.

Currently Im on the Pacific side in Costa Rica, probably at least till September. Here I combine surfing with working on my online business, called Bookinglayer and Im also exploring if it makes sense to setup a coworking basecamp here. If you’re keen to meet or cowork in the jungle let me know.


Thanks for the recommendation. I hadn’t heard of the Odin Project before. I’ve primarily learned what I know thus far through Treehouse, CodeSchool, Udemy, and miscellaneous articles I’ve cobbled from the net. I’ve also considered Bloc. OP has the nice added value of being free, so I’ll check that out.


My name is Mikael but I’m more used to being called Micke (in Swedish) or Mike (Saxons)! I’m a Swede and I am living in the middle of Sweden.
I’m hoping to become an odd kind of digital nomad. I’m married and have four kids. The kids will soon be grown up. I’m employed full time as an architectural engineer and I have been almost all my adult life, so I’m in fact probably not the kind of person who becomes a digital nomad! But…

I have previously run a web hotel and web design office for a period of about ten years, taking a break from the Architectural business. Since I returned to architecture, I have also run my own little firm on the side, where I do web mission with Joomla or Wordpress as well as manage old customers. I have for a while planned to write my own mobile app, but just haven’t found the time for it. I also have plans to write a book, which I also never get the time for. So for several years I have dreamed of taken an extra 4 to 8 weeks leave of absence from my ordinary work, every year, and find a nice spot somewhere around the earth to focus in these projects.

I haven’t started with this yet, but hope next winter will be my first go. The spot I’m interested in is somewhere south east Asia - where it is warm, near the sea and relatively cheap (for me) to live. My thoughts, right now, go to one of the following countries: Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines or perhaps Thailand! I will be dependent upon the standard of their internet, so perhaps some of these alternatives will fall out!


Hey Everyone!

My name is Sarah, and I’m from Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve only gone full digital nomad/vagabond a few days ago, but have been working remotely/had the ability to be a digital nomad for the past year and a half. One thing that was keeping me at my home base was my house and husband, but my husband and I decided to split up a few months ago (our lifestyles were just far too different) and we just sold the house. So, last week I packed my belongings in my car, parked it at my dad’s, and took off for… whatever I’m doing now (which at the moment is travelling Europe).

I travelled a lot before (6 weeks in Europe, booked a 3 month trip to South America) but always felt guilty for not being at home with my husband, so now that I am “free”, it will be likely a lot more.

I run marketing at, and also run my own business, With SumoMe, I’m sort of back and forth in Austin (though not as much as I’d like to be) with the hopes of immigrating there in the fall (maybe! depending on whether I’m able to).

I’m currently in Paris, but will be flying out to Santorini on Tuesday, and from there… ?? Who knows.

Since deciding to not have a home base (or rather, to be a vagabond) one of the biggest challenges I’ve had and things I’ve learned is how difficult it is to date! Dating is fun (especially after you’ve been in a relationship for a looong time) but there’s no point in dating non-nomads… it just gets too sad when you (inevitably) part ways.

So that’s me! If you’re in Greece over the next few weeks (or Cyprus, or Croatia, or South America) let’s go for coffee, or explore the city. @petersonsar.


Hello from a soon to be nomad.
I’m Lara, currently in London, a content writer / editor and SMM.

I’m going to be in Bangkok from July and then…no plans but I’d love to meet fellow nomads or get advice before I finish my current contract in London.

Let me know if you want any London advice - I know where to get good gin :wink:


Hi, I’m Alexander originally from Berlin, Germany and a remote worker since 2008 and doing intensive-extensive working while traveling since Autumn 2013 after I had finished my studies of Int’l Media & Computing.

I believe people don’t lead the rich life they want to live, and I’m showing my people back in Germany and friends around the world that living your dream is not that (almost antique) cliché which you will never fulfill anyway.

Traveling without purpose (purpose = working or doing good) bores me.

That’s why I found remote working ideal for me. I’m also co-creating a startup ( in which we run small group travels into foreign countries to explore the local culture and people, and where our participants discover themselves to find their life flow (again).

We travel and learn around the world and in June we’ll be in Portugal for 10 days.

Ultimately, this programs initiates a personal transformation of your self and makes you want to lead a rich life. As I said before, I’m an enthusiast of this topic.

As a profession, I’m a writer and experience designer. I’m best to follow on Twitter.

On my blog I write about my truth of being a digital nomad and how people like Pieter Levels build startups.

PS: I wrote this introductory post in the Bambu Glamping Hostel in Medellín, Colombia, a very relaxed place.