Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?


Hello all! I’m a digital publisher based in Cape Town, South Africa.
I don’t do the full-on digital nomad experience as I enjoy being home just as much as travelling. I just take a few months every year to live somewhere else for a while and work remotely.

If anyone is interested in a flat-share arrangement, contact me! You live in my flat in Cape Town for a few months, I live in yours in whichever lovely part of this world you are based.
I am particularly keen to go to Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland next. Or anywhere in America. So much to see!

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Hi There,

I’m Nassuf Mmadi, a French new digital nomad from Paris. I am now staying a few months in Kuala Lumpur and will be moving around Asia.
I am a 6 years experimented web & mobile developer and I am working as a freelancer since 1 year.

You can contact me via my website: - or by email [email protected]

I am also passionated about photography and videos, there is my flickr and facebook page

Would be great to meet some photographers and film markers ! :camera: :sunglasses: :movie_camera:



My Name is Robin, I’m from France, I’ve always be kinda travelling, I’m a marketing strategist for startups and Udemy instructor and am currently working as marketing directo for parisian fashion brand Jacques&Demeter. I just came back from Beijing and I’m going to stay 1 month in Berlin so would love to find people to hang out with and work on a daily basis :slight_smile:


Hello Nomads,
My name is Eli, I am from Israel, and i have been nomading since 2010, basically, I am changing locations every two months to a new country. For a detailed list of my nomadic routines and rules, I refer you to this dazzling article on my nomad blog and podcast- Becomenomad.
Other than working on my hobby blog, I run an online language school ( and I am also working on a global startup ecosystem map at
I am going to Poland this week, so if anyone is around Krakow, let me know.
Have a good one!


Hi everyone,

My name is François Benaiteau, and surprise I am from France – with a name like that:) After multiple long stops (1 year India, 1 year in Dublin, 2,5 years in Paris) I ended up in Berlin (3 years and counting), where I’ve started freelancing as a iOS developer since January.
This new position now allows me to start nomading and I am aiming for a 6 months Berlin - 6 months away to begin with.

Currently, I am in Madrid until the end of the week, and will follow with 2 weeks in South of France and a week in Barcelona, before going to SF (2weeks) and Colombia for a cruise back to Lisbon. After that I guess I’ll be back to Berlin to enjoy the summer and then I need to find a good idea where to go the rest of the year. Any ideas?

Apart from that, I think the hardest thing about being a nomad will be to stay in touch with friends and family while hopping around.


what’s your name? Tracy (@ladyleet)
where are you from? Silicon Valley, CA
how long have you been away from home? I’ve been hopping back and forth for a few months! Since December 2015
what do you do? Things related to tech, sales, marketing, consulting, community building
where are you currently? Raleigh, NC!
where are you going? Madrid, Italy, Greece, etc
what has been memorable for you so far? Discovering that butt pillows for coffee shops are great and also are a great lap desk at times
will you go home anytime soon? I go “home” at least once a month
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? Internet matters. :slight_smile:


oh hey! i’m about to go to madrid! :slight_smile: any food recs? wifi recs?


My name’s Seth Ward and I’m travelling with my Family - fiancee Joe and our 20 month old daughter Immy

I’m originally from Birmingham, England but have spent at least half of my adult life with London as my ‘home base’

I’ve been living mostly location free since the nineties. My buddies were all backpacking and emigrating all over the world. I had a couple of digital businesses based in Birmingham and I shaped them so that I could work from anywhere most of the time. We ended up having offices and employees in several different countries. I’ve had a few years being almost bankrupt and homeless, struggling to survive, before meeting my girl and starting our little family. We’re building new ventures (and having new adventures), with total determination not to be tied down to one place - we won’t be sending her to school.

I help people to obtain freedom in their own lives - location, time and financial - and to make a positive impact in the world by cloning themselves. I do this in several ways but my favourite is helping them to produce video based courses and using automated marketing to get them at least partially running on autopilot.

We just arrived last night in Marrakesh which is the first stop in a month-long adventure around Morocco. Previously we were in Holland, visiting Eindhoven for the first time, catching up with a buddy from Amsterdam and checking out the Hieronymous Bosch exhibition.

Next month we’ll spend a few weeks back in Birmingham before heading across Europe, spending some time in France where I’ve heard there are going to be a few people chasing a ball around in the grass.

Memorable moments so far have been the first time Immy went to the beach - on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria - and didn’t want to leave. I haven’t seen her quite so happy for such a sustained period of time. Another was a couple of days before, when I managed to leave a ridiculous amount of technology on the floor in my rucksack in the city of Burgas so we could get a cool photo of her on my shoulders next to a statue showing a man and daughter doing the same thing (OK, I may have had a few beverages at that point!) Cue a few hours of panic, only for the local police station to contact the hotel we were outside and had checked whether it had been handed in, and for those guys to call us. The bag had been handed in by… a street dweller? Otherwise known as a tramp. We made sure he had a good night as thanks for returning it! There are many places where you would stand little chance of getting a bag like that bag intact, but we left Bulgaria feeling that we’d be pretty safe anywhere.

Going home in a month, although technically we don’t have anywhere to live when we’re there - we’ll worry about that when we get there!

We haven’t been ‘nomading’ as a family for that long. We’ve learned that most people think this is insane but also pretty awesome. It can be a challenge at times - usually whenever Mr Ryanair gets involved - but having our little girl with us can actually make things easier. We’ve actually decided - for this year at least - that we are striking a balance of regular time back home with time abroad. Next year I’m hoping to be able to fly my family out to see us more regularly rather than us having to fly back to England quite so regularly.

Our biggest challenge is simple - internet. Because I depend on it so comprehensively.

It looks like there are a few solutions coming through such as Google Fi and T-Mobile’s unlimited international data tariff. But those are currently only available if you’re from the US. So I’m working on ways around that little restriction.

I’m wondering if there’s anyone in the group with any other tips on how to make sure you can get online wherever you go, without spending a fortune?

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I’m Andrew and I am originally from Indiana, United States. My current home is based in Hunan, China until September. Even thought I am self-described as an avid traveler I am not a Digital Nomad—yet. My goal is to learn front-end development to the point of getting full time work that can be done remotely. I also dabble in online marketing (email, eCommerce, ect.) and I am have faith that something will come from that.

A little background: I graduated college in 2012 with a degree in marketing which I really enjoyed but I dreaded finding any of the work I was qualified for. At that time my engagement ended very poorly and all I knew was that I wanted to travel. In college my electives were all Chinese classes which influenced my decision to come to China. I spent two years become fluent in Chinese and I have been an English teacher to pay the bills. It turns out I hate teaching English and I don’t like living in China that much. I wasn’t sure what to do but all I knew was there is nothing I feel called to back home. I need to work on my own terms and find communities of people who are like me, which is something I’ve never had.

My girlfriend and I plan to go to Thailand in September. I’d like to live in a city where I can find a healthy community of like minded people. Making the decision to become DM has really given me hope–maybe lifted me out of depression. This is truly a new chapter in my life and I look forward to helping the DM community in any way I can.


I would recommend the following:

  • coworking place (Espiritu 23,C/ Espíritu Santo, 23, 28004 Madrid Madrid, Spain
    ): 10€/day, and other prices for longer time possible.
  • La Corollla, C. Almendro, 10, 28005 Madrid Madrid, Spain, La Latina: Spannish Restaurant, best on thursday or friday, strongly recommend to meet people and have fun.
  • El Imparcial, C. Duque de Alba, 4, 28012 Madrid Madrid, Spain : good food and tapas, chic restaurant

what’s your name?

where are you from?

how long have you been away from home?
I left nearly five years ago for Amsterdam (say hey if you want to grab a beer or a coffee!) to do a masters degree in urban studies, but my current job is remote and allows me more freedom to combine work and travel. I’m not sure that I could ever go full nomad, because I like having a home base to come back to (even though I love having a month where I’m only in Amsterdam for a couple of days) even if it’s just for a short while.

what do you do?
What pays the bills is my editorial work for ReliefWeb, a news platform run by the United Nations for those in the humanitarian sector. I get to work remotely and have been doing so for the past six months or so. While I spend the majority of my time in Amsterdam, I’m increasing the number of trips I take and their length, trying to visit cities in Europe for a week or two at a time. This is my first attempt at remote work, so I’m trying to ease myself into a formula that works.

In my spare time, I’m the Managing Editor at The Proto City (we’re basically a cities and urbanism blog with a focus on content from early-career academics or students) as well as an architecture and events photographer.

where are you currently?

where are you going?
Take a look at my Nomad Trips account :slight_smile: I’ll be spending the majority of May on the road, with stops in Dusseldorf, Kraków, Katowice, Berlin, Umeå, and Stockholm.

will you go home anytime soon?
Not permanently, that’s for sure! I’ll be heading back to Vancouver this summer for the first time in three years (for a month, no less) and I’m really looking forward to going back home to see my city, my friends, and my family. But ultimately, I know that I can’t feel at home in Vancouver anymore.

Hope to meet some of you lovely folk (especially the professional writer, editor, and photographer types!) very soon in Amsterdam or elsewhere!


I’m Keegan Sard and I’m originally from Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve been living out of a suitcase now for just shy of 2 years and haven’t looked back.

Two years ago I left the corporate suit world and embarked on a journey of working with people and projects that I liked / fascinated me. A friend and I set up a remote working startup called Simplegration to solve the challenges faced by startups and other SME’s.

Last year we were getting a lot of interest from startups but they were worried that we had never set up a high growth startup of our own. So to counter this we set a weekly subscription beer delivery service called Friday Beers and owning a beer company is honestly the best thing in the world.

Currently i’ve been chilling out for the winter in Newport Beach California but soon going to return to Australia to launch Friday Beers in both Sydney and Melbourne. Then will probably hang in Hong Kong or Singapore for a bit before returning to the US.

The most memorable moment so far would have to be meeting other likeminded nomads on the journey. There’s nothing greater than listening to others stories and learning from their success and their failures.

I have no plans to return “home” (Brisbane) permanently any time soon, It’s amazing how much stuff you can leave behind when you want too!

The most important thing I’ve learnt from leaving the corporate world behind is that we were put on this earth to make more than money. Don’t get me wrong… Money helps but I want to be remembered for what I make, not how much I make.

Being Australian I’m always keen to meet others on the nomad journey so if you are in Australia or in the US hit me up for a beer (hopefully i’m around)!



Hi all :wave: Christina of here, travel blogger + digital marketing consultant chiming in from San Francisco, CA.

18 months ago, I left an unfulfilling job in corporate sales to return to my background in PR + digital to pursue travel full-time, while blogging + consulting, building my reputation as an expert for travel brands, living out of a suitcase, the works.

My first big trip included Panama, Aruba, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, and I am looking to take a 3-month RTW later this year.

This process has been beautiful and daunting, yet as most will claim, the best decision of my life! Still working on finding the balance of it all, and look forward to finding and sharing both inspiration and community here.

Feel free to connect w/ me around the web: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook (Personal)

Many cheers xx

  • Seth!
  • St. Louis, MO United States
  • Home is where you make it, my idea of home would be when I get my Catamaran in the next couple of years.
  • I use to work in Hospitality, and now I’m studying full time as a Team Treehouse student in Front-End Development so I can go “home”!
  • Knoxville, TN United States
  • I’m never really sure, although I do have my eye set on New York City, NY United States
  • I use to be agoraphobic, and when I absolutely had enough I flew 2000 miles and beat my greatest fear :slight_smile:
  • Within the next 2-3 years!
  • The only thing holding you back from anything is yourself!

Happy to see another older nomad here! I just joined and am hoping to connect with others who have lots of business experience to share. I headed up global strategy/international biz dev for a major information services company and led expansion into 60 countries from 2002-2012. I consulted for a few years (both for my former employer and their clients) and went to culinary school. I too sold nearly everything and put some stuff in storage, and am living a portable life. Later this year, I’m en route to Barcelona for work, and then planning to travel for the foreseeable future. Would love to get an update on what you’re doing, now and next!


Hi nomads! I just joined and hope to connect with other DN’s around the world. I’m currently in Chicago, attending culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu. Later this year, I’ll be working at a restaurant in Barcelona for a few months and then travelling throughout Europe and North Africa for the foreseeable future.

In my former life, I headed up global strategy & international biz dev for a major info svcs./digital marketing company and led expansion into 60 countries from 2002-2012. After that, I consulted (both for my former employer and their clients) for a few years and then decided to change careers. I spent 5 years all across Asia, 2 years in Brazil and 1 year in Canada, plus a decade on and off in Europe and UK so happy to share tips where I can.

I’m looking for suggestions on great foodie cities in Eastern Europe & Scandinavia (other than Copenhagen which is a given) for an upcoming market research project. Info on Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia welcome!


what’s your name?
Frank Cohen
where are you from?
Silicon Valley, California USA
how long have you been away from home?
Mostly I travel 6-8 times a year for 1 week at a time. My friends typically ask where I have been lately.

what do you do?
I am a Silicon Valley inventor and founder of and I divorced 3 years ago, my kids are in the US Coast Guard and Senior in College. I rented my house (AirBnB and VRBO) this Summer and am looking for a place to live and work that will also be a bit exotic.

where are you currently?
At home in California planning travel May-September 2016.

where are you going?
Current thoughts:
Cancun and Isla Mujeres (like I did for 2 weeks last Summer)
Zurich and exploring the Graubunden
Amsterdam to Copenhagen voyage
Palm Bay Florida

what has been memorable for you so far?
Cancun was great, $80/day AirBnB condo on the water, with Isla Mujeres ferry 100 feet away.
I’m the son of an airline pilot and flight attendant, lots of travel.

will you go home anytime soon?
Yes, my daughter is back for the Summer break. And, my niece is getting married.

what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
I learned to completely enjoy myself, and I realized I miss my home community, and love my house.

What is the romantic nomad life like?
I’m 54 and have a great sexual energy. I would love to share the upcoming travels with someone or many people I meet on the trip. Am I fooling myself? Should I pack 101 condoms?



Hello everyone. I’m Kasia. I’m originally from Poland, grew up in Canada and have been living in Australia for 11 years. I’m a global management trainer and coach working virtually across the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe. I spent about 6 years working across Asia Pacific for my last training job. Last year I was working freelance in Guatemala and the US. I left Sydney in January and went through Panama, Colombia and Peru. Right now I’m in Lima, Peru heading south to Santiago, Chile next week, then Rio and Buenos Aires.


Hi Team!
Stevie the Bucket List Treasure Hunter! I LOVE experiencing things off my BL so much that I created a business doing it! I help people create and achieve their BL on a budget! Live in Oz in the sunny Far North of Cairns, Queensland. I am a travel consultant too… I get access to 85% off flights, accommodation, cruises, car hire etc it’s pretty wicked! Love fun, adventure, excitement, adrenaline pumping activities and sharing awesome time with awesome peeps! Connect with me on Facebook Bucket List Follow Your Dreams and Instagram StevieBucketListTreasureHunter Look forward to getting to know you like-minded free spirits!!
Peace out! :slight_smile:


what’s your name? Chris
where are you from? San Francisco (but originally from Sydney)
how long have you been away from home? Many years
what do you do? I’m helping Tbilisi, Georgia’s co-working space build their Digital Nomad program
where are you currently? Tbilisi
where are you going? Berlin (tomorrow May 16-18, 2016 if anyone wants to meet up!)
what has been memorable for you so far? The amazing people I’ve met in Koh Lanta
will you go home anytime soon? TBD
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? Always give and you’ll receive!
My own question: If anyone is in Berlin May 16-18 and would like to meet up I’d love to meet up!