Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?


Hi nomads!

My name is Jose Rojas and I am naturally from a small town called Cadiz, in the south of Spain.

I have been away for a long time though, nearly 8 years! Most of that time I have been in a rainy and gloomy city called Manchester, in the northwest of England. However, last year I moved to Melbourne in Australia where I currently live, and I couldn’t be happier that I took the decision to move here!

I am a software developer who works exclusively as an independent contractor. Currently, my client is an agency near the CBD of Melbourne. Most of my time in the UK I was perm, but just before I left I started to do contract work only and again I couldn’t be happier that I decided to do that. Basically, I take a long holiday to travel and explore every single time I finish a contract, so I end up working around 7-8 months per year.

That’s a pretty good arrangement, however I would like to do more. And that’s why I decided to join this fabulous community :slight_smile:

I’ll finish my current contract in early January at the latest, and although there is still plenty of time, I would like to plan it well in advance since I am intending to do something a bit different this time. Basically, I’d like to set up my own business and do what I love.

I don’t know exactly where I am going though. So far, I’ve got four possible destinations, but I haven’t decided which one yet: Ko Samui, Ko Lanta, Goa and Chennai.

I’ve got many memories from my travels. I guess a can highlight a couple of them: Walking from Fira to Oia in the Greek island of Santorini and running out of breath very quickly at the top of the volcano Teide in the Canary Islands of Spain.

It’s very unlikely that I will move back home anytime soon (specially now that I live in this awesome city!), although I am intending to visit it every 2 years or so.

I think one of the most important lessons that I have learned over the years is to trust individuals and to not trust businesses. Another important lesson I learned is that I am going to die anytime so it’s preferable to live life at its fullest rather than waiting for later.

Finally, this is my question for you: where would you go to start building your own digital business?


C# algorithmic trading apps

Traveling since

Now in singapore about to try the hive for 30 to 90 days…



My name is Matthew and I am a digital content creator, vfx and filmmaking. I recently became a digital nomad in Lisbon. I’d anyone is around let’s hook up!!


Hey guys,
I’m Lavinia from Romania, have been abroad for the past 8 years.
I currently work for a tech startup ecosystem called Livit and run a series of events / coworkations for entrepreneurs (google “Project Getaway” if you want to know more).
I’m currently in Bali, just back from running a project in Africa and heading to Europe in a few months, to Belgium, UK and home.
I’ve learn a ton about myself while travelling (can say I really got to know what I really stand for and what was just “infused” by society/family) and met the most interesting, like-minded people.
My trip through Iran has probably been the most memorable one so far.
Question: what in your life are you the most excited about right now?


Hi All! My name is Charles Du. Here’s a bit about me:

Lived in China (Beijing, Xian), USA (Chicago, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles). Designed NASA’s first iPhone app (10+ million downloads), the Airbnb for cars, and Ticketmaster’s ticketing app ($3+ million per day). Apple alum.

Traveling with Remote Year 3 working on: - learn how to become successful digital nomads without quitting your day job

Going Remote - Weekly podcast with interviews of successful digital nomads working in non-traditional digital nomad roles.

Digital Nomad Tribe - Free, members-only Facebook community

Futbol, rock climbing, finding the best chai in each city.

Travel Plans

Favorite Quote
"You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards." - Steve Jobs


Hello there, my name is Mario and i’m from Azeitão, Portugal.

I’m a Digital Nomad since 1 year ago and i’ve created a freelancing marketplace for Web Artisans - Task4IT.

I really enjoy being independent and have the possibility to open my laptop in Lisbon today and Amsterdam, Prague or Sydney next month,
Hope to make many friends here, share my experiences and and learn with all of you.


Hi, my name is Yuko a.k.a. wasabi from Tokyo, Japan.
I’m Japanese <> English Translator / Writer / TEDxYouth @ Kobe Speaker.

I do translation and writing mainly for Websites like lifehacker Japan and Huffington Post Japan.
You can find my work here;

It’s really honor to be a part of this great community! I hope to make many contacts from here :slight_smile:

Question Time...:banana:
how long have you been away from home?
About a year and half!
what do you do?
Mainly Tech-related translation (Japanese<>English) and writing about Roaming&Nomadism.
where are you currently?
Leipzig, Germany (Read the reason why I moved here from Berlin!)
where are you going?
Tokyo! (From 1st Sep to 1st Oct, 2016)
Give me a shout if you’re around!
**My Question:**I’m trying to build a community in Leipzig. Anybody who has been here, please tell me any infos about the town in Nomad perspective!

Thank you!!

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what’s your name?
I’m a Digital "Name-ad”! I hop between many AKAs like Dextyrio, Taos, and Bibo! You can call me Dex
where are you from? My genetic tests said I’ve got the whole Mediterranean running through my veins, and a wee tad from the Southeastern Balkans
how long have you been away from home? Although I act like I have two homes, in reality, they’re just long-familiar abodes. I haven’t found home yet.
what do you do? I’m into biohacking, business, self-knowledge, and lovemaking
where are you currently? Dubai
where are you going? LA
what has been memorable for you so far? I tend to forget
will you go home anytime soon? I sure hope so!
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? We live in a walled world. It’s stronger than that great one of china was, because you can’t see it or touch it. So far, for now, the Net still slips through its cracks like water
What’s your favorite travel snack?
Sea Salt Caramel ice cream by Talenti washed down with a swig of grape Kombucha


Hi guys,

My name is Ewoud (Ed) and I’m from Amsterdam. The first 4 months of 2016 I’ve been in South-America. Now I’m back in Amsterdam to work as an (office) freelance conversion specialist for the largest Dutch news website. From September onwards I will be in Asia, working remotely on my growth hacking agency.

Because we help some of our clients on a revenue-share model, I (and the team) am able to travel and work. We work with a great team of digital nomads and thus we are pretty successful in growing our clients online :slight_smile: One of our projects is Conversiongym. We offer online courses on how to grow business online and work as a digital nomad.

Currently I’m in Amsterdam. The first 2 weeks of september I’ll be in Chiang Mai (co-working spave Punspace). The rest is not planned yet. (Vietnam / Cambodia / Laos / Bali?) In January and February I plan to go kitesurfing in South Africa.

Most memorable moment is the freedom to change my itinerary and go to the Carnaval in Barranquilla, Colombia. I wasn’t planning on going there and Colombia is by far my favourite country so far.

I’ve learnt to travel light. My new backpack is a 40L carry-on backpack.


what’s your name?
My official full name is Sander Hendricus Cornelis van Beek!

where are you from?
I’m Dutch like @ewoud above me :wink:

how long have you been away from home?
I’m back home now but recently came back from a 2 years of studying abroad in Interaction Design at the University of Lincoln, England and Web Design & New Media at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. I’m currently continuing my course at the Academy online and I’m planning to combine traveling and freelance work all together next year.

what do you do?
I’m freelancing in Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Simple Animations. I’ve just started a dribbble account that you can find here: (it’s new so there’s not too much on it yet).

where are you currently?
I’m currently staying at my parents place in a town near Amsterdam as I’m saving money for my future traveling.

where are you going?
Planning to start off in Italy.

what has been memorable for you so far?
Pff so many. Uhm. When I sent my first invoice.

what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
That you work to live, and not live to work.

Celebrity look-a-like?
Jon Snow!


Alrighty then! (imagine this in a Jim-Carrey-in-The-Mask accent)

what’s your name?

where are you from?
North East of England but spent last 4 yrs in London

what do you do?
Run 3beards - we support the startup community through events. I’m good at events and communities. I smile a lot which puts people at ease. I’m trying to work out which of my skills I can use nomadically and how to get started. Any advice welcome :slight_smile:

where are you currently?
London but one way ticket outta here in Jan 2017

where are you going?
India then Indonesia, starting in Bali.

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Hey we are Figo and Lexy, we come from the UK and the USA.

we have been traveling full time for 10 years as freelance circus performers and more recently as digital nomads.

We travel extensively around Europe, North America and Australasia but are wanting to do more in South and Central America and Asia.

We are fairly new to the Digital nomadic lifestyle so any help is greatly appreciated


what’s your name?
where are you from?
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
how long have you been away from home?
Haven’t left yet, still in the preparation phase. I thought it would be wise to join the community early for research and figure out all the best spots. I have travelled on motorcycle all over the western United States. I plan to depart the U.S. 12/2016.
what do you do?
Front End Web Developer at InkSoft
where are you currently?
Hot and sunny Phoenix, Arizona.
where are you going?
Haven’t really decided yet…either Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Medellin, Colombia so I can stay in the same time zone at first and then I’ll eventually head over to SEA. Been a skateboarder all my life so I wanna learn how to surf. But from what I’ve read, Medellin is kinda the happenin place for digital nomads in CA/SA so I was considering going there first. Anybody have good recommendations for Costa Rica or Nicaragua near the beach that has good internet? Looking to stay for 1 - 2 months in each location.
What has been memorable for you so far?
I know this really doesn’t count because it’s still kinda local to me, but probably riding the Pacific Coast Highway from Oregon all the way down. Yellowstone National Park is also an amazing ride. Traveling on motorcycle is the best experience!
What kind of motorcycle do you ride?
2008 Harley Davidson Dyna - Street Bob. Definitely wanna buy a motorcycle in Europe at some point and use that to travel all over Europe.


what’s your name?
I’m Remek
where are you from?
for the lack of a more patriotic domicile, Europe. Am one of those of the Poles who settled in London for longer than originally anticipated.
what do you do?
Working on my world changing (software: appengine/frontend/C++/android) project, the web address of which i will disclose in due time
where are you currently?
Santa Marta/Colombia
where are you going?
North towards my return ticket from SFO.


I’ve just joined this lovely forum. Really got excited seeing that an awesome forum like this exists, thank you to the creators! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while :slight_smile:

Well, in a nut shell - I am an 18 year old Digital Entrepreneur from West Australia (soon to be nomad) - I’ve just recently been through the journey of coming out of the ‘system’ that is school and college, to then a dark period, following an exciting journey into starting up my first successful 6 figure business in my childhood hobby niche, photography.

I love to chat about anything, especially when it’s to do with coming out of the vicious system that had me staring at a life in the rat race, it’s always fascinating hearing others stories of how they escaped the rat race or the pre rate race. :wink:

I’m going to make good use of this amazing forum, flick me a message if you think we’d gel! :slight_smile:



What’s your name?


Where are you from?

Toronto but have lived in London for 17 years

How long have you been away from home?

I’m still in London but will be nomad-ing from October 2016 for 1-2 years

What do you do?

I’ve been working as a Product Manager for the past several years and previously worked as a Software Developer / Software Development Manager.

I’ve worked for some big names you’ve heard of — IBM, BBC, ITV — and some small startups you haven’t.

I also have done some house music production and DJing over the years which is another big passion.

Why am I interested in Nomading?

After many years on the “corporate hamster wheel”, I’m now looking to “reinvent” myself and refocus my energies on some of my own ideas. I’m basically working to start a new digital business/website/app.

I also generally want to use my Nomading experience to explore new ways of living, break the mould, become a more connected and global person, learn to speak some new languages, and generally push myself beyond my comfort zones to see what I’m capable of.

I’m also keen to spend some more time making music, being creative in general and collaborating with like minded people.

Where are you going?

Key destinations include but are not limited to:

  • Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio, Salvador – everywhere in Brazil really)
  • Mexico (Mexico City in particular)
  • Thailand
  • Budapest
  • Lisbon
  • Phillipines
  • Buenos Aires

I’m keen to talk to chat with others who are in or also interested in these places

What are some of your interests/passions?

Yoga. Software development. House music. Cocktails. DJing. Agile methodologies. Design. Astrophysics. Comedy. Film. Feminism. Journalism. LGBT stuff. Lots!

Feel free to chat with me if anything in here sounds vaguely interesting. I’m friendly! :slight_smile:



My name’s Coralie, I’m half Mauritian, Half French.

I grew up in France, Argentina, Reunion island and England. Now I live in Mauritius where together with my husband we’re having a lot of fun running events and coworking popups to support the startup community! We’re also setting up coworking and well-being retreats for anyone keen to discover the island, focus on their work-life blend and (why not!) get involved with its developing startup scene :slight_smile:

We want to keep (slow) travelling around the world, learn more about living meaningfully and hopefully get involved in emerging entrepreneurial communities wherever we go - there’s something incredibly exciting about witnessing mindset shifts and resulting changes from up-close!

I look forward to learning and exchanging about lifestyle design on this forum. If you are too, drop me a message!



Hi folks,

Great to meet you all and join the community of fantastic, like minded people!

I’m from New Zealand originally but have been on the road as a digital nomad for over 3 years now. I work as a freelance writer and also do some online marketing work for the book publishing industry. Over the last year I’ve been mostly in Shanghai, making a valiant effort to learn Mandarin, In 2015 I was in Poland (learning Polish did not go so well!).

Great to be here and looking forward to getting to know you all.