Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?

  • what’s your name? Frederic (Freddy) Chanut
  • where are you from? Lyon, France
  • how long have you been away from home? 13 Years
  • what do you do? Digital Marketing (got my own agency started in Sydney ~ 3 years ago )
  • where are you currently? Sydney, Australia
  • where are you going? Dunno, SGP, HCMC, Alaska for one of my crazy adventures
  • what has been memorable for you so far? So much! From family tragedy unfolding a world away to pure moment of bliss in wild and untouched region to feeling the pulse of crazy cities around me and my back pack.
  • will you go home anytime soon? Trying to go back home every 6 mths
  • what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? Let go of possessions and focus on experience
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Hey, I’m Marie Poulin.
I’m 33, currently living in Vancouver BC, originally from Ottawa, ON.
I’m a digital strategist and designer, also launched a SaaS called Doki with my partner in the spring.
Home at the moment is Vancouver, but I’m trying to convince my partner to do a 6-month work/travel trip in Asia. We’ve found ourselves wondering why we’re bootstrapping from one of the most expensive cities in the world!
5 years ago I spent 3 months living and working from Ubud Bali, and that was incredible. I also visited Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc.
I’ve learned that I can be happy almost anywhere :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Giles
30, from the UK
I run a few productized service businesses, blogs, online courses etc
Left England back in 2012 to live part time in Berlin - part time travelling, now in BKK and have mostly been here for the last 9 months, also UK, France, Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, US, India
I’m not sure where I’m going next, any ideas?!
Not planning on having a home in the near future
Biggest learning has been mindfulness
My question to all of you is…who wants to hang out?


Hi there, my name is Graeme, I’m from Oz and currently in Bali - Came here for 4 days 18 years ago. During that time I’ve done some travel out of here to Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia as well as Hawaii and Colorado.
I’m 71, and a co-founder of a new startup aimed to help small businesses grow - just coming out of Build phase into beta testing. If you would like to help us out we would love to hear from you. Lots of months of free subscriptions for the effort.
We use freelancers from much of the world pretty much - UK, Nairobi, Egypt, Romania, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, US. I worked out of Hubud here for a while which is a great co-working space - but once I got decent internet at home (10 Mbits) I found I was more productive away from all the networking going on.
I’m itching to travel again with my virtual office, and planning on hitting many more SE Asian countries during the wet season, starting this month and planning on Ko Samui for starters. I love the heat. And I thoroughly enjoy the culture-learning experience.
After that either probably Europe for their summer.
I’m not planning on returning to Oz anytime soon except for occasional family catch-ups.
My biggest lesson out of this time is to truly live for the moment you have - all my planning has invariably gone ape-shit, so let go of regrets and watch out to grab those opportunities.
I’m looking forward to meeting up with as many of you as possible outside the standard 12-14 hour days. Sigh. Will have to pick my own 2 days a week to socialize/tour and bugger up someone else’s productivity!



I’m Marcelo Ortega from Chile, and I’m a Coach, Self-Improvement Junkie & Lifelong Geek.

I’m 30yo and I look to empower people to forge their way into a meaningful life, while doing something they love. For this I work as a Life & Business Coach.

The last year I worked on turning my coaching business into an online coaching business, in order to become a Digital Nomad. Now that I achieved this, I’ll start my journey somewhere between December 2016 and April 2017.

My plan for the following year is to go from SE Asia to Eastern Europe staying one month in each place. If I start on December, probably I’ll go to Chiang Mai first since I’m looking to meet people within the community, and Chiang Mai seems to be the DN Capital City.

I don’t want to plan so much ahead, but I’m certain that i’m going to Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Prague, Budapest and Hongkong in the following months.

I run a YouTube channel of self-improvement / self-actualization and I’m also a Photorgraphy Enthusiast, so I’m planning to mix this both things to do something fun and insightful with my trip and my own self-exploration journey.

The longer I’ve been away from home is 4 months that I went on a working holiday at Vail, CO in America to work at Vail Ski Resort. So I’m looking forward to learn from this community and to help wherever I can. If anyone needs some help in Chile just let me know ;).

You can find me on the social media as:


Facebook: (business profile) (personal profile)


Twitter: (I don’t use this very much really)


what’s your name? Veng and I’m 32
where are you from? Sydney, Australia
how long have you been away from home? Only 3 weeks, but I have been travelling on and off for the past 7 years and I have lived in 3 different countries. Flying to my 35th country tonight. Figured I’ll just stay away from home for good this time :slight_smile:
what do you do? Working remotely full-time as a digital designer and front-end developer for a company in Australia. I focus on digital marketing and pick-up freelance jobs from time to time. Passion is in the fine arts, however.
where are you currently? Hanoi, Vietnam
where are you going? Vietnam (Hue, Hoi An, HCMC), Myanmar, Laos and then I’m open to suggestions. Would love to explore the Middle East further.
what has been memorable for you so far? It’s the company that you keep that always make the trip.
will you go home anytime soon? Only for a few weeks. Then jetting off again.
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? Finding friends is difficult. I have asked if anyone wanted to meet up in Slack, but I find that people prefer to hide behind their screens… I stay at hostels during the weekends just to keep myself from going insane, but having the same conversations over again is also driving me a little insane :smiley: SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME!!!


My name is Thomas Edunk and I am from Jupiter, Florida USA.

I am currently at home living now but I will be leaving for Argentina and Chile in January.

As far as what I do for work. I own two companies; one in entertainment and one in travel.
Basically I am a dj and traveler.


what’s your name? Nick
where are you from? Nottingham, UK
how long have you been away from home? About three months this year on my first DN trip in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam plus a quick trip to Berlin
what do you do? Design and build websites
where are you currently? Chiang Mai
where are you going? Thailand and Bali this trip
what has been memorable for you so far? Swimming with bats, Angkor Wat, HaLong bay, HCMC, being able to go anywhere and work
will you go home anytime soon? Yes
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? There’s a lot of world to see!


Hey everyone,

I’m new to NomadList and looking forward to learning from you all. Here’s a little bit about me:

what’s your name? Cheri
where are you from? Seattle (USA)
how long have you been away from home? My husband and I are heading out to “see the world” in January or February. I’m excited!
what do you do? I have a Seattle-based OD consulting business. I’m not yet sure if I’m going to continue that business in an online format, or do something else entirely. I’m taking 2017 to play, travel, and explore my options. I also write mystery novels, which is a pretty portable line of work.
where are you currently? At home in Seattle.
where are you going? Not sure! Currently looking at Thailand for a starting place.
what has been memorable for you so far? I’m giving up a lot of stability/income in order to travel. So that’s been pretty memorable. :slight_smile: But I’m just getting started, so I’ve got a lot left to experience and learn.

I just received my Farpoint 40 backpack and I can’t wait to hit the road, and hopefully meet some of you in the non-virtual world. Cheers!


what’s your name? Rob
where are you from? UK
how long have you been away from home? 2years in this last stint
what do you do? Sell e-courses and e-book, graphic and web design
where are you currently? Chiang Mai
where are you going? UK for xmas
what has been memorable for you so far? people!
will you go home anytime soon? I have to, unfortunately for about 25-35% of the year
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? I’m older so life is continual learning. I’m not really a nomad because I spend more time in CM than anywhere else. But this lifestyle teaches me more about myself, the world, other people and entrepreneurship than I ever learned back in the UK

I’m writing a book about new freedoms – using the sharing economy, cloud services, outsourcing, location independence, etc., to live a new life of flexibility and freedom.

I don’t want to be another digital nomad telling everybody to “live the dream”. I want to create a resource about flexible working that’s going to be helpful to all sorts of people: young and old; employed and entrepreneur; tied and untied.

I want it to be a guide for ordinary folks to add greater independence and flexibility to their lives. A sort of 4-Hour Work Week for now.

Also, is there any subject you’d like to see covered? Is there anyone you’d like me to interview? Everyone’s different and I’d like to cover this subject from every possible angle.

I would really appreciate any help on this.



I’m Kolyo but friends pronounce it Coolio (“Gangsta Paradise”).

I started my travel in 2011 from my native land, Bulgaria.
First stops were Ireland (Dublin) and Austria (Salzburg).

My DN Story
I transitioned to a fully-fledged nomad after discovering Portugal.
I currently possess 1 bag, sign no rental agreements and only remote contracts as a data analyst. I’m an old-fashioned entrepreneur (no app, angels & VCs) - and built a boutique data consultancy (Kalinax).

What drives me
Slow travelling is my thing - learning the language, mix with the locals.
Expat communities is something I keep a long and safe distance from, but I’m considering this forum an exception (terms and conditions apply :smiley: )

After Lisbon (and backpacking 65% of Portugal), I’m off to Prague and Santiago de Chile in November 2016. Latin America has long been a destination I’m obsessed with, and I’m likely to stay there for a while; no exact dates but aim to cover Argentina and/or Peru in 2017.

For me any non-commercial achievement gets to the top of the list. Most recently, becoming fluent in Portuguese. Building a network when I move to a new city is also an experience like no other and keeps me moving every time I feel settled.

I direct my love for Bulgaria to the abstract image I have for it, and not to the house I lived in. I go back to see my friends/family, not to feel home. My airbnb dashboard is my home (try that line with the tax authorities :hushed:)

I learned to have a direction, but no plan. Plans always disappoint me and directions inspire me.

I also never celebrate my birthday. I love life and live everyday as if it was my birthday. I abstract myself from any other pre-designated days (Christmas for family etc.) Love your family everyday. Makes all the difference.

Wishing you all: endless airmiles, airbnb 48% monthly discounts, and good health!


Hey everyone,

Here’s a little bit of info about me:

What’s your name?


Where are you from?

Toronto (Canada)

How long have you been away from home?

Still at home, but I am planning to start off traveling in Chile / Peru in January with my girlfriend.

What do you do?

My background is in Nuclear Engineering, but I have been reading books, taking courses, and performing work in Data Science over the past few years and am planning to do that from now on. I recently quit my job at an engineering firm and started my own company so that I can perform freelance data science work with greater flexibility. Since it’s a pretty portable skill, I plan to travel while working.

Where are you currently?

In Toronto until January.

Where are you going?

Currently looking at doing South America, followed by SEA at some point. The current plan is to travel to more affordable countries until my income is more reliable again.

What has been memorable for you so far?

I am just starting the journey, so only the experience of setting up my new company, but I can’t wait to share when I do have some memorable experiences.

Looking forward to meeting / chatting with many of you over the coming years!


What’s your name?
John Kelvie

Where are you from?
Washington, DC

How long have you been away from home?
Two months

What do you do?
I’m a computer programmer and CTO of an American tech company based in Washington, DC.

Where are you currently?
I am in Ica, Peru. It is on the Southwest coast of Peru, near Nazca (and the famous Nazca lines). My wife and I decided to move here as it is where she is from. Our family unit is the two of us plus our 1-year old daughter and our 8-year old dog, so we may not be quite as nomadic as some other people on this site (though we are investigating going to Argentina for a few months next June).

Where are you going?
We may stay here or head up to Lima. Or Cusco. We will see but for the foreseeable future, we plan on being in Peru. And I would like to find a way to do stints in other parts of Latin America, Argentina, Chile, etc. for a few months at a time. All of this we are still trying to figure out given that we have a one-year old.

What has been memorable for you so far?
Ica is a desert, but also an agricultural center (thanks to underground water from melting glaciers on the Andes), that borders on the Andes and the Pacific coast. It has some really stunning scenery, which I really love and it is totally new for me, coming from the East Coast. Also, the weather is always between 70 and 80 and sunny during the day, which is nice.

Will you go home anytime soon?

What have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
That I like living outside the states even more than I thought I would. And I thought I would like it a lot :slight_smile:

Why did you join this site?
I’ve started writing a blog, Not sure yet what I will do with it, but it’s a fun side-project for me. I’m eager to talk to people about how they make money blogging, as well as in general living abroad. I’m still very much immersed in my American company, but I am thinking about other possibilities. I’ve dramatically lowered my cost-of-living, and as an entrepreneur, I am thinking of ways to take advantage of this.


Hi there! A bit of myself in here too

What’s your name?
Christian Oliveira

Where are you from?
Galicia (Spain)

How long have you been away from home?
One month

What do you do?
I’m a technical SEO consultant. Last three years I’ve working for one of the main spanish newsmedia groups (the one that owns El Mundo, Marca…) doing SEO and some Product Management. I’ve asked for a one-year leave and I’m trying to start working as a freelance instead, while travelling through Southeast Asia with my girlfriend
I’m also making a travel blog (in Spanish by now),

Where are you currently?
Right now in Indonesia (we started the trip from Timor Oriental)

Where are you going?
After Indonesia we are visiting Malasya, and after that Vietnam.

What has been memorable for you so far?
Being able to work in front of amazing beaches (where you can do amazing diving or snorkelling), while also travelling and visiting amazing nature spots.

Will you go home anytime soon?
No, by now

What have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
That it’s completely possible (at least in my field), can be cheaper than living in Madrid and it’s an amazing life change and adventure. There also downsides too (time management, having to search and bargain for a place to sleep each time you move, not seeing friends and family, and not living with our two cats!)

Why did you join this site?
To meet other nomads, get useful information, contribute with useful information when I can


what’s your name? Madeline
where are you from? Australia
how long have you been away from home? 1 week. I’ve lived abroad in USA, UK, Thailand, Canada, Netherlands in the past for 3-6 months at a time.
what do you do? I currently study and have ambitions to be an entrepreneur. I’ve escaped my engineering day-job for 6-12 months, and indefinitely would be nice. I’m studying online at Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I’m passionate about the advancement of healthcare, and I’m working to design various software for integrative medicine and/or natural healthcare, which started 8 years ago, on-and-off.
where are you currently? Tallinn Estonia
where are you going? Estonia, Netherlands for a bit, perhaps Portugal
what has been memorable for you so far? People
will you go home anytime soon? early or mid 2017
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? To Be Advised. From previous nomad trips/lifestyles, I’ve learnt (over time) not to take things too seriously! It seemed like a great investment to leave the comforts and familiarity of home, so I tended to compensate by over-focussing on work goals, which was counter-productive. The most important thing I think is to look after my own wellbeing and be open.


what’s your name? - Mary, i’m 23 years old
where are you from? - Ukraine
how long have you been away from home? - around 2 years, but i’m currently back to Ukraine for 1 month to get new visa :slight_smile:
what do you do? - I’m front-end developer, currently working via Upwork
where are you currently? - Home, sweet home ^^ Vinnytsia, Ukraine
where are you going? - End of the month will go to Poland first and then will travel somewhere around Europe :smiley: What place i get cheap tickets - gonna be my next destination lol
But after Europe i want to go to North and then slightly move to South Africa… So if anyone been there already - i’d be happy to hear any tips
what has been memorable for you so far? - Ah traveling always gives you unforgettable experience. It makes you different person, changes your life priorities, changes yourself. This is happened with me :smiley: And btw I’m in love with Asia - sincere people, food, nature etc… I can continue this list forever lol
will you go home anytime soon? - im here right now, but not for long time :smiley:
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? - The world is so huge and our life is too short, so lets try to make every moment meaningful and travel as much as you can


Hi everybody!

I’m Alex from France, and I plan to leave my wonderful country to a new adventure.

Actually I have my own business in architecture/construction (, and I built an other in the whisky (selling last September).
Also I’m working on planting and distillation of essential oils in Corsica with a friend. I go to India (Jodhpur) in 3 weeks and I looking for people who live there to meet.

Have a great day/night,

Forward exchange



I’m Mike. I’m friends with a lot of you already just from the general digital nomad community but this is the first time I’ve around nomadlist/nomadforum. It’s a pleasure to be here.

I’m from NYC originally and currently based out of San Francisco. I spent the last 6 years or so in Asia and am running a startup out of SF and Asia at the moment, so I tend to bounce back and forth a lot.

Between 2006 and 2016 I lived in the US, France, Korea, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I also traveled to many destinations in that period of time as well.

I currently run an on-demand interpretation startup, although we recently found a better SaaS (stealth) opportunity that we’re validating now and will probably pivot to.

Not sure where I’ll go next but SF is really insanely expensive. Might consider Portland or Seattle next, so if you’re from there let’s talk!

Btw, I’m a Huffington Post contributor which means that, from time to time, I can feature some of you there. No promises - if I like you and what you’re doing, we can talk about it.

Glad to join this community :slight_smile:


Im dana from SF and i’m a nomadic mum and entrepreneur. we are traveling with toddlers (age 2 and 4) and it’s an adventure. we are currently in Medellin, colombia and looking to move slowly around the region. I’ve traveled extensively in 55 countries and am happy to be back in the world with my new traveling companions.

workwise, i’m tryign to start up a few things to serve families doing this…it is a growing crew. i also typically work in enterprise sales/bus dev/ marketing.


Hi Dana, my wife and I are in Peru with a 1-year old. We just moved here three months ago.

Hope you enjoy Colombia, and let me know how it goes with moving around. My wife and I are trying to do the same (while keeping sane with a young daughter and a dog).