Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?


what’s your name?
where are you from? Reykjavik, Iceland
how long have you been away from home? I’m home at the moment.
what do you do? Law Enforcement
where are you currently? Reykjavik
where are you going? Thailand, but might go through Europe first
what has been memorable for you so far? Tokyo and Jamaica
will you go home anytime soon?
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? not a nomad yet, but very interested


Hi everybody, Sven here.

French (from Paris), actually living in Canada (Quebec City) for 18 months now.
Working in video games.

I’m here to find a nice destination to avoid this shitty canadian winter, and meet cool people.
Although I’m used to travel (alone too) it will be my first time travelling as digital nomad.

Glad to enter in this community!


I am a linux system administrator.
I’m working remotely since 2008, born in Italy, resident in the UK (where I escaped orrified by my own country), spending hot season aboard my sailing boat in Greece, winter anywhere cheap and warm. Trying to avoid kids and families :wink:
freedom is my keyword


Hi Everyone,
I am a Business Development Manager, learning digital marketing.
Working at a FIntech startup in Pune, India since last 2 years. Travelling in India only, because of big diversity and nature across.
Want to start working remotely and travel more. Good to join here!!
Let me know about if any one want to discuss about India and its awesomeness!!



My name is Brett McHargue and I am a software developer. I am originally from Dallas, Texas. In July 2000 I moved to England for work. It was meant to be a 9 month project and I ended up staying (even after I left that company). I started working with Ruby/Rails in 2006 and professionally in and around London in 2009.

This year my husband and I have decided to travel full time, so I left my job in London and have been roaming since October 2016. Savings only last so long though and I’d love to work on some interesting web development projects as well as on a few ideas of my own.

We are currently in Mendoza, Argentina - heading to Santiago, Chile on Thursday this week. You can track where we have been at my husbands blog at

We will be in Texas for Xmas and currently looking for ideas on where to go next - we have places to stay with friends and family in New Zealand and Australia, but have only scratched the surface of things to see in South and Central America, so might stay here.

I’m also a longtime choral singer. Leaving the 3 choirs I sang with in London was probably one of the hardest things I had to give up to live my dream of traveling. One of my most memorable experiences was singing in the Vatican with a group last year. But I most enjoy singing pop/acapella tunes, so if there is any of that going on around the world, I’d love to hear about it. I’m a big fan of this group and would love to figure out how to sing in such a geographically diverse group - truly bummed I missing them in the UK.

So what do you guys and gals do when you’re not digitally nomadding?


Hey everyone,

Here is my introduction! My name is Kurt Anderson. I’m originally from Jamestown, NY, and most recently have been living in Santa Cruz, CA. I’ve been travelling now for 5 months. I do two things primarily:

  1. run This is a service for entrepreneurs around productivity design.
  2. started where I blog about my new digital nomad lifestyle.

I’m in baja mexico presently, travelling to Ubud in March of 2017.

Baja has been very memorable thus far, with it’s cheap prices, friendly people and great kitesurfing!

I will travel to Santa Cruz before heading to Ubud.

I’ve learned that I need to be very disciplined in order to make any progress, otherwise I could just enjoy life and produce nothing of value.

Looking forward to becoming a valued member of this community!


Hello everyone, my name is Rob, I’m from Costa Rica, I’ve been away from home for maybe like a year, I’ve traveled to Panama, Nicaragua, London, Taiwan, Japan and now I’m in Spain. I’m a UI designer & Front End dev. I’m still figuring out where to go next, I had tickets to go to France and Prague afterwards but I had issues with my card and I may have to go back to CR to solve those, I’ve tried getting one from Payoneer, Stripe, Western Union prepaid, Global Exchange, registered a software development company in Hong Kong to see if I open an account there but takes too long, also been trying to get one with the new e-visa from Estonia and service, takes too long as well, at least for someone who doesn’t know where will it be next month.

What I’ve learned is that there’s a lot of information and support for people from the US and Europe, but finding the same solutions for people from Latin America is crazy, try to go to countries where they allow you to be there without asking a visa for the longest time possible, Japan and South Korea let you be there for 3 months without a visa, always have a backup plan, some countries ask for a way-out ticket or otherwise they don’t allow you to take the plane, happened to me from Tokyo to Barcelona, a bunch more things I can say, if you’re travelling alone still try to make friends or videochat with people, loneliness can be very harsh being on foreign countries.

Hope to meet other people from latin america as well !
Gracias, thanks, arigatou gozaimasu, Xie Xie.


Ola, Fellow nomads,
This is Luanna Li from China, I’m a nomad artist and the founder of Artrvl
I began my remote life since September 2015 after I quit my expat job and got kicked out from my apartment in Angola, First I started painting graffiti for hotels in exchange of free stay, food and flight tickets to the next destination, it was great to have the world as my canvas and be able to support yourself along the journey.
I’ve met so many great artists, singers from Granada, dancers and craftsmen from Moshi, film-maker from Cape Town, painters from Venice, Lisbon, as well as art lovers, who have been supporting artists in different ways, either hosting us in their house, or providing food and free ride.
I’m building this Exchange creations with hospitality project aiming to bridge emerging artists and art hosts together. So we all share the magical bond while we travel.
I will be in Iceland, Scandinavia and UK for the next 6 months.
Great to join this community and hope to meet more people who are into art! :wink:
How come we don’t have a “Shaka” emoji?! :thinking:


Hey there,

My name is Alex i’m from Paris - France.
In january i’ll leave home for a 10 month digital nomad Oceania / Asia Tour with my girlfriend.
I am a former agency owner who is actually building niche sites for a living.
We’ll travel to NZ / Aus / Indonesia / Philippines / Cambodia / Vietnam and the rest is TBD.

I’m really excited about Nomad list and i hope we’ll meet astonishing people :-)))

See you later !


Hey everyone,

I am Jonathan Verrecchia, a 28 y/o French nomad from Paris. The key things about me is that I am:

  • A freelance front-end engineer
  • A hardcore minimalist
  • An electronic music producer
  • Very into transhumanism / the future of humanity / mind-uploading, and I digitize and document everything about my life.
  • I’ve worked in San Francisco for about 2 years, and did an Erasmus in San Sebastian (Spain).

I am currently in the middle of a big trip in Asia, which started in Japan 2 months ago, going all the way down to Australia. Starting January 2017 I’ll settle in Thailand for a while (Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui), and will probably rotate between Bali, Vietnam, France, and Spain for the rest of the year.

Can’t wait to meet up and hear your fascinating stories!


Hi @hikki.mose, I just wanted to say that I’ ve checked your website and I :purple_heart: the idea behind Artrvl !! :+1: Congrats and all the best! #freepraise


Hi all, just joined the site today!

I work online, helping private jet owners plan their trips - not as glamorous as it sounds, but still it’s a fun job, and I can live wherever I like.

I’m also a musician, and have written a bunch of songs. These days I give away all my music for free online, so people can download it just to listen to, or to use as background music for their Youtube vlogs, as all my music is now creative commons.

Planning a busking tour of Europe in Spring 2017!


You can include India in your trip too, lots of amazing places to be around here.
Ranging from snowy mountains, to deep jungles, to royal palaces, to sunny beaches.
Amazing place to travel!!

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Hey there!

I’m Josh.

Originally from Portland, Oregon. I’ve recently moved back after living in San Diego for the last four years.

In 2014, I was nomadic throughout SE Asia - mostly Thailand and Bali :slight_smile:

I’ve been working remotely, helping build various tech startups over the last few years. I currently head up business development for a SaaS startup called CartStack.

I’m currently in Portland, Oregon, but I’m thinking about heading to Vietnam in the coming months, but I’m open for anything.

I’ve spent awhile backpacking Europe, which was super memorable. My time in Asia building a kinda-successesful-now-shutdown ecommerce store was also really fun.

I’m currently at home, looking to venture back out. Panama was my most recent country.

I’ve learned that connecting with other nomads makes life a ton easier, and more fun. I’ve learned to be more patient, do/experiment with unordinary things, and to be flexible with my time/work schedule/fun schedule.

I’m really interested in how some of you maintain your health while traveling, i.e. certain types of exercise (HIIT, walking, etc), avoiding/eating certain foods, supplements and stuff like that!


I’m Risto Silvennoinen, currently in Chiang Mai. My journey to this DN hub has been quite long – at least in years – since I started working online 2010 with the goal of becoming location independent. Yep, I also read the 4 hour workweek. :slight_smile: Ever since that goal and this community has given me so much drive to continue learning new skills and to become better at digital marketing, so thank you!

I started with freelancing and doing mainly Google AdWords and Facebook ad campaigning. Now I’m shifting towards programmatic display. Unlike quite many I’m not freelancing but working for a company (a Finnish digital agency) and have been able to negotiate myself quite location flexible work. Although not – at least not yet – 100 % location independent, I’m happy with the arrangement.

I could say that one of the most memorable moments (at least career wise) was visiting Google’s EMEA head office in Dublin. Biggest learning: Be bold with your dreams and have the courage to ask.


hi @hikki.mose i’m also one of the few chinese female nomads. Let’s connect! i’m an art lover currently working in tech looking for a transition into UX. In southeast asia right now will be in southern europe soon. What you are doing with graffiti is really cool - would love to connect and hear more!


Hi, I’m Inna. I am Russian-American and live in NYC but love to travel. I have been living a nomadic life for more than a year now. Back home for holidays right now, but contemplating Bali in a few weeks and Barcelona and Lisbon sometime later. I am in the process of testing a few locations and looking for community to “settle” in. Life is better when shared so a solid community is a must for me.
On the business front, I’ve been engaged in the financial world for many years, progressing to being one of the few (maybe the only) woman to run and build a derivatives trading desk on Wall Street. But now, I’ve taken time off from the Wall Street grind and am seeking a change – a chance to reinvent myself as an entrepreneur, and especially an International one.


Hi, Im Eliran, from Israel.
Im doing some freelance in android development, and in addition working on a cool dating app.
Next month gonna be in Thailand, for the first time.
I joined for this community to find like minded people to know and good meetups.

See ya

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Hi I’m Kate.

I’m co-founder of a startup called Dovetail X, which helps freelancers form pop-up agencies. I’m also a freelance designer (graphic/brand/UX/UI).
I’m currently living in my home town of Christchurch, New Zealand. In the past I’ve lived in Canada, San Francisco, Hong Kong, France, and Australia.
I’m heading over to the US a couple of times this year so I’m keen to connect with other nomads!

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Shalom Eliran! Welcome to the community.

I still need to visit Israel. A girl I’m seeing is from Haifa.

You’re going to love Thailand! It’s sababa.


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