Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?


Hey Kate! Welcome :wink:


Hello Kate welcome to community i like what idea in startup what do you doing how i can go and become beta tester!Have nice day!!


Thanks !
and i hope to have good time there !



Hello folks! :v:t2:

My name is Nils, I am a webdeveloper from Germany, used to work as an employee until October 2016 and started travelling in November of 2016.
Currently staying in Chiang Mai and working mostly on client projects, with the goal to building own products and moving away from the client work in the long run.

So at the moment it’s MVP building and putting those things out in the wild. Which is tough from time to time since I guess most of my ideas just suck :smile:


Hello guys,
Just joined! Lots of interesting people here! Congrats to @levelsio for creating this!

My name is Mike. I am a professional musician (I play saxophone, mostly jazz).
I run a digital marketing agency that helps startups getting more traction, and an affiliate marketing company doing mobile acquisition on Facebook. Most of my companies are semi or fully outsourced.

I’m not a professional programmer (whatever it means), but I can code. At the moment, I’m developing BuddyAd, which is an ad competitive intelligence tool. We basically analyze millions of native, pop and adult ads per day. Hope to cash in this project soon as I already have offers of acquisition, even if we are in private beta.

I’m based in Italy and specifically Puglia (if you know Italy is like a boot, I’m from the heel!)
I’m an aspiring nomad, meaning I’ve been traveling a lot lately (Thailand, Cambogia, US, Malta) but not for super long periods and I’m always returning home for now. =)

(working in Ko Chang)

You can learn more about me here.
Best to you and see you in the forum!


Hey there everyone. This is Juan Manuel, born in Argentina. Following Nomad ever since the very beginning and today I decided to contribute so here I am! I’ve been away from home for two years now, although right now I am in my hometown as I came back to wrap up some personal stuff. I am an IT guy, who went from a very techie IT security job to customer management to service delivery. Today I work as a Service Delivery Manager at the coolest and most promising company on earth :smiley:

My main reason to come to the forum is to read other people’s experiences, discover new cities that I would never have found by myself, help with what I know whenever possible, and find second jobs that would increase my monthly income,

You can find me pretty much everywhere (helpx, workaway, couchsurfing) & in

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I’m Danny from California. Currently, I’m in Australia for 3 months (Melbourne, Brisbane/Gold Coast, and Sydney). It is expensive, but all modern conveniences are readily available in the CBD area and the internet is very good in the area.

I own (definitely an Airbnb fanboy, used to work there).

Within the next 24 months, I’d like to go to Estonia, Dubai, Chang Mai, Latvia, and Tokyo.

The most insightful learning is that I actually do need my own time. I’m not uber social type 24/7 like it seems others are. If I have my own space to detox, then I can be that uber social type when I’m out which I really love that feeling. Also, learning how to start conversations and socialize with strangers is a great skill I hope to have for my entire life!

If anyone wants to meet up, you can feel free to email me at [email protected] or reach out to me on my website :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I’m Daniel Brooks, and I’m from and currently in Atlanta, GA. I haven’t started my nomadic journey yet, but I’m in the planning stages. Right now, I’m learning some skills to help me build some freelance income and, eventually, a productised service. I’m still finishing up college, but I hope to start some side hustles before I finish school next year. I’m sure I will learn a lot here about life on the road, starting an online business, and financial freedom. If anyone is willing to answer some questions I have, please reach out to me at [email protected]. Or, if there’s anyone in the ATL area, let’s me up, have some beers, and talk business.


Hi, my name is Liza and I am from Sydney, Australia. I am a knowledge and collaboration tools manager for an American insurance company. I am allowed to work from anywhere so I am currently planning my first extended trip to South East Asia to work with my four year old in tow. I am a single mum so hope to be able to find information from some of you about the best places to stay in South East Asia that also have affordable childcare. My budget is about 2K per month.

I spent my earlier years travelling in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and am keen to get back to those places to settle for about a month in each place and work from a local hotel.

I’m looking forward to engaging with this community and hopefully make some friends along the way.

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I there. I am Harry currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa.

I am busy studying personal training, but I have been in IT for about 7 years now, starting off doing support, then moved into wireless ISP where I learned a bit more about networking. I am now at a CCTV and access control company where I have had a chance to spend time on the net to find you guys.

I am now looking at getting into the online space to make a living and I need some assistance with that please.

I have played around with programming or coding previously but very basically. I used w3schools but I never really got to use any of it practically.

I am struggling to find my way forward in terms of what to learn and how to use it. I do not know what what point I am done with “level 1” in HTML for example and I can start using it foe basic projects.

How do you guys go about it and what is a realistic time frame before you can start getting work?


Intro :bridge_at_night:
I’m Bryan and I’m from the SF Bay Area :slight_smile:

Scroll down for the TL;DR; if you really want to miss out.

I am sorta in transition to becoming a digital nomad and currently based in San Francisco, CA. I spend about 2 - 3 months abroad a year right now and want to eventually inch that closer to 6 months or so. For now, my next trip is going to be just a small whirlwind tour around a few US States in late March. After, I am looking at some time in South America and Europe in the Late Spring and Mid-Autumn respectively.

Work Stuff :computer:
I’m a Full Stack Web Developer currently freelancing for start-ups around the US. I market myself not so much as the dev who is going to throw code over the fence and hope for the best, but more the consultant that will sit down with you and actually think through tough product decisions, road-mapping, and important UI implementation according to business demands.

As for the technical specs: I specialize in Ruby on Rails API (REST, JSON API) applications and Ember.js applications. I also have experience in other Ruby frameworks, Javascript (other front-ends and node), PHP, Wordpress (looking to get into Wordpress’ JSON API more extensively), and learning Swift and Elixir (Phoenix).

Travel Memories and Lessons :briefcase:
I think my most memorable time so far has been my two month trip around Europe+Kazakhstan. I could get more specific, but there is just so much that was amazing. The general theme of this trip though just showed me that it is possible to work and travel at the same time. The trip was far more fast-paced than I would have liked and I went with a friend that was not working, so that made it also a bit difficult to resist going out every night :wink:

I’m an outgoing, adventurous Full Stack Dev from SF who is just getting started on this nomad journey. Find me drinking :cocktail: at the local craft cocktail bar or hiking in a nearby :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:

Looking forward to engaging in this community and learning from those more experienced than myself. And of course sharing all my knowledge as well. Can’t wait to see what this year has to offer me in travel :airplane:


Hello, my name is Victoria and I live in Austin, TX. I’ve been building my business for the last year (websites, copywriting - now business management for my clients), been an entrepreneur for the last 5 years. I mention that because now I’m finally in a place where I can work remotely (my clients are already remote from Austin) and I have a 6 month contract I want to take advantage of for my first nomading trip! I’m sure many of y’all can relate to trying to get a business off the ground :slight_smile:

I want to go somewhere in the Western Hemisphere for my first trip to keep time zones similar to my clients. I’m thinking Playa or somewhere in Mexico/Central America for the BEACHES and because I’m Mexican and know the area/culture well. I’m taking baby steps!

Memorable so far is being able to pay for this membership with my business card and KNOWING it’s happening this year. I don’t think I’ll want to be a nomad forever, but I want to totally take advantage of my youth, my contracts, and the freedom my laptop brings me.


Hello fellow Nomad, my name is Sze Huei (Zoe for easier pronunciation). I am from Malaysia and I’ve been away for the past 13 years. Currently, I am working as a Research Scientist at The University of Lausanne, Switzerland but I am setting up my own science/health writing business. I am giving myself a whole full year to get everything set up and be a nomad of my choosing. So far, all the places that I lived in are because of job availability and physically I have to be there. It is time to choose for myself where I want to be base. I have no idea of where I am going although I do have some criteria (safe for women, lots of like-minded people, good public transportation, and access to good and cheap food).
Memorable moments: hmmm…the moment when the new place feels like ‘home.’ Austin is easy and takes just a couple of months to have a group of like-minded friends; never really felt at home in Pretoria (even though I have good friends there). I guess the reasons for each place will be for another post.
I think I would go home after my contract in Switzerland is finish, although the reason for going home is not because it is HOME. It is because I know Penang is one of the freelancer paradise and it fulfills almost all my criteria to choose this place to set myself up as a digital nomad.
Looking back, I am definitely of a better version of myself. I learn to know myself, be confidence about my skills, appreciate the little things in life and be flexible about what constitute ‘social norm.’

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Hi, I’m Hannes 32yr. I’m “based” in Germany but I’m living abroad quite some time throughout the year (could always be more though ;-)). I’m spending most of the time in Vancouver, Canada which is one of my favourite and inspirational places. I also have relatives living there and recently bought a place there as well. I also spend time in SE Asia like most Nomads do and other places in Europe.
I’ve studied Computer Science (Msc) and started my own software corporation during that time (2008) which is my primary source of income. The work is completely location independent so I work remotely 100% of the time and I take care that it remains that way. Thanks to tech, my clients usually don’t know where I’m currently at unless I tell them. I’m also doing a (self-funded) Phd (started August last year) which also is remotely 99% of the year and I recently have submitted my first paper (yay!). Feel free to get in touch. Otherwise - happy nomad’ing


Hello Nomad Community! First a foremost, this website is a dream come true; thank you for all the hard-work put into it for all of the nomads abroad.

I am Jonathan.

An American from the southeast.

I have been away from home for the last seven years due to my Naval military obligations. So, needless-to-say I am very ready for my “leash”-free nomadic freedom in the near future. My experience is associated with highly technical mechanical engineering-based work: power plant operations, machinery troubleshooting, maintenance planning, and so forth. Pardon my ambiguity but it is a part of the job.

So, my nomadic lifestyle thus far has been highly regulated and completely unorthodox in regards to the Nomad community. The next chapter has been my “light at the end of the tunnel” for quite some time now.

I am currently stationed domestically here in the US. I have previously been deployed to Bahrain, Dubai, UAE, and Spain briefly.

My nomadic journey thus far has been a series of trials and tribulations - a crucible of self-evaluation. Beyond the hardships, it has been the most rewarding benefaction.
I have no intention just yet to return to my old stomping grounds but I am sure that moment is on its way.

Currently, I am researching remote-based mechanical engineering opportunities: CAD design/drafting, Excel, DMLSS, and BUILDER-based software support. I have recognized that majority of the community here is software/programming development/support but if any of you have experience or insight in the mechanical/manufacturing remote-based industry, I would love to hear from you! I am also eager to learn programming languages in support of my future nomadic lifestyle. Preferably a programming language that will complement my prior experience.



Hi everyone!
I’m Katie, from London in the UK and I accidentally became a digital nomad about 5 months ago now. I say accidental because I left the UK for Mexico in November 2016, fully intending to get a job locally and settle in one place and then, just a week before I left, saw what is now my job advertised on Instagram - such an East London cliche of myself! :joy: A few Skype interviews later, I couldn’t quite believe my luck at landing a job that would enable me to join the digital nomad tribe!
I work as a researcher for a site called Project JUST, looking into ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry, which I find totally fascinating. I’m coming to the end of my 6 months in Mexico and am heading to Colombia at the end of April - I’ve heard good things about the digital nomad community there! I feel like I’m learning as I go with the whole digital nomad lifestyle, so love discovering sites like this to help me out! Would love to hear from fellow Colombian nomads!


Hi Everyone!

I’m Cristian, and started by moving from Romania to the US almost three years ago. Me and my wife have been in California ever since, but the change opened up our appetite for travel, so the current plan is to head out starting next spring; we’re taking this year to set everything up. We’re both developers (13 years of experience for me, 6 years for my wife), so that should help us a bit, and I’m already working remote - my team is in another state.

I’ll surely pester the forums with more questions the closer I get to the departure day :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Romina. I make YouTube videos about travel and living a minimalist life as a remote entrepreneur. I have a digital media services and film production company. Under this company I provide social media management services, photography services, website building services, and video productions. As my channel grows I am doing less of those things.


My name is Andrew and I’m from Virginia, USA! I’ve done a few small bursts of nomadic living in the last year. Currently, I’m in Cambridge, England and will be traveling around Europe until early July. I arrived in the UK early April…so about a 3 month nomadic journey! :slight_smile:

I am an account manager for a t-shirt selling platform, based in Richmond, VA. I am also working on growing my online skills - currently going through Codecademy & I just launched a personal website (more to come).

Excited for the road ahead… many adventures to be had :slight_smile:


Hi , there !
I will introduce myself replying to the questions directly :slight_smile:

what’s your name?
Alberto Escosteguy
where are you from?
Born in Rio de Janeiro but I live in Canada and I am Canadian.
how long have you been away from home?
I come and go , but you could say since 2009
what do you do?
I used to be a Psychologist and a Professor. I quit it all to be a travel blogger.
where are you currently?
In Vancouver waiting for my flight to Singapore.
where are you going?
Singapore ( 2 months) and Ubud- Bali ( 1 month)
what has been memorable for you so far?
life itself
will you go home anytime soon?
I am leaving tonight !
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
that freedom and inner peace are priceless.