Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?


Hello Nomads,

I’m a new nomad here, guess this also is a proof of it hahaha. My name is Carolina, I’m from Cali, Colombia. I’ve been away from my home 4 months already, and still traveling. I’m a professional in Marketing and advertising. I work supporting an incentives program for some costumers in LATAM countries. I´m currently in Turkey, in Istanbul traveling and knowing other places. I’m going to Seúl soon. For me it has been memorable people’s energy. Anywhere you go there is someone willing to help you and curious about get to know you. I will go home at the end of the year probably, I still don’t know yet :slight_smile:

As a Nomad I’ve learned a lot of auto motivation, self-control, confidence and multidiscipline. I’ve learned anywhere you go, there are friends and there is something from yourself you don’t know you have, a new aptitude or new vision of life.

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Hello there! My name is Seda. I’m a 33 year old elementary school teacher, astrologer and meditator. I recently discovered VIPKID, an online tutoring program and have decided to go for it full time. I plan to quit my teaching job at the end of this school year (June) and my first stop will be a return to Dharmsala in the Himalayas. I loved the energy of McLeod Ganj and my goal is to work about 20 hours a week teaching online and spend the rest of the time volunteering for the Tibetan cause and travelling. If you have any questions about VIPKID, meditation, astrology or online teaching resources, I’m happy to help! Love from Vancouver, Canada!


Hi Nomads! I have been free from the corporate world of London since 2005 when I took a leap of faith and headed to Bali to build up an affiliate network!

Back then I use to have to upload files via internet cafes (whatever happened to them?! lol) using a flash drive. I had some good fortune in 2007 when CNN ran a story on me and things really took off.

As of today, I am struggling a little with affiliate marketing, so I am seeking new income streams to continue this lifestyle I love.

It’s great to see so many other nomads now. I was a little lonely back in 2005, but remote working is only going to grow.

Best advice I can give is to just go for it. Have a few months living expenses behind you and grab a taxi to the airport. Travel light too :slight_smile:

P.S. I am currently in Peru but in vacation mode. Lima could be a nomad hotspot in the future. SE Asia, Southern Europe and NZ are my main locations.


Hi All!

I am a freelance lawyer, working mainly on Upwork and some other platforms. I have been doing this since 2010. It has been a hard start, as you may imagine, Bolivian IT and Corporate lawyers are not immediately tagged as trustworthy, but since three years ago my main income has been working on platforms and for repeat clients online.

My law firm is officially based in Cochabamba, Bolivia (I do have offices here) but I can really run things remotely as I realized some months ago, including representations I currently hold for other companies.

I have been on Cryptocurrencies projects and different startups. I am also a Startup Weekend Mentor in Cochabamba.

I am not yet 100% sure I really fit in this community (digital nomads :sweat_smile:), but me and my wife have started planning some trips to find out schedule and workability of the law firm from more far away places.

See you all digitally!


Hi all! I’m Brianna, a soon-to-be nomad who currently lives in Tampa, Florida. I help businesses keep more of their money (I’m a contract CFO).

I grew up in Phoenix, did a stint in the Baltimore/DC/Philly area, and moved to Florida six years ago. I love it here, but long to travel, and recently realized that… holy shit… it’s… doable! So, now I’m planning. I have two kids who will be traveling the world with me, and my person, who will have to come back more often for stateside obligations. TL;DR = a lot of logistics, but still doable :slight_smile: Ideally, my kids and I will do a 6-8 week away, 3 weeks in US schedule.

I have worked remotely for seven years so that won’t be a huge jump for me. Really looking forward to being untethered and giving my kids some perspective other than their semi-suburban white privilege bubble.

Look forward to chatting with/meeting you!



I’m Aaron, 32, and from the USA. My girlfriend, Rachel, and I decided to go fully remote sometime last year and were able to start our journey this past April. We’ve only been away from home for a little over a month but it’s been a fantastic experience so far.

We decided to come to Europe on our first jaunt as I have a good friend getting married in Germany next month. We started in Paris and have since been to Cannes, France, Amsterdam and Utrecht, Netherlands, and are now in Athens, Greece where we’ll be until the end of the month when we head to Berlin, Germany. We’re not entirely sure where we’ll go after that except that we have to return to the states this summer for a series of weddings.

Fear of the unknown is natural but we’ve since been cured of it after learning how amazing travel is and how similar the world is despite our languages and cultures. No place feels like home but it’s all welcoming and enjoyable.

I’m a software engineer (primarily Ruby on Rails and JavaScript) currently working at Splitwise (apparently as a newbie I cannot put a link in the post but just tack on the .com or find it in Google) and I love how easy it is to work with my team back in the states. Thankfully they’re flexible so I can work “normal” hours relative to my timezone or shifted hours to sync up with the east coast depending on how much exploring I want to do during the day.

I’m thankful to be joined by my girlfriend Rachel who is a freelance designer and illustrator.

After the myriad of weddings are over we plan to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in the states with family before we head abroad again. Our plan is to see Hong Kong for Chinese New Year and then see the rest of Asia, specifically Southeast Asia where I see so many of you are or have been.

We’d love any travel, location, or working advice you have and are excited to join this site!


I’m Ady a “vampire” from Transylvania (Eastern Europe). 27.
After backpacking/volunteering/couchsurfing in more then 30 countries mostly in Latin America, East/Southeast Asia and some parts of Europe I currently became a non-techie digital nomad (part time online English teacher) basing myself in Arequipa (Peru) for a couple of more months.
Aftter this I might had to Colombia (the coffee region) for a couple of months followed by Mexico for a couple of more months.
In the upcoming year(s) I plan to travel in the capitals of Eastern-Southeastern-Central European countries and some north African countries (roughly spending a week in every capital…roughly 30 countries in total).
Oh…and of course returning to Southeast Asia is a must…soon :smile:
I’m on a lower budget then most Westerners (500-1500$) and in the meantime I might get some online diplomas in the field of Psychology/Counselling.
Anyways…if there is some fine young lady out there willing to join me…well feel free to message me…hahaa…yeah I know it’s not a dating site.


Hello everyone!
I’m Tiffany and I am from everywhere. I’ve been a nomad since I turned 18 when I moved away from my hometown of Myrtle Beach South Carolina, which makes this my nomad lifestyle 16 years and running. Currently I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I am finishing up my last semester of grad school for UI/UX. I may not be as nomadic as some of you since I have never lived outside of the United States, but I haven’t stayed in one place for more than 4 years in my adult life. I hope that I can pick up a remote tech gig once I graduate as I plan on moving to either London or Sydney (maybe both!) after I graduate. I will be studying abroad in Seoul from August-December '17, which will be my first long stint outside of the US.

what has been memorable for you so far?
The people I’ve met and the ways I’ve changed as a person. I have distinctly different segments of my life that seem surreal now. The people I befriended, the hobbies I pursued, and my philosophical ideologies have evolved over time. I have learned to be more accepting of other people’s world-views despite our political and religious differences, and interestingly, I have grown to enjoy these differences as forces me to view the world from a different perspective.
will you go home anytime soon?
What is home? I don’t really consider anywhere home at this point in my life and I can’t see myself staying in one place for long for the foreseeable future.
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
I’ve learned that I don’t need much to be comfortable, for instance, if the airline loses my bag I can adapt to only having a few changes of clothes. When I’m at home, only having 2 changes of clothes seems horrible, but in the end, no one knows that I’ve been wearing the same outfit for a few days but me. I have learned to control my negative emotions and just go along for the ride. Regardless of how we feel, when the plane door shuts we are in it for the long haul and being in a bad mood doesn’t make it any faster.

Maybe the most important lesson I’ve learned is that doing something for the first time is scary. Packing up your entire life and leaving your friends and everything you’re familiar with in order to seek a new adventure is exciting and terrifying. The first time we plunge ourselves into the unknown is always the worst but in those moments we learn that we are strong and that the unknown helps us to find ourselves. The first big move is shocking, but it is also empowering and rewarding enough to make the subsequent moves feel like another decision and not some monumental feat.


Hi everyone,

my nomadlife literally started 2 hours ago. I graduated college two weeks ago and am now sitting in a long-distance bus toward Prague, where I will stay for a month. Afterward, I will go to Lisbon and then Chiang Mai. I wrote a curriculum for myself which I will follow for the upcoming months. When I am finished, I will reevaluate what I want to do then.
Until then I appreciate every advice from the more experienced nomads in this forum. I finance myself by doing freelance business consulting projects. Moreover, I am trying to bootstrap a small e-commerce site with some friends of mine.

If anyone will be in Prague soon, do not hesitate to write me a message.



Hi everyone. My name is Kevin, but I usually go by J-Kev, I’m a blogger and freelancer focusing on sustainable and adventure travel from Vermont, USA. I just launched 6 months ago, so things are very new and still building my blog as a loc. Indy business​. I’ve been traveling for the last 4 months in South America. I’m in La Paz, Bolivia and headed towards Peru…the “Gringo Trail” as they call it. Unfortunately I will be returning to the states in a little less than a month, as the $$ has run out and blogging is not yet affording complete location independence. I’ve learned a hell of a lot while traveling, but I think one important lesson I’m learning is the importance of having community of some kind while traveling, which is one of the reasons I joined this platform.

Ok, that’s enough about me. Looking forward to learning more from all of you!



Hi everybody,

Glad to be part of the digital nomad community!
My name is Razvan and I am from Romania. After I finished high-school there, I started a degree in Software Engineering in Edinburgh, UK. I graduated in January this year and now my full attention is on finding what I would like to do in this life. I always liked the idea to travel the world and find the best source of income to support my travels. I actually just started my first nomading trip a few days ago and I’m really excited to find out how this works for me.

Let’s get structured from here:

How long have you been away from home
5 years from Romania, 3 days from UK. (I guess home is where I am really)

What do you do
I am a Software Engineer by profession. I work in a start-up that builds surgical simulators and I write the software for it. I guess this fact doesn’t allow me to be a full-fledged nomad, but I find it better than constantly hunting for freelance jobs and doing stuff that you don’t necessarily like. Having this jobs gives me stability, a really good salary, and a software that I started in the first place.
On the side, I also started my own company and I’m almost done developing a platform for eliminating procrastination while helping the education system in poor regions in Africa. As a part of this, I started a vlog on youtube where I document my ‘nomading’ experience.

Where are you currently
I’m currently in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. If you are here, give me a shout :slight_smile:

Where are you going
Going back in the UK in 3 months to be together with my girlfriend while she’s studying. Then Thailand most likely.

What has been memorable for you so far
So due to the fact that I just started my experience, I will share something memorable that I realised just before starting the trip. I was planning to go in US at first because my girlfriend secured an internship there and I always wanted to go there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the visa approved due to the lack of history that I have. After the thick veil of dissapointment started to dissipate, I actually realised that I can just point at the map and I can go wherever I want other than US. And that’s what I did. This was my dream for a long time and it was just under my nose all this time.

I think I should better stop my rant here :smiley: Glad to be part of this community and feel free to ask me any other questions. If you’re in Playa at the moment, give me a message and we can meet up. I will start working at Nest co-working on Monday.



what’s your name?

where are you from?
I was born in Germany but never liked it. Already lived in Brazil in the 1990’s and knew I’d leave Germany again as soon as my kids were grown up (they’re 20 and 22 now)

how long have you been away from home?
I don’t have a home, I left Germany in October 2014. During the first 1.5 years, I spent most of my time in East Europe, then about a year in Portugal and in April 2017, I returned to my beloved South America with Peru being my first destination.

what do you do?
I teach German and have a blog for digital nomad language teachers which I would like to turn into a real community with useful resources, online workshops, workations etc. My second project is called “Yoga Workations” but so far, I’ve only registered the domain. However, the idea is to organise a mixture of daily yoga practice, workshops, coworking and coliving in various South American cities.

where are you currently?
While I’m writing this, I’m spending a week in Tallinn, Estonia.

where are you going?
Next week I’ll go back to Lima, Peru where I intend to stay for another 3 months before I move to another country, probably Argentina or Uruguay.

will you go home anytime soon?
As I mentioned above, there’s no place called home. I intend to stay in South America with Peru as my home base.

what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
New possibilities always come up. No need to be afraid. In general, people are friendly and helpful. I’m not too old to live the kind of life which makes me happy. Spending time with like-minded people, good friends and loved ones is more important than running from one tourist attraction to the next. Daily yoga practice helps me to keep fit and stay calm.


Introducing myself:
I was born, raised, and raised my kids in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Now, somewhat by accident, I am a confirmed nomad with almost seven years’ nomadic experience.
I’ve been an internet entrepreneur for 23 years and seem to be inseparable from my laptop. My LinkedIn profile will give you a better overview.
We currently operate over 20 websites specializing in Travel & Tourism, Wine, Books & Literature. Most of our activities have a public relations theme. These websites form a solid publishing platform for our friends and clients.
Our most active site at the moment is, our membership and press pass site for everyone in the travel industry.
In the past couple years, I’ve lived in Switzerland, Greece, France (twice), Spain (plus the Canaries), Estonia, Morocco, Croatia, Slovenia (currently). Not sure what’s next.
If you are like me, the longer you are on the road, the more confused you get about what’s important in life, but often confusion is a good thing. Relax and enjoy!


What’s your name?
Maanas Royy

Where are you from?
I am born in India and lived great part of my life in India. I have started working Freelancing for almost 10 years and graduated to a digital nomad in last 3 years.

How long have you been away from home?
I have been away from home for 3 months as of now.

What do you do?
I m freelancer software architect which take specific long term assignment and work with clients remotely as part of the team. My areas of expertise include: Linux, Security, PHP (Symfony), Python, ELK Stack. I m currently working on AI and Big Data Analysis using python. My special area of interest is visualisation using D3js

Where are you currently?
Hong Kong

Where are you going?
Well i m here for some time, I plan to go to iceland towards the end of year.

Will you go home anytime soon?
Short Visit Yes, Long may be after an year.

What have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
I m still a newbie.

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Hello Dear people of Nomad List!

It’s me again! Xenofon! I was born in Greece a bunch of years ago and I moved to the US for college - Beloit College in Wisconsin of all places…

Wisco’s Holly Trinity - Beer, Cheese and the Green Bay Packers!

Although I loved it there, after graduating with a dual degree in Economics and Politics I moved to NYC with 30 dollars in my pocket and started to hustle! Worked five jobs, barely paid rent, and had the time of my life.

During my three years in NYC I also enrolled to CUNY Baruch College for a web design and development certificate. While at Baruch I also started my startup, Aeroship, and I have been working on it ever since!

I have been in the US for about 7 years now, but I officially leave the US in September and I plan on traveling back and forth between the East Coast, Western Europe and Greece for the foreseeable future. I am on here to learn more about the Nomad Lifestyle and introduce my startup, Aeroship, to everyone!

Aeroship helps people travel abroad for free, so I think y’all will love it! Instead of people shipping their items through FedEx, etc, which I am sure all of you know by now is extremely expensive, they use travelers like you and me! Aeroship facilitates the process, securing both traveler and package, and rents a percentage of you underutilized luggage.

Literally, our target is to used a traveler’s checked-in luggage to help him travel for free. You can even still keep your carry-on!

I would love to hear what y’all think about this and I will be around this and other forums over the next few days. There is a bunch of things I want to see on this website, so I am super excited!


Hi, nomads!
I’m Lauren. I’m originally from the US, and I’ve been a nomad since May of 2013. I’m an empty nester (now 52, I was 48 when I sold everything and hit the road). I traded in my dance & yoga studio for a freelance writing career in order to travel. I don’t make a lot of money, but I love the freedom.

Last year I tried to go home. Got an apartment, bought furniture, the whole shebang, mostly because I got lonely on the road.

But home was lonely too — my experiences are now so different from a “normal person” that it’s hard to connect deeply — so now I’m on the road again. In Peru at the moment, heading to SE Asia in the fall. Happy to be on the trail again, and hoping I’ll be able to connect with other nomads here.

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what’s your name? LeLinda Bourgeois
where are you from? Anchorage Alaska
how long have you been away from home? I travel frequently but have to return to my home and career.
what do you do? I am a Mental Health Clinician with 25 years in behavior modification programing.
where are you currently? Anchorage Alaska
where are you going? NUTS! IF I don’t get to travel soon.
what has been memorable for you so far? all of my travels and talking to people around the world to learn their unique stories. Delivering babies in Africa. Seeing many diseases and the devastation that it causes to poor countries.
will you go home anytime soon? I hope not! I wish to travel most of the time. I must return occasionally to assist my mom who is getting up there in age. Hence the reason for wanting to remote work so that I can return to her as needed.
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? That i need and want more of it. I am a people person who thrives on getting into other cultures, places and things and figuring out their goings on.
[insert your own question here] How easy is it to connect with folks out there once I am on the road?


Hi DNs! I’m Brian, originally from the States but now am Aussie.

I work in the digital space as UX engineer.

I’m on a nomad research trip, see if this is something for me or not as it’s not for everyone. First stop, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam… I hear it’s GREAT!

This initial trip is just five days.



Hi everyone,
I’m originally from California. I’m a linguist by academic training, and also in the sense of someone who loves to travel the world and learn languages.
After a few years in the corporate world I quickly realized that I hated everything about it, especially sitting in endless soul-crushing meetings and working on other people’s stupid projects. So I became a freelance translator from Japanese into English. It was very difficult at first but I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now and have enjoyed good success, building up a solid business with stable clients who give me plenty of work. I love the freedom, autonomy, and location-independence of freelancing and would never give that up. Life is good.
This year: Taiwan, NYC, Korea, Okinawa. Next year: ?


Hello, my name is Mark. I am from the US. Northern California most of my life (past life).
I was a Firefighter/Paramedic who had to retire early (age 40) due to an injury. After I recovered from my injury and was healthy (somewhat) again I decided to start Traveling and I also started pursuing a second career as a Helicopter Pilot. The helicopter pilot thing did not work out. I ran out of funds after competing my private license and was unable to continue. The travel thing did work out and I have been having a blast traveling the world these last 5-6 years.
With the helicopter thing, I began working for a helicopter company in the summer months in the US chasing fires during fire season and traveling during the winter months.
A few years ago, I went homeless (on purposes) and do not have a home base. I have been traveling as a Travel Hacker. So, between my half retirement income, a chuck of money from my summer job combined with zero living expenses (they put me up for the summer) and travel hacking, life has been awesome and in that time, I’ve gone to about 60 countries. Mostly staying in 4-5 star hotels and flying 1st & bus class, yet I have spent some time in hostels, couchsurfing, AirBnBs, etc.
I am writing this from Buenos Aries on some days off from the job. I decided that this year will be my last year at the job. Next year I am taking the next step in this journey and go full-time, year-round. Because I will be giving up a large chuck of money and I will be adding 5 months of living expenses I will be starting an online venture so I can continue my lifestyle without compromise.
I will be starting in the heart of Digital Nomadisim and head out to Chiang Mai in January where I can at least live off my retirement as I start. Yet I like spending most of my time in Europe.
Always looking forward to meeting some of you on the road and swapping stories over $1 beers :grin: