Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?

Hello, all!

My name is Astrid Amalia.

I am from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am still at my place - away from my real home - in Jakarta, but I would love to be digital nomad one day. So I will let you guys and this group to teach me how. I will read and learn.

I now work as a freelance writer, blogger, yoga teacher, and craniosacral and reiki therapist.

That is all I can say right now.

I am a newbie here and still learning about this group, so if there is something wrong I do, please let me know and PM me.

I would like to thank Pieter Levels for bringing me to this group. I hope I can learn a lot from all of you.



Hi Adam - I’d love to meet up at some point as I’m currently in Chiang Mai as well! Although I’m not much of a beer drinker personally :wink:

Hi there lovely nomads, I am Eric ,
Born and raised in the Netherlands Spanish mom Dutch dad.
About a year ago I moved from the Netherlands to South Africa (johannesburg) for a job offer. Loved the move but then the company I was working for ran into some trouble with the visa and thus my path with them ended.
Since I still had some time left on my tourist visa I decided to stick around SA for a while and have fun with some friends. We went to Bali for a couple of weeks that’s where I realized I did not want to go back to the Netherlands…
After a bit of research I rand into the Digital Nomad lifestyle and became extremely interested.
I’ve dabbed in developing website, but my main job has been an application developer for and with the OutSystems low coding platform.
For now I am still in my research phase to see what is possible for me and how to achieve it all. During this research I rand into this forum and decided to join as it seems to be a great community and a great source of information.

Hi all! My name is Laura, a 50-something empty nester, and I’m about to embark on the digital nomad lifestyle! I’ve been wanting to work internationally for about five years and, next month, I’ll be leaving my life as I know it and start on my new adventure.

My original plan was to go to (Galway) Ireland and work for two years and extend if it was working out for me. My company wanted to make me an EMEA employee, get a work permit, but it has not panned out, so I will be remote. I’m from Austin, TX and will be bouncing around from London, Paris, Brussels, Spain and Portugal until January, then over to Ireland and UK for a bit.

I know I’ve already made some rookie mistakes in booking by travel and lodging in this first round, but lessons learned! This site has been a great resource for me and I’ve been able to get many questions answered.

Cheers - and look forward to meeting up with some of you down the road!

Intro -
I just realized I hadn’t gotten around to this so here goes -

My name is Julia and I’m from NYC. While many dream of living there, its where I’m from and I felt the high cost of living to be taking away from my goals of growing my business while also enjoying a decent quality of life so I packed up my life in a couple of bags 2 months ago to begin my nomadic journey.

I planned my move to Thailand for an entire year before I arrived. Spent a month on Koh Samui for some vacation and beach time to start and then came up to Chiang Mai where I’m now based until the spring to connect with the digital nomad community here.

My business is coaching 6 and 7 figure business owners in public speaking - essentially helping them craft and deliver killer talks for conferences and I’m also a speaker myself.

I plan to be in Thailand through the spring so I can have some consistency for my routines and then will probably be spending most of the following year around Southeast Asia. After that, perhaps a bit of Eastern Europe or a short visit home to New York before checking out Central and South America.

I don’t plan to go home anytime soon. While I do miss some of my close friends and family back home,
I keep in touch with them regularly and since I’ve met some other cool nomads out here and have been experiencing a way better quality of life since arriving in Thailand, I’m loving it right now.

My introduction to Chiang Mai wasn’t as pleasant but I survived a fever and more than a week of "thai tummy"
so now I think I’ve adjusted much better. :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new to the nomad lifestyle but as a Type A planner, I’ve done a lot of research on offshoring and realized how as an entrepreneur, life as an expat actually affords me quite a bit more than if I’d stayed living in the states.
Eventually, I’d like to get a residency and second passport elsewhere to give me more options but that’s in the longer term game plan.

Unlike some online entrepreneurs, I’m quite the extravert so do feel free to get in touch. Glad to be here.

Hi there. I’m Scott Roy, 36, and a Canadian Digital Marketer (primarily in PPC/Analysis/Data space). I consider myself a minimalist, a hunter gatherer of insights and I’m hunting some form of self actualisation. I’ve actually been wanting to write something like this as of late as there’s a lot on my mind, so why not write it here, right?

When I was younger, I went to school for marketing, but ended up doing sales for ages. Made really good money, but just felt so unfulfilled by it all. I’m a creative. I love to think and have big ideas, and sales just didn’t cut it. So, I quit my job and just started freelance marketing online. This was around 7 years ago. Around that time, the vision of travel and work started to form, but things were a little complicated as I was in a beautifully committed relationship with my partner and her son.

A few years later, freelancing gave me the opportunity to travel to Sydney, Australia. I was approached out of the blue on oDesk from someone asking me to lead their Digital Marketing team for a new startup in Sydney in the education sector. After realising it wasn’t some kind of Nigerian prince scam, I took the job, leaving the family behind for a few months while I got things sorted.

The job, and the boss, were both pretty horrible, but I got to learn a lot. We had marketing budgets of $400k/mo and I was lucky to have dealt with $4k budgets prior to this, so I really got to learn more on the job. I ran TV campaigns, radio campaigns, 0digital campaigns, led a team of marketers, and everything was going pretty well. The job was stressful as shit though. Think yelling and screaming in the office, think degradation, all sorts of stuff like that. It just wasn’t very pleasant, but you do what you have to do to get the residency and stuff like that, right?

I guess from the work stresses and stresses at home, it all was too much and the relationship of 10 years came to a sad close. It really was a beautiful relationship, but I’ve always wanted to work and travel, so as a single guy, I guess I had the opportunity. Work started setting up an office in the Philippines, so I set up shop there for, what was supposed to be 3 months, and completely destroyed myself. 2 months in, work called me back to Sydney. Crisis mode there as the government put the business to trial for unfair practices, which proved too much for the company; bankrupted it, shut down and millions of dollars in fines.

Left that job, started a new business in the same industry with a couple guys, and left that. Sydney just wasn’t home anymore. I wanted to freelance and Sydney is ridiculously expensive to freelance. Ended up getting with a marketing agency in Sydney where everyone is remote, so I decided to do that most of the time, and deal with my own clients at the same time.

Left Sydney to New Zealand, to Fiji to Hawaii and now I’m home in Canada until I take off for Vietnam, Thailand and India. That’s 2017. What does 2018 bring? Who knows.

I’m really not that interested in being a tourist wherever I go. I’m more interested in travelling and living places temporarily and really just getting the vibe of wherever I am. For example, Fiji was amazing. I hung out with local guys drinking and chatting about spirituality. Soaking in their vibe. It was happy, peaceful, amazing. Then juxtapose that with landing in Hawaii and the vibe was just all off.

Being back “home” has just been so off as well. I’ve opted to get a place away from everything for a month to just focus on work and nothing else, which has led to a bit of an isolationist feeling, though, knowing in under 30 days everything will change (yet again) keeps me going.

I’ve made mistakes on the way…I’ve learned that I need to settle somewhere for a month, and then go on. In New Zealand I changed spots every other day, and work was impossible to complete. I’ve learned that I like being in the middle of a city, not on the outskirts. I love walking and have everything within a nice distance. I’ve learned that I’m horrible with money. I’ve learned that this “life” isn’t what I want it to be, so I’m out here looking for something that I don’t really know what it is. Some lesson? Some insights that other people around the world can maybe provide?

No idea. Work in progress.

The more I sit back here at home, the more I realise that people’s priorities seem all messed up. That we’re all chasing this idea that isn’t really valid anymore. So, I think it’s up to me. To us. To figure out what everyone is missing and report back.

I feel incredibly privileged for the passport I have, and the abilities that I have to work remotely. We’re like the 1% of the planet that get to do this. I aim to not waste it. We’ll see how that goes I guess. Work in progress.

Hi I’m Ryan.

Been a lurker here for 3 years and am finally getting involved! This NomadList and all related sub-sites have been so helpful, thanks Pieter.

I grew up around Los Angeles, Cali, and never cared much for travel to other countries… until I actually did it. Now I can’t get enough. From early 2014 until now I’ve been experiencing new cultures and places, mostly in western Europe, SE asia, and the Hawaiian Islands (where my heart lays).

In my first year as a DN, I traveled around with an ex-girlfriend, mostly in the U.S; it was a heartfelt time. During my second year, I hopped around western Europe by myself, which was an enlightening albeit lonely experience. During my third year, I traveled with 2 of my best friends around SE Asia, which was one of the funnest times of my life. For the most of my 4th year, I’ve been hopping around Airbnbs in California, but it just doesn’t feel right. I’d like to get back out to Europe or SE Asia by Dec 2017.

To support my life, I started as a UX freelancer, mentored UX students, and eventually built a UX/CRO agency. I’ve built another successful company recently, a dropshipping business selling phone cases, with many failed eComm, productized services, and SaaS companies in between. Soon I want to start another eComm business related to dogs, which I’m more passionate about, as well as start building some kind of online community for eCommerce/CRO/entrepreneurship.

One of the things I feel I’ve missed most as a DN is a sense of community. I would like to change that this year, and get involved in as many DN and entrepreneur communities that I can.

The most important lessons I’ve learned is that action overcomes fear; and the more fears that I overcome, the more I feel free. Free to go anywhere, do anything, be anyone, and be around better people. I’ve also come to really appreciate relationships more than I ever had before.

So who wants to hang?

hi!my name is Marta and I am from a little town of Spain but now I’m living in Barcelona since 8 years ago. I work as a teacher and I would like to visit Prague during my next vacation, because one of my best memories was my erasmus year, in Poland. That year I traveled a lot and I met people from all over the world. I really miss that feeling. Barcelona it`s ok and it is also a very multicultural city, but you know what I mena, it is still my own country.

Hi there! My name is Robert Roper, and while I am currently not a digital nomad I do aspire to be one within the next few years. I am from Los Angeles but for now I live in Manhattan, KS as I complete my PhD in Economics at K-State. As the traditional career paths in my field are more geographically restrictive than I would prefer, I would love to transition into the digital nomad lifestyle. My goals are to begin freelance writing for money, with the possibility of moving into web development as I continue learning how to code. I am currently an intermediate-advanced R programmer and have recently begun learning in JavaScript, with a particular interest in producing interactive visualizations and maps.

By the time I graduate, I expect to be earning enough money to afford a reasonable standard of living outside of a traditional 9-5 in a lower-cost city. My destination interests include small to midsize cities in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and East/Southeast Asia, but I’m sure that these interests will continue to broaden and evolve. Beyond my own destinations, I have family all over the Western US and a sister and inlaws in Germany, so being able to afford travel over the long term is a high priority to me.

This is the first time I’ve really shared these goals with anyone, so I’m grateful to have this resource available to me. My dream of traveling the world while earning a reasonable living has been deferred long enough – with your examples and support I look forward to making it happen!

Hey Julia -
Started reading this and realized how similar my situation is. I grew up around NYC which has proven to be a poor place for passion if you want to pay your rent. I’m leaving for Thailand with my girlfriend in two weeks with the goal of launching a company before I go. We’d love to get in touch to pick your brain about your experiences and techniques so far. If you have some time, please PM me @njneer in the slack group

Hi guys !
My name is Fabrice, digital nomad since 2011.
I’m currently living in Colombia, one of my favorite country for sur.
I’m mainly a french travel blogger on Instinct Voyageur

If you have any questions about Colombia, let me know !


I am an Australian living in Liepaja Latvia at the moment. I have a guesthouse open to digital nomads looking for a great location off of the hypecycled cities. Great internet, great places to go out etc etc. All for just 150 euros a month. liepajahostel I have my own online business so am keen to meet nomads passing this way.

Hi community!

My name is David Pelayo and I’m from the south of Spain.
I’ve been away from home for a few years - now back to home again.
I’m engineer and entreprenur - also do IT consultancy.
Currently I live in a place nearby Barcelona and Tarragona, in Spain.
Going wherever live and opportunities push me - but would love to live in latinoamerica for a few years - and explore the whole of it.
Memorable? Founded two companies - both of them successful, from the economical point of view - not successful because they ended or were discontinued. But that’s life, isn’t it?

I went last year to explore a bit of Chile, Perú, Bolivia and Colombia. I started working remotely a couple of years ago, and I can assure you I would never work in an office again. Simply because of the flexibility and freedom you feel when you can go everywhere and work from any place.

My twitter account is @ ddpelayo.

Nice to say hello to all of you!

Hey hey! :smile:

I’m Mariana (Mari as short name), I’m from Brazil and I’m new here. I am little by little reading about you guys in this topic (which is very nice btw). How many interesting people! I found the group randomly - or not that randomly! in the web searching about websites related to nomad life to do a presentation in an university about the subject, as I’ve been discovering all these alternative ways of travelling and wanted to spread the message.

  • Right now I’m kinda home (mom’s house/father’s house/friend’s house in Brazil), cause I just got back from Europe (mainly Barcelona, where I lived the whole 2015) after deciding that I don’t really want to have a home, or a base. I’ve been in Spain and France for three months ‘‘worldpacking’’, in friend’s houses, working a lot and having lots of fun.
  • I am a graphic/visual artist. I do freelancer jobs as graphic designer, public relations, marketing little bit too. But the thing that I most like to do is ART. I am an illustrator, I lately started painting walls, and I also started tattooing this year. Poetry and music (singing) are also part of my art.
  • I’ve decided to live in France next year cause I fell in love with the country and language, so I found a family who is going to host me as an Aupair. Very difficult for a nomad lifestyle person, but a nice experience for sure. I’m preparing everything to go on march! After that I plan to start a journey in Asia.
  • Since I started to realize I don’t belong anyhere, a few years ago, and till now, I’ve been in this process of ‘‘letting go’’. Each experience is a different and more intense letting go. I’ve finally managed to admit ‘‘YES I AM A NOMAD PERSON’’ lately, which was such a relief for me. Trying to fit in in a life model in which you don’t feel like is difficult. I’ve learnt that the farthest you get from you original context, the more you discover about yourself. It is a true liberation.
  • Well, I’ve told a lot, I can tell here what I want to achieve with a nomad lifetyle: I want to find myself in all of my plurality, to reach every corner of my soul, to prove myself, to be thousands of different people, to allow myself to live different personalities, and to expand as much as I can. I am a nomad inside so that’s why now I’m a nomad outside.

I hope I can find a way of live that allows me to live it! Cheers and thank you for readind :smile:


Well Hi there :wave:

My name is Jeremi and I am from Poland. Together with my wife we are closing to our 60th day abroad. We are both IT professionals by trade (me being software engineer, Klaudia - tester). We are currently on our unpaid time off in our companies and working on our stuff.

Currently we are working on (I can’t put link in post :wink:) - our product which is what we call experience repository for software professionals, especially working with code. Product is live and we are starting to promote it slowly to gather initial feedback and opinions.

Right now we are in Vietnam, with trip to Laos planned, after that I guess Cambodia and Thailand.

See you around!

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Hi to all!
My name is Pablo from Rosario Argentina, 35 years old, actually working as a UI designer.
Planning my first steps as a digital nomad, I got full workplace\time freedom since 2016 and its time for me to experience this dream. I will take my first trip as an experiment, of course, I have a lot of fears and doubts but with confidence, everything will be fine!
I really can’t decide between Chiang Mai or Budapest, so any help is wellcome.

Hey All,

I’m new to Nomad List and want to take a sec and introduce myself:
what’s your name?
Yasin (pronounced yeseen)

where are you from?
I grew up Cleveland Ohio and have lived in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Louisville. For the past 2 years I have lived in the SF Bay area.

how long have you been away from home?
I will be traveling for a minimum of 3 months and hopefully longer.

what do you do?
I am a full stack developer.

where are you currently?
Currently in the East Bay

where are you going?
I’ll be visiting NYC, Portugal, Greece and Ukraine

what has been memorable for you so far?
I guess I’ll fill this out later but I expect the most memorable part of my upcoming trip to be the time I’ll spend in Lesbos volunteering with refugees.

will you go home anytime soon?
I’m going to go home at the beginning of May for a bit before leaving again.

what have you learned during your time as a nomad?
I guess I’ll let you know when I’ve had some time abroad :slight_smile:

Heyo! I’m Pat! I’m 22, currently in Bellevue, WA (US) and I’ve been in the working software industry for 4 years now (and I grew up as hobbiest), and I play cello on the side for fun. Up to this point I’ve been in the video games business working on games such as Minecraft, Forza Motorsport, and Crackdown. I also released my own indie game on the side for Google Play Store in that time. While I love working with 3D graphics & game-engines, more recently I’ve become increasingly web-focused after getting a little hands-on experience at my day job (doing business analytics) and seeing the potential in it.
I’m on Nomadlist because I’m disillusioned. I left college which is considered a big no-no where I live and it was the best and most fruitful decision I’ve ever made. It has left me wondering about what other things I take for granted! I really want to get out there and be my own person, see the world and stuff! That sounds a hell of a lot more fun than doing the 9-5 office thing for the rest of my career! I only need to look around my office to see where that path leads.
So, I’m going through with this! I’m planning to sell all my stuff and book a flight this August. Not sure where I’m going yet! I’ll need somewhere cheap until I’m more established on my own, and I’m also looking for remote job(s)! So if you have any tips on those things, I’ll be attentive!

Prague is such a great place to work from. So many great coffee shops. Inexpensive compared to most euro cities and it has that Bohemian and International eclectic thing going for it. Recommend Locus workspace in Vinohrady.

what’s your name?

where are you from?
Vancouver Island, BC Canada

how long have you been away from home?
I visited home in the summer, but I originally left in Oct 2016

what do you do?
Online ESL teacher… looking to branch out

where are you currently?
Chiang Mai

where are you going?
I haven’t decided yet… I will get away for a few months, maybe NZ? Nepal?

what has been memorable for you so far?
I’ve made some lasting and amazing friendships… and learned so much along to the way.

will you go home anytime soon?
I don’t expect another visit until Feb 2019

what have you learned during your time as a nomad?
That is seems super glorious but in reality, there are a lot of sacrifices along the way. It can be incredibly lonely, and it takes a particular amount of inner strength.