Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?

My name is Axel; I am French master student of 23 years old (almost done finally) from Paris and hopefully I was raised between the beautiful region Normandy and the island of Martinique.

Throughout my formation, experiences and travels around the world, I think I have developed enough skills to ensure digital marketing tasks. I am also a writer and begin to transcript my style in the blogging world in order to get more known in this area and more important in order to share my experience with the others.

It was difficult for me to find what and where I want to evolve in my career. Finally, I discovered that to be a digital marketer in the world of start up and with nomad style really fit with my profile, my state of mind and my desires. Since I am very young I have travelled throughout 25 countries. If you rely that with the fact that I am really out going and specialist in building relationship. To find a community of digital nomad houses is clearly logical. Furthermore, as a fresher in the field, I am so curious and avid to learn from other nomad; because for me this is the purpose of this community: bring people together in order to gathering skills and create more efficiency for everyone. I have to say that I am really proud and motivate to begin this adventure. For me, this way of working is the future because this is a break with classical structure of companies, furthermore create synergy is the ultimate goal. And nowadays, I think this is important to take part of project that gives a sense to our life, personal and professional

Thanks to my studies, I lived in several countries. One year in Lithuania, 6 months in Montreal and this is just a beginning. Furthermore like I said I am used to travel since I am very young. So we can say that I live more time away from home.

I am in France for the moment in order to have a little transition with my next travel and work experience.

The next project is to literally jump in this world by taking the opportunity to work with our famous @atu in Bangkok, Bali and surely other destination like Chiang mei.

One of my favorite travel memories will stay when I travelled from France to Lithuania by train. This experience allowed me to become aware of all the good things that anyone in the same state of mind can bring to you. And also how much travel is important for personal development.
There are so much good memories and important lessons that happen in a travel and nomad life. But the fact to build relationship based on cultural differences is stand out. All those relationship allow both part to evolve, improve him and get more experience. I am sure that those synergies created by the desire of learning new stuff allow everyone to level up.

How do you see your purpose and role in this nomad community?

I really want to take part of this incredible adventure. . I can estimate useful marketing tools, make market research, identify and retain users’ trough different channel. I got also skills in e-business, in cross cultural communication and a lot more. And this new experience will also allow me to learn a lot of useful things about growth hacking. I think with the creation of nomad houses that synergy will appear. I am available for those freelancers in the same house for helping them and learn from them. I am so excited for what will happen during those following month and to be a part of the digital Nomad Community.


G’day, I’m Kirk originally from Australia but have been travelling the world for 2 years now. I’m not really planning on going home for another 3+ years, but that’s a completely arbitrary number. I sponsor my travels by working as a web developer/designer for my Australian clients. I do have long term plans to release a few SAAS products but I haven’t had time to dedicate to them yet.

At the moment my friend (who I only met in America last year) has very graciously let me live at his place in France for a few months which is great! It gives me some time to rest my body (liver especially) and focus on the backlog of websites I need to complete.

I’ve been building websites for 14 years for agencies. I always said my job was awesome because I could work from anywhere in the world. After getting stuck working at a job that I hated, I decided I had nothing to lose so I sold everything I owned, bought a one way ticket, and was in Canada the next day.

Working as a nomad has been hard work but extremely fulfilling. You learn a lot about yourself because every day has something new to teach you.

Anyone that’s sitting on the fence and not sure if they should do it, needs to bite the bullet and go for it! If it doesn’t work out, you can always go home, but you’ll always regret it if you don’t give it a shot!


This is without a doubt the hardest thing I find about moving around so much. There’s so many things in the world to explore, but you gain (and lose) so many short-term connections along the way.

Hi, I’m Sandy, 29, from Southern California. I’m a front end web developer. I’ve been on the road for 4 months. I’m currently in Sydney, AU. I’ll be heading to Koh Lanta, Thailand in March. Memorable experiences are meeting great new people. So far my favorite place is Iceland which I hope to go back to. Not going home anytime soon.


I’m MrFreshIdea.

I am based in South Florida and travel alot. Have a random skill set. I speak english, a decent mandarin chinese. working on my spanish and trying to pick up some vietnamese.

Joined this board to explore new ideas about living in other countries and travel and more. Have been to about 28 countries so far and looking to visit more places and see where there is good living and good opportunities. Much the same reason that I think alot of us are on this forum. Feel free to send me a message on twitter.

If you have questions about living in Southern China I can probably answer many of them as I have spent alot of time in Guangdong China. Specifically Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Several years living there in fact. And have visited probably about 50 or more different places around China.

Now thats enough about me, I got alot of reading to do to read all of your introductions.

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Hey, hey, my name is Jon Myers and I’m an American, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I’ve been doing some form of the mobile entrepreneur thing for a long time.

I started nearly 22 years ago in Taipei, Taiwan, got the bug and have since logged about 30 countries under my belt, but I stopped counting a while ago.

I’m a UX/ UI designer with a small boutique, distributed design studio, which is basically me.

I tend to work with banks, insurance companies, biotech companies, governments, funded startups and companies in the $1 - $5 mil range.

I’ve also been playing the startup game for quite awhile, advise startups and started one, which became a company.

Currently, for my next venture, we are working on a competitor to this very software, and every other forum/ community software platform.

In my opinion, every single piece of software out there for forums (including Discourse) is designed, hashed, and so on, for what used to be - - the low bandwidth internet.

It’s total crap.

So, we decided to do something about it. That company is called Legion and we are small team hard at work on it. I’ll be headed to Singapore later this month to properly incorporate the company and hit the ground running, Q2.

Again, I’m based in Ho Chi Minh City, or also known by it’s old name, which we mostly call it - Saigon.

I love it here and have no plans of going anywhere else at the moment.

I’ll travel a lot this year, but my POV has changed/ evolved.

I’m using the homebase strategy and so far so good.

I have a proper homebase here in Saigon.

Most memorable thing for me? Wow, I don’t know where to start.

We’re lucky people to even be having these conversations.

Partying for days straight in Buenos Aires, lol. Awesome times.

I also spent some time Nepal. Loved it there. I was there for Holi and distinctly remember the very moment I was doused with water and that colored powder.

Surfing in Sri Lanka.

Collectively I try to remember and appreciate my travels as much as possible.

Nope, I will not go home anytime soon.

Vietnam is my home. For now.

As a nomad, what I have learned…

Haha, well, you all probably won’t like this:

That if you want to make big money that can sustain you in the future, you need a homebase - or at the very least, you need to incorporate slow travel into your strategy.

Do you agree?


I think I would have to agree about the home base strategy. I am currently based in Miami but am open to other places as well. Last time that I visited Vietnam I liked it quite a bit in Saigon. Would consider there definately. Welcome to the community.

Fully agree with you @jonmyers, that is the exact reason why I have chosen to live in Chiang Mai.

Though I don’t think traveling extensively stops you making big money, I do think that having the time to get into a routine and focus on projects long terms does have its benefits.

Signed up for your Legion launch, looking forward to it :wink:

This is big challenge. When you see friends going on trips but then coming home to keep working, only to save and then go again. It’s a different mindset and from where i’m sitting it involves some sacrifice in the beginning so you can have that freedom and constant travel in the future.

I’m in a similar situation to you Paul, feel very much at the beginning of this Nomad journey. Would love to hear how you get on in the future as you make the transition!

Hey, my name’s Vincent Nguyen.

The very beginning of my journey started as the Marketing Apprentice, and eventually Marketing Director, for Empire Flippers, ran by a great couple of guys who have been living and building businesses in SEAsia for half a decade. I was a 19-year old college student with three internships at the time, which I all dropped immediately and moved to the Philippines to work closely with EF and their team.

I spent a year in the Philippines and a month in Thailand (mostly Chiang Mai.)

Palawan, Philippines was easily the most beautiful place I’ve been to during my travels. Celebrated my birthday with a week-long getaway there. Highly recommend taking the 7-hour drive from Puerto Princessa to El Nido if you find yourself in Palawan.

I’m in Arizona at the moment–back in the states for 2 months now–but will definitely be back in Asia soon.

Lucky enough, I got the job thanks to my experiences with marketing my own personal development website and by reaching out to several people like Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel for help.

Really grateful for everything that’s happened so far and if I could do it over again, I would in a heartbeat. The majority of my family, with the exception of one uncle and my dad, doesn’t understand what I’m doing. They’re very traditional and college-focused so they think if I don’t get a degree I’ll wind up starved on the streets begging for money. They have no idea how far from the truth that is.

And so… Almost everyone in my family thinks I’m attending college again soon. Told them I’m taking online classes (I’ve already tried the truth several times,) so I’ll probably have to stage my own graduation in two years. It’s going to be very awkward when I tell them I’m going to SEAsia again, but I guess I can get away with “Online courses allow me to turn in coursework anywhere and any time!”

As for what I’m up to now: I started a business that manages Facebook ads and split-testing to drive leads for clients with established email marketing funnels.

Instead of charging an arbitrary “maintenance fee”, my business is paid based off performance using a revenue-share model. This incentivizes us to keep cost per acquisition down and to maximize the mileage on your ad budget. Win-win because we get paid more and you receive more high-targeted leads.

That about covers me!


My name is James and I am from the UK.

I have been away for 10 years, 8 of which I have been a DN. Everything from Application Development to Website Management

I am the co-founder of KoHUB in Koh Lanta Thailand.

My most memorable times have been living on the Galapagos Islands as a dIving Instructor and Sailing around SE Asia on my own 36’ sailing boat. I also worked remotely using 3G on anchor when I could for about 2 years on the boat.

I have learnt great time management skills, problem solving and in general how to be positive about the world we live in and open to the people i meet. I have relished meeting so many fascinating people on the road and am loving the challenge of running a Hub for DN’s in a place I have called my base for the last 6 years. Koh Lanta.


what’s your name?

Beau Woods (@beauwoods) - I also go by Meandering Woods (@meanderingwoods)

where are you from?

I grew up and spent most of my life in and around Atlanta. But “home” never bound me like most of the others I knew. I always wanted to be somewhere else, meet other cultures, and stretch my experience.

how long have you been away from home?

In April 2012 I sold (nearly) everything to travel the world. It was the culmination of a 5-year plan that, after having lived away for more than two years, I realize I should have done much sooner.

what do you do?

After a couple of years doing cyber security consulting for a month, then taking 2-3 months off, I’ve found myself running a fairly successful consulting company with others working for me. I chose the name almost at random because I never thought it would be more than just me, but Stratigos Security is now an actual business. I kind of can’t believe it.

where are you currently?

Istanbul, for about six weeks. I’ll probably stay around Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa region for a few more months after that.

where are you going?

Into the future, whatever that holds.

what has been memorable for you so far?

Shattering my assumptions about people and places. But realizing that this just establishes new assumptions that I also have to be careful of.

will you go home anytime soon?

Home is a state of mind. I am home.

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Hola :slight_smile: My name is Michelle (people call me Michi). I am from a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is a home to me, currently living in Isabela. You are all welcome here!

Soon will be embarking on a trip to Colombia and Peru. Afterwards visiting three to four cities in Europe.

I quit my job as a digital person for an advertising agency to seek lifestyle independence. Really happy to make this decision, and hoping to put my thoughts together soon to venture into the start up world and start my own business online.

I am a helping hand to anyone that needs it. Nice to meet you all!



My name is Andrew Shaker. I am from Southern California, USA. I’ve been away for 1.5 years since October, 2013. I first received a job at a mobile advertising company in Odessa, Ukraine (surprisingly, a little start up hub on the Black Sea). I left that job after only 6 months, as I’ve always been self-employed in mobile marketing. I guess I don’t do well with jobs and in fact, the job in Odessa was my first real job ever. It was a bit of a bore. A few months after I left the job, I moved to Minsk, Belarus where I am now. I’m so cliche, I met a girl. And also, to learn Russian. I was upset with myself that I didn’t learn in Odessa. Russian is a very useful language.

I still do mobile marketing (mobile apps, not weight loss garbage) with my time but my main priority is growth - both personal and business productivity-wise. My new project right now is to begin an online virtual sports book for a few select Euro markets - while studying Russian at the Minsk State Linguistic University. Three hours, every morning. I enjoy it immensely. And I enjoy my Soviet mannered teacher, yelling at me to do my homework even at the ripe age of 30! But main project which I manage my language learning app, “[Babel Yak][1]”. I have a passion for languages. :slight_smile:

I think in a few months I will leave Minsk. Then I’ll be between Alanya, Turkey and Odessa, Ukraine. I invested in a home (in Alanya) but it’ll be more a launch pad and storage facility which I hope to rent to friendly Swedish tourists :smile:

I have no intentions of moving home anytime soon. I simply enjoy it here too much. Although I’m in Belarus, I will generalize it with Russia. Russian culture/people are simply misunderstood in the west. I’ve learned a lot form living here. First of which is: learning to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. (Of course, Russians will tell you their lifestyle is not healthy). Not to offend but, America’s health habits are way off and simply wrong. Drive to work, work too hard, spend too much money, eat bad food because you’re so busy, go to the gym to burn off the unhealthy food. For many in America I see this cycle not only unhealthy, but with no end result or product. Like, what’s it all about? Working hard to spend more money to be more stressed and the worst, unhealthy? I’m ranting - of course all of America isn’t like this. But it’s prevalent enough to the point where, I am not interested to live there. I have a difficult time connecting with people of that mentality.

But yes, I don’t intend to go home soon. I like this eastern Slavic way of life :).

And what I’ve learned as a Nomad: I’ve learned to embrace and accept everyone. Those who disapprove or judge others whom they’ve never met, are probably a bit angry. And IMO, lack wisdom. It’s wrong. And to expand on that idea - that’s why I don’t watch the news. I’d rather form my own opinions than someone tell me on a 30 second news spot. But that’s why we’re here, right?! We’re nomads, and want to see things for ourselves!

Did that sound to “into myself”? I hope not. I look forward to getting to know people on this blog! Alanya, Minsk, Odessa = let’s hang out if you’re around!

To A Great 2015,


Hello, Everyone!
My name is Judy and I’m a search marketing strategist. I currently live in Carlsbad, CA and looking to be more nomadic in the near future.
Hope to meet you all!


Hi, my name is Anastasia Demina, I am 24 y.o. and from Moscow, Russia. Nice to meet you all=)

I am actually not a nomad, but I am connected to global startup community and have friends all over the world - from the US & Jordan to S.Korea & Malaysia - and all of them either own startups, are a part of local entrepreneurship support ecosystem or work as researchers at universities.That is because I am an active part of entrepreneurship support ecosystem too - I’ve started in 2008 by working for one of the first business incubators in Moscow, and now I have my own company called Future Biotech. We help young biologists, chemists and doctors to become more competitive on global level and promote biotech entrepreneurship and bio data science in Russia.

I like travelling and sharing ideas and tips with people from other countries. Last year I went to San Francisco and met with a few guys there whom I knew only on Facebook before. One turned out to be wine company Marketing Director in Napa, one was a sales specialist in a well-known tech corp, and one guy owned a talent management startup. They gave me a 360-degree view on Cali business landscape, which was awesome. I also met a local guy who used to sell matrasses, and he pitched me this business industry in a very fun way. All these people showed me the city and made the trip truly remarkable, so now when I travel (2-3-4 times per year), I try to connect to locals and experience places with them. I also show Moscow to those who visit Russia, of course. Right now I am an expert in gastropubs and Russian wines, for example=).

So, I’d like to connect to those who work in innovation ecosystems (especially in developing countries) or in biotech. In turn I can tell a lot about startups in Russia and what to see and experience in Moscow.


Hi Guys

My name is Peter Kaleta i’m from Poland and for the couple next months i’m going through Indonesia (Bangkok at the moment). I develop web apps and take care of user experience with other guys from . I’m pretty new to the Nomad thing (i’ve started traveling around 4 months ago).



Hello World!

My name is Matt Lock and I’m from San Francisco.
I’ve been on this crazy journey throughout the world for a little over a year. In that time, I’ve lived Chile, Turkey and Myanmar.

Before starting my travels, I met a group of people at a social innovation conference in 2013 which lead to a serendipitous conversation about how we could all travel the world as a innovation consultancy. In 2014, we put our powers together to form The GO Project, where we traveled to 3 different countries working on numerous innovation projects, from startups to government.

As of today, I’m consulting with couple startups around the world, mainly helping with strategy, growth hacking and UI/UX design, but I’m spending most of my time in Yangon and Southeast Asia – since I’m interested in the world of Asian startups.

I’m not sure where the next destinations will be after this, but I like it like that. :smile:

I can’t really pinpoint a specific wow moment because last year was a whirlwind, but the time I spent in Bodrum was lovely. I was on a boat for a week on the Mediterranean amazed at the life I was living. Also, I spent New Years in Kho Tao, Thailand with my team and that was amongst the most memorable experiences of my life.

I’m not sure if life will ever go back to the “normal” way I it use to be, but I’m totally ok for that. As of now, I’m figuring how I can keep this lifestyle going for as long as I can.

Has anyone started anything cool on their excursions? Would love to see all the things my nomad crew is working on.


What’s your name?
Hi fellow nomads,
My name is Charles Buchler I’m 24 born & grown up in Luxembourg

Where are you from?
I’m currently living between Berlin and Luxembourg and commute on an irregular basis between the both cities

How long have you been away from home?
I haven’t been away from home yet (I consider both cities my home) but I would like to try later this year

What do you do?

Like most of you, I too create websites, custom web applications and my own products.

I’m currently working on @getfasta a simple todo/project management app (beta coming in soon). I’m working for a small customer on the side and revamping a few of my own sites. I’ve decided that the year of 2015 should be less talking and more deploying.

where are you currently?
I’m currently in Luxembourg (drinking a hot chocolate)

where are you going?
For the first year, I’d like to be a nomad in Europe mostly… but I would be okay with Thailand or Singapore as well as New York…

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Currently at home.

Web Designer and Developer. I work for a studio and also have a personal freelance practice where I design for my own clients as well as a small team that does work for fitness professionals ( I also run a clothing company aimed at people who adopt the Paleo Diet (


Anywhere I can surf and do Jiu Jitsu

What articles, blog posts or ideas do people feel are essential for increasing and driving traffic to their muse business? Being a Designer / Developer I feel i’ve got the creation side down on the digital front - but lack the skills to generate and drive traffic to grow a business past that initial phase.

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