Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?

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Hi, my name is Kimberly and I was borne in the wrong country but claim Canada as my home. Ok, ok, I was borne in the US but have lived in Canada for over a decade.

I have been out of the US for almost 14 years.

I am a marketing/business consultant and writer.

I am in Cyprus for the next two months and then going back to Europe (Italy and Spain) for summer and for more research on my writing project. Then in October I will go to my winter base of Panama.

Oh there are so many, too many memorable moments…seeing a dolphin right outside my home in Bocas, taking a boat to the grocery store each time, crossing a border on foot across a bridge of armed guards by myself for the first time, seeing firsthand the birthplace of my writing’s subject, and many, many more!

I have learned a lot of the world and people - that basically, we are all the same with the same wants, needs, desires, passions, worries and more. I have also learned mostly about myself; and those learning are priceless!

Home for me is now wherever there is good wifi- this adventure I am on, I worked a long time to get to this place to be able to do it; and am soaking it up until the dust that settles is my own.

“Life is too short NOT to; so yes, Nike, ‘just do it!’”

what’s your name? Paul
where are you from? Southampton
what do you do? Amazon seller
where are you currently? Southampton
where are you going? Hong Kong, France
what has been memorable for you so far? Getting lost in China
will you go home anytime soon? I am home right now

I am from Pune, India. Soon i am planning to become a Nomad mostly by the end of this year.

I am a 26 year-old professional, entrepreneur, social worker, youth activist and student.

Currently i am working as a Senior Analyst at the Bank of New York Mellon. I am also a World Economic Forum Extended Shaper and a Global Youth Ambassador at Theirworld.

I Founded Mitti Ke Rang (MKR) in 2013 to address gender equality and widows empowerment, to provide them resources and support.
I lost my father when i was 3 years old. As i grew older, i saw the challenges widow’s and their children experience.
So,I have envision a world where all the Single Women & Widows are accepted by their family and in a society where they will be free to (re)build their own Life.

Moreover I founded the Social Network Startup “Connecting 196 Countries”, a forum that seeks to connect young change-makers in the world to bring ideas and share best practices which will foster development in their communities.

Solo Travelling ( Backpacker) – I enjoy travelling as a Backpacker as it gives me a different and open minded view of the world. I traveled 25 States in India, and 2 others countries : Malaysia, and Nepal.
Personally, traveling give me the opportunity to learn better about me, my limits and how to adapt myself in all the situation.

Professionally, it give me the chance to meet, urge and interact with changemakers to work for the NGO I founded.

hi all!

nice to meet! i’m raigo from Tallinn, Estonia!

i’m a freelance digital-brand designer, going by the name kreit .co and quite new-comer to nomad life (2018). haven’t been around so much, but i guess i’ve stayed-in-visited the most Berlin – here today as well – making it currently (march '18) most memorable city!

this years plan is to end up in Chiang-Mai (Thailand) and Bali (Indonesia), because of the weather and the local nomad-freelance communities – though next months visiting Gran Canary and Madeira islands / safe no visa trips to get a taste of the weather & some community :slight_smile:

have some ideas staying, setting base in Asia generally, but Japan has been attractive also – if eventually end up back in Europe, most likely base myself in Berlin (as i see it today, march '18) / though Estonia is also very beautiful, open and has strong (growing) community!

cannot share any wise tips, as just working everything out for myself as well, but would love to hear Yours experiences, learnings, tips to share, etc – feel free to get in touch to discuss about these topics, as well productivity, self-growth, health-fitness!

till next time,

i have a feeling nobody reads these but i’m going to do it anyways.

what’s your name? Angela
where are you from? mostly the SF Bay Area
how long have you been away from home? i’m a part-time nomad. so i’m based in NYC right now and travel 3-6 months out of the year.
what do you do? marketing for Tortuga (travel backpacks) and I’m a freelance dancer & choreographer
where are you currently? London
where are you going? back to NYC. but then San Diego in June, Berlin, Amsterdam, maybe Croatia. Maybe some island where it’s not winter before that. then in the fall I’m thinking Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia to finish the year off.

feel free to add me on Instagram @ hella_gela – apparently new users can’t put links in posts. sorry.

what’s your name?

  • Most people know me as Bo. :slight_smile:

where are you from?

  • Netherlands.

how long have you been away from home?

  • Officially June 2016

what do you do?

  • I am a freelance Senior Dutch Editor for a company based in Amsterdam. I look at theses all week, making sure students graduate with an awesome document consisting of brilliant grammar, spelling, structure, clarity et cetera (in Dutch, that is. Forgive me for linguistic flaws in English…). Part of my job is also assessing new editors, quality control services, complaint management.

where are you currently?

  • Melbourne, Australia.

where are you going?

  • If only I knew :slight_smile:

what has been memorable for you so far?

  • Life itself continues to amaze me.

will you go home anytime soon?

  • What is home, again?

what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?

  • To travel outwards is only valuable if simultaneously there’s an inner journey.

Hello Adam, good to meet and you and thanks for sharing your story.

To answer your question, the most difficult thing would be adapting to a routine that’s compatible with the culture of my new location. Moving from place to place takes time to adapt, with at least six months to be conversational in the new language.

Enjoy your travels. Indeed life is short, cherish the moment, the memories and the belief of a wonderful life full of it’s ups and down. Play the game. :slight_smile:

what’s your name?
Peter Suwara

where are you from?
I was born in Poland and have spent most of my life in Australia. Glad I didn’t stay in that little bubble and decided to travel the world.

how long have you been away from home?
Home is where your heart is. Such a true statement, make your place home wherever you are. The sun will always set and rise where every you are. Earth is my home.

what do you do?
Games Development
Web Dev with ASP

where are you currently?
St Petersburg Russia

where are you going?
Peru, San Pedro and Ayahuasca are on the list. Australia visit to see my family again.

what has been memorable for you so far?
There have been many, most involve near death experiences hiking through dangerous places. Usually ending with a delicious meal and Hennessy X.O.

will you go home anytime soon?
I am home. :blush:

what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
There are many stories to share with people. Experience life to tell your own. :smile:

[insert your own question here]

Hey peeps!

I’m Pete Argent and I teach coding in Sydney, Australia at my company Digital Intelligence Institute.

I’m about to embark on a European tour to run free workshops and coding courses.

The plan is to run some free workshops in London, Amsterdam and Berlin in May on our way to setting up camp in Valencia, Spain for a few months over the summer (June - August). We’ll be running one and three week coding courses to help people improve their earning capacity as digital nomads.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, please get in touch. Happy to meet some fellow nomads on our travels.


Hi, I’m Marcel. A tall Dutch guy currently in Sydney. I’m a Nomad since december 2017 and won’t be back ‘home’ until at least January 2019.

Last year I sold two of my companies (UX-design agency and a Co-working space) to pursue new energy, break away from the ordinary and travel again. I’m still co-founder of the travel scale-up That’s been a crazy ride, but for now I’ve made myself unnecessary there :slight_smile:

I’m currently building (as non-coder), a tool to discover and share ambitions with your best business friends. I learned a lot from the ‘traditional startup way’, but this time I want to go for the IndieHacker/Bootstrap approach. That suits me so much better, which I’ve learned after pursuing the old funding path (again) for the last 6 months…. Always happy to make mistakes and learn from them :slight_smile:

I’ve travelled al my live and been to heaps of places and countries. But never before as a Digital Nomad, so this is a new and exciting experience for me.

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Here are my new comers answers:

what’s your name: Serge Garant
where are you from: Quebec province, Canada
how long have you been away from home: Leaving everything end of May, 2018
what do you do: I leave Information Technology contracting to Nomad FX trader
where are you currently: Ontario, Canada
where are you going: Bali for three months. Will visit local Indonesia embassy for 3 months visa and ask if any way to leave Indonesia to return for one more month before relocating

I am looking forward to a change and to need less money to live well where living is more affordable than, for me now, in Canada.

Heading to Singapore end of April, a week, with one night in Bali. Just to see and feel what it is and what it will be. My plan is to find and try very cheap hotels. Once I have found one okay for me I’ll ask a rate for a month or two. I’ll try to get a room cheaper than foreigner top price. I will see how that will go.

Tax alone will be a fun challenge, I can anticipate that. I will have cut all major ties and most minor once. Live and learn.
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Hi, I’m Alan, an American living in Brazil for almost ten years now. I’m planning to do more traveling and looking for interesting places to visit and hoping to make some new friends. I’m an IT project manager and developer of mobile apps.



I’m an Online Marketing Freelancer and Business Consultant from Austria, currently working remotely in Thailand. After studying in Vienna and working at an E-Commerce Agency in Berlin for some years, I’m now ready to discover the world and connect with you.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


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what’s your name? Peter
where are you from? Portland OR - grew up in New York City
how long have you been away from home? 2 years
what do you do? I am an advertising agency consultant and a photographer
where are you currently? San Miguel de Allende Mexico
where are you going? To shoot the September Full Moon party like this: lagente .mx
what has been memorable for you so far? The people
will you go home anytime soon? No more USA
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad? You can do anything you want as long as you have your shit together

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Hello people,

My name is Reinis and I am from Riga, Latvia. I have spent more than 6 years away from “home” by living in Vienna, Bergen and Prague.

I have recently moved back to Latvia, but since I can relate to various challenges people might face while being away from home-country, I am helping small businesses, start - ups and individual entrepreneurs to start their business in Baltic region with focus on remote management and administrative support 100% remotely.
I am going to Tallinn, Estonia, Poland, Austria and Italy in summer (classic Euro trip :)).
The most memorable so far has been different cultures just across “imaginary” lines on the map and how they translate in to completely different laws and regulations.
My favourite city in the world is Vienna and I am planning to spend some time there this summer as well.

Have a nice day!


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I am Cyril Gupta. I am 37 years old, from New Delhi, India. I run a software products company and we make software for Internet marketers. We are doing fine.

I decided to make my organization 100% work from home and start traveling. Making Dubai my company’s base and going to travel around the world as much as I can.

Right now mostly around South Asia. I can be found in Thailand a lot. I just love that country.

Be happy to meet fellow Nomads and share.

what’s your name?
My name is D. Brian Burghart
where are you from?
I’ve spent most of my life in Reno, Nevada
how long have you been away from home?
I left home on May 6, 2018
what do you do?
I’m a researcher/project specialist at the University of Southern California and the executive director of Fatal Encounters Dot Org
where are you currently?
Rawlins, Wyoming
where are you going?
Deadhorse, Alaska, then Ushuaia, Argentina. I’m traveling across the United States, then back across Canada to work out the bugs in my 1987 Chevy Astro Tiger.
what has been memorable for you so far?
Discovering the cultural personality of Salt Lake City was something else
will you go home anytime soon?
I think I’ll be back in Reno in September
what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
I’ve learned to doubt the claims made by any technological product.

Hi everyone!!
My name is Ernesto, I am from Barcelona (Spain) I have been leaving in Nice (France) and Taipei (Taiwan).
Coming back home was not easy and after 5 years, I have decided to quite my job as a Mobile Project Manager in Bank and start making some Android dev on remote.
Since I got my working holidays visa to Canada I am going to Vancouver next month :slight_smile:
My plan is to travel around British Columbia and visit the US while working remotely, in the future depending on what I learn I might stay or coming back to Barcelona…who knows…
I wish I can start my own company ( i already did, but i failed) and start building a really independent life style :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
See you in Vancouver!

Hi all!

Joined this week, I guess I better introduce myself…

what’s your name?

where are you from?
Essex, England (or as everyone from Essex says whilst travelling, ‘Just outside of London’)

how long have you been away from home?
9 and a half years, first decade quickly approaching!

what do you do?
This has changed a lot during my travels. For the first 4 years I was a Game Master for World of Warcraft (very geeky), which allowed me to live in Paris and then Ireland due ot their office locations.

After catching the travel bug there, I was made redundant and used the money to move to Gibraltar. Terrible mistake.

Then, I knew I had to find work that allowed me to travel so I started working as a manager in Travel for TUI (the worlds largest travel company - Europe based). I was responsible for managing staff, service and sales in destination so would typically live in a country for 6 to 12 months before being sent straight to the next place. This role allowed me to live in Mallorca (twice), Egypt (twice - all major resorts), Costa Rica, Thailand (with Vietnam working visits), Croatia, Finland, Cyprus… and I’m sure I’m missing somewhere.

where are you currently?
A few months ago I quit that job to become a freelancing nomad. Currently in Kyrgyzstan as it’s an incredibly low cost of living tax laws are favourable; I’ve been laying low here whilst settling in to my freelance contracts so that I know the money will roll in reliably before I hit the road.

where are you going?
In 6 weeks I will move to Budapest and then have a bit of ‘east meets west’ Europe route mapped out until January. In January I hope to head to India and stay there for 9 months to a year, then move down through South East Asia, arriving in Thailand before Songkran 2020. That’s the loose plan but… we know how plans go.

what has been memorable for you so far?
Oh my god. Hanging over the edge of a volcano in Nicaragua? Playing pingpong with the ladyboys of Phuket (haha)? Over 100 dives and becoming a DiveMaster whilst in Egypt, or hot air-ballooning over the Valley of the Kings? Too many memories to list.

will you go home anytime soon?
How is where the heart is; and my heart is on the move.

what have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
People are ultimately far more alike than you think.

  • What’s your name?
    Tom Allen

  • Where are you from?
    Sydney, Australia

  • How long have you been away from home?
    A month, but this is just the start

  • What do you do?
    What don’t I do? I am a Systems Engineer some days, a Full Stack Developer the others and when I find the time I am a teacher of programming in schools. Willing to learn heaps more :slight_smile: particularly bleeding edge stuff like Tensorflow (my latest hobby)

  • Where are you currently?
    Nearly on a plane to Madrid

  • Where are you going?
    Madrid, duh. Also Morocco :wink:

  • What has been memorable for you so far?
    It’s a weird one… I went to a private school, rich and thick like cream. Wanted to be Jordan Belfort. Since I’ve travelled and experienced the third world I’ve been humbled. The West thinks “they” are in need, wrong “we” are in need. Money can’t buy happiness. Tyler Durden represent… now I just do Jordan Belfort things on the weekend

  • Will you go home anytime soon?
    Hopefully not, I want the world to be my home

  • What have you learnt during your time as a nomad?
    What matters in life, things about other cultures and ways of living

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