Is anybody a Digital Nomad in the UK and not a resident?

The situation is that my BF is a UK citizen and I am not. We are traveling around SEA and planning to stop in the UK for 6 months to rekindle funds. Granted, the UK is not the cheapest place to rekindle funds, however, he can work and get a good job there.

I have already done my working visa in the UK so I can’t legally work there again. I’m a graphic designer and web designer and have decided that I will try and get freelance work to support myself whilst I’m over there.

My question is more related to tax and visas. I am an Australia citizen so I can get a 3 month tourist visa. I’m just a little worried about how strict they are over there on visas and questioning finance etc

I spent 5 months in the UK as a tourist, working online in my own business. During that time I took three short trips outside the country. Every time, immigration asked me

  • what I was doing there (tourism)

  • how I was supporting myself (I said savings, and I had the bank statements to prove it. One guy did ask “how much do you have saved?”)

  • when I was leaving (I had a printout of my outgoing flight)

They were polite but thorough, and they let me in each time. During the final entry I got grilled a little more (do you have a job waiting for you in your country of residence when you leave the UK? - I said yes - among other questions) but still passed.

they are pretty strict. don’t mention you are working - at all. that will pretty much put you immediately back on a plane out of the country. also don’t mention that your boyfriend is there. again, back out of the country.

Slightly off topic, but I thought Australians could get up to 6 months on a tourist visa?

I spent 4 months in the UK as a tourist. I don’t need a visa on stays up to 6 months and I didnt have any issues but i never dared to travel outside the UK (only to wales and scotland) in order to avoid problems at the UK border when coming back (they are very strict plus i’m from south america). Just say you are visiting for tourism or friends and that’s it. NEVER say that you are going to meet your lover there. I know a case of an argentine girl that was deported because she said she was visiting her boyfriend. Enjoy!

They are super strict. I happened to have an official that tried to intimidate me by asking a lot of questions about my work and later saying I had already stayed too long in Europe. I calmly said I understood I only had 3 months in Schengen Countries and 6 in the UK. He said “No, you only have 3 months in all of Europe, so you only have one month in the UK and then you have to go back home”. I knew he was lying, I know all about Schengen and UK tourist visas. I just nodded and agreed, because even if for some reason rules had changed since the night before, I was only planning to stay for a month. He then stamped my passport and scribbled “6 months”.
So like everyone else said, don’t say you’re working or have a boyfriend and say you have savings, and if you get difficult person just be calm because you’re not doing anything wrong :wink:

Hey, just googled this thread and thanks for the sharing above! Pump up as I’m going to do similar things like this, so I would like to hear more experiences from the community. Thanks.