Is anyone here an "investor" nomad?


Thanks! Do you know if any make property investments whilst on the road? I would imagine it’s a bit of a minefield legally and you’re always a “dumb” foreigner.

I’m also interesting in micro finance, i.e. if locals or nomads have a good idea, which they are passionate about, then maybe help with the financing albeit with an ownership stake. Suspect there are plenty of opportunities in growing countries.


Another nomad investor here, but my investments are mostly passive, with a few rental properties and index funds, in addition to my main business.
I’m always tempted to invest in some properties wherever I travel, but one thing I learned is you have to really know and understand the area if you want to get good returns from a real estate investment. I think it’s only worth investing in areas where you live, or at least spend most of the time, return often.


Agreed. I did buy some properties in Philippines. Took a while to find right people / locations / buildings. Might try to scale it up with other investors at some point but don’t feel comfortable yet until it proves itself over time. The country is growing quickly so it’s an interesting bet.

Away from that gradually building a bond portfolio with investment grade and “high” non-investment grade bonds (and some pref shares too). Mostly long dated. Interest rate cycle / credit cycle at their peaks so not being particularly aggressive.