Is anyone looking for a short term rental in the Seattle area?

The house my wife and I are leaving on Vashon Island (a 20 minute ferry ride from Seattle) is available for a 3 month lease starting at the end of February. It’s a pretty great place just up the hill from a beautiful Puget Sound beach and lighthouse. Here’s the ad:

Here are better photos with our actual furniture in it:

We are happy to arrange to leave some furniture for a short term renter, too.

We would even be willing to privately subsidize part of the rent – we’re trying to get out of a lease for the last 3 months.

Hi there fellow Seattleite! I’m actually doing the same, but no luck so far. I’m probably giving up my space:

$1900 for 500 sq ft?

You might try to AirBnb it instead.

Capitol Hill ain’t cheap anymore, that’s for sure.

Many people freak out over the price but don’t take the following into consideration:

  1. The base price is already expensive. This place is within walking distance from Amazon, hence the cost.
  2. It includes utilities and internet, a value of $110.
  3. It includes 9.5% taxes that must be paid on rental properties.
  4. It’s furnished with expensive Scandinavian design items.
  5. This is a short-term rental and cannot be compared to prices of long-term contracts.

You would be surprised how tight my markup is. It’s almost not worth it.

I had seen your place on Zillow. Interesting/odd house. My father has a place just down the road on Gold Beach.

Cool! What’s his name? It’s a small island – we may have met him!

Hi all! I’m currently looking for a short term stay (~4 months). I’m a photographer and designer taking a 10 week course in General Assembly. It would be me, my wife and my baby boy (8 months old).

Would REALLY appreciate any tips or help :smile:.