Is Fukuoka, Japan a good city for nomads?

Dear Nomads,

Fukuoka is increasingly mentioned as an affordable location to live in Japan and as a more easygoing alternative to bustling Tokyo. It’s just across the pond to South-Korea (3 hours by boat), has a well connected airport and has recently been chosen by Monocle as one of the most liveable cities (nr 12).

I would love to welcome Fukuoka on the Nomadlist, so let’s gather some intel here. What was your experience with the city? How much did you pay for rent, food and other? How to go about getting short-stay appartments? Please share!

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I’m headed to Tokyo in two weeks. And then later to Osaka. Interested to try out Fukuoka. Thanks for the tip and keep me posted!

I’ve just got back from Fukuoka and it’s so much better than Tokyo. The food is way better, it’s generally much cheaper, the weather is hotter and it also has an amazing beach. The only real big expense is accommodation (probably around 80-100 GBP per night for even the smallest property) - probably because everyone wants to go there, especially at the weekend. There are also a huge amount of chinese/korean tourists which are increasing rent costs. On a budget it might make sense to stay outside the main city.The transport links are pretty good and you can use a bicycle as well. It’s nice to have a beer next to the river, there are loads of food stalls lined up at night all the way down the river. You won’t find any bad food in Fukuoka - I promise. You might have more problems here with the language than in Tokyo (there are not so many people who speak English).

We ate out in an izakaya and had enough beers and food for 3 people. This cost us 26 GBP in total - which I thought was an amazing price. If only it cost this much in London (where I’m from), people might be able to go out together and enjoy themselves!

A real first for me this time was having Crab Sashimi. You have to eat it straight away because it cooks/degrades in normal room temperature. Oishi!

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