Is it better as a non-US citizen to incorporate my company in the US or Hong Kong?

factoring in cost as well

Hi I don’t know much about it (my company is in Costa Rica)

I am not from the U.S and since I see you aren’t either my recommendation is to not put any money there or be attached legally there to anything, there is no reason and is the most bureaucratic country in the world from my experience and their laws don’t make sense most of the time to people that are outside of there (example if you are american and own a passport from a diff nationality too , you have to pay taxes on both countries lol, so I know someone that is supposed to pay 80% taxes on income…)

I would recommend Hong Kong or Cost Rica, here only pay here 10% annual tax and you can play it in many different legal ways so at the end you don’t pay much if at all and all the paperwork and laws are easy and straight forward lean/simple.

What’s the reasoning behind the choice of either jurisdiction? Are you doing a lot of business in either locale?