Is it fairly common and/or safe for a young single woman to rent a villa in Ubud, Bali?

Would this be considered relatively safe or is it advisable a single woman stick to some other accommodation?

Yes. i lived in Ubud alone for fifteen months

Bali is generally safe. Renting villas in Bali is common for expats and nomads. I saw a lot of single female digital nomads in Bali and nobody complained it wasn’t safe for them. When I was there, I went home very late everyday (midnight) from a coworking space alone, drove through dark quiet areas, rice fields… but was always safe.

Not sure what you mean by a “villa” but if you stick to the more populated area of Ubud and don’t let your purse dangle off your shoulder, you’ll be fine. (I did hear of a woman getting her purse snatched during a motorbike drive-by, but I’m not sure why anyone walking alone would let their purse dangle.) I think the best way to find housing in Ubud is to just show up at the bus/ shuttle stop. You’ll immediately get offers for all kinds of rooms, usually in family/ tourist compounds (that all look like temples!), which makes for an interesting experience.