Is it worth buying a Travelsafe or similar?

I’ve never really worried too much about securing my stuff before when I’ve been travelling but then I’ve never really worked at the same time. For this trip, I’ve started thinking about security. Even if my laptop is covered by insurance and I’ve got everything backed up, it’s still going to be a PITA if it got stolen.

I’ll be staying in Airbnbs and similar for most of the time and really, you don’t know who has a key to those place. Plus I will probably want to leave my stuff in the apartment for a couple of days if I do some side trips.

Is it worth buying and lugging around something like the Pacsafe Travelsafe or is that overkill? It’s more the idea of carting around something that I may not use than the cost.

Depends a lot on where you’re going to… Personally I’ve been travelling around in Africa, South America and Asia with my laptop and I only got it stolen once, that was out of the car at a gas station in Argentina, not a hotel or Airbnb. Generally I still think it’s better to not worry too much and just apply common sense, and it really depends a lot on where you are going, for example I would be much less worried about Eastern Asia than about South America:)


I’ve been on the road for 8 years now and the PackSafe Travelsafe has been everywhere with me. It packs flat doesn’t add much weight. I may not use it all the time but as soon as I think ‘should I look my stuff up here’ it comes into action and just gives you that little bit extra piece of mind and stops the opportunist thieves.

It’s not a huge ‘safe’ but it does allow enough room for Passports hard drives camera’s and cash. I keep everything backed up to GDrive and a USB HDD in the safe I know that if nothing else I can grab a cheap netbook and be back online in a few hours, I call this Fireproof!

Tip: Get a combination lock for it so you don’t have to worry about losing the key.

Thanks. The USB is a great idea. I think more than the monetary value if things get stolen, it’s the loss of time having to recover everything especially with less than ideal wifi.

Another vote of support for carrying a pacsafe. I’ve carried one for the last 6 months and the piece of mind alone is worth it. Many places with safes that I’ve stayed in haven’t bothered to bolt them down, leave basic override codes in place (1234) or have seemingly no policy on who keeps the keys.

The pacsafe is at least enough of a deterrent to prevent opportunists, which represent many theives

I carried one for about 8 months before ditching it because I never used it but it probably depends where you are staying.

Depends a lot, where you are staying.

If you are not into shared accommodation, just forget about the Travelsafe. Real thiefs, who break into your room won’t be stopped by it.

If you are staying in shared accommodation it’s really great against casual stealing. I’ve been using mine for more than 2 years. The laptop medium sized one fits a laptop and a DSLR camera and still has space left over.