Is Kathmandu in Nepal a good place for digital nomads?

I am thinking to go to Nepal and grow my online business there. I could not find Kathmandu in the nomad list so I hoped someone here could tell about his/her experience in this city or Nepal in general. Pros/cons?

Not if you need a fast and reliable internet connection.

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It depends on the type of nomad you are and if you can deal with unstable and slow internet. It’s not recommended, your networking opportunities are low however if none of that is an issue, the cost of living would be great for bootstrapping a business. In most cases I’d recommend Chiang Mail if you want a cheap place with decent internet and ability to network.

I’ve met a lot of travelers who have been but none of them would recommend the region for online work.

Hi, I’ve been there. I wouldn’t recommend working there, but I can ask a friend (local) there if there are any opportunities at all. Nepal is known for a lot of power outage and there were times when I was having a VOIP call with my friend and then it took another 5 hours for her to get back to me.

It’s awesome for traveling, exploring and discovering this beautiful culture.

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Dude, I wouldn’t say the biggest problem would be reliable internet. But if you can get over that hurdle (say with a powerful unlimited data plan you can tether with), then Kathmandu would be awesome! It’s a very laid back place where creative energy flows. There’s just a vibe there that is so pleasant, and lots of travelers lounging around in the cool coffee shops. Also, you’re a hop skip away from the Himalayas, India and Buddha’s birthplace. Would be a rad place to get a business going.

Hope that helps. Also would love to know more about your online business. What you getting into?!

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Besides the internet issue, the daily 8 hour “load shedding” can be a problem.

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Has anyone been to any of the co-working spaces, like Platform, in Kathmandu? I am considering doing a month in Nepal, working during the week and exploring the country on weekends. Power outages and wonky internet don’t sound very appealing though :slightly_smiling:

I was in Kathmandu 18 days in Jan/Feb 2016 but didn’t use co-working spaces. Stayed 8 days, then the ABC trek out of Pohkara and then back for 10 days in KTM. I found an airbnb in Chandel for $10/day with a proper backup generator and 5MB up and down and stayed there both times while in KTM. The internet worked about 95% of the time with two -4hr periods that it went down as part of a wider network outage. After a few months in India it actually was the best work environment I’d had in a while. The internet in cafe’s in Thamel is very mixed, and not dependable.

DM me on slack (@thewinevagabond) if you want details of the airbnb i stayed in, they were lovely people and the apartment was really nice with 2 bedrooms, hot water (super rare in nepal) and a kitchen.


As much as I absolutely adore Kathmandu, I would say steer clear as a digital nomad. The wifi is finicky at best (with scheduled power outages all over the city every single day).

But, it’s one of the richest, most interesting cities I’ve visited.

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Hey !

I just stayed in Kathmandu for 8-9 days to work. I am now in Pokhara, Nepal. You can definitely work from Kathmandu and Nepal.

Platform in Katmandu is a good co-working space if you want to work during the day. Its open 10AM to 17PM. Wifi is good (25 mbps according to owner). Wi-fi from hotel are really basic and not so good. So when you want to work during the evening, use 3G from your phone. Also if you stay in a hotel in Thamel you will barely notice the power cuts as they all have generators.

But the air quality in Katmandu is really really bad. That for me was the real shock. Pokhara so far is much better.

I am on my last day of a four week stint in Kathmandu. I think Nepal is a great place to visit for many reasons (a new culture, outdoor activities, spirituality, etc) but to get work done it’s far from ideal. There are much better places for that. I wrote up my thoughts on Kathmandu as a place for nomads here: