Is November a good time to visit Greece?

Any recommendations on cities/islands in Greece for the month of November? Looking for a place that is not cold, with good food, good internet, nice outdoors, and not in complete isolation.

I was just in Mykonos this past week. It’s offseason, but it’ll have decent to great weather, great seafood, and amazing views. I’d recommend renting an ATV for getting around if you go! I got mine for $20/day.

My airbnb and every coffee shop around me had trash internet. The Shisha Bar and attached restaurant had incredible internet though… I ended up doing a bunch of file transfers and video calls there.

Awesome, thanks for the response? Did you get the feeling that restaurants and businesses shut down as the off season progresses? ATV sounds like a sweet mode of transportation! Any part of the island you’d recommend?

Nahh, everything was definitely open. It’s still a fun time. Just not the party island that it’s known to be. I stayed in Ornos, which was really quiet but also super close to the main jaunt. I loved it. I also really liked Elia beach. Sadly I didn’t get to do to much exploring as I was working at the time, but still, the island itself is beautiful.

Greece will be cold in November (yes, even in the islands). Most islands will be dead and many shops, restaurants, etc will be closed for the winter season. It’s already getting quite chilly here at night in Athens at the moment. I can’t imagine being here in November.

Hey! I’m currently living in Rhodes and I’m going to be here over the winter. For me it’s a good option as I used to work on a really tiny island off here and I have friends in the area, one of whom managed to secure me a newly refurbished 2-bed house with outdoor space in Rhodes Town, all bills included for €380. Wifi is 6, but I have streamed TV and made video calls without any problems. Yes, it’s getting cooler in the evenings, but I have heating should I need it. But there are still really sunny days - Rhodes famously boasts over 300 days of sunshine per year. And while a lot of the tourist stuff closes down, people still live here and a lot of people from the smaller islands move back here over the winter, so there’s plenty going on - you just need to look a little harder. Having said that, I’m not a party person, so not everybody might agree :wink:

300 days of sunshine sounds prettttty nice! And wow, that sounds like a great housing deal. Do you feel as though business and restaurants will close down soon? Or is there a pretty big local presence

I’ve been here just over a month and have only had to slip a cardie on my arms a couple of times. It’s definitely getting a little cooler at night, but I lot of people I know on the islands say they actually prefer November - it’s still warm and sunny most days, but the majority of tourists have left so they can enjoy the islands without the crowds (I avoided going into Rhodes Old Town during the busy days when cruise ships come in - it’s hell!).

I’ve been chatting to taverna owners to get an idea of what will be open over the winter. Some close at the end of October until April, others end of November until Feb, and some are open all year around. There are a lot of people living here and they still want to do stuff over the winter. It’s won’t be as busy as now but you’ll still have a choice of places to eat out and bars, etc. A lot of the tourist shops and restaurants in the Old Town will close, but the new town will be mostly open, I think.