Is the NomadCost on NomadList representative of just 1 person?

Hey NF,

Is the NomadCost on NomadList representative for a single person traveling or can it be used to estimate the cost for two people in the region/city? Thanks!

Hey Jake! That’s one person but you can probably multiply it by 1.5x to get two people (since you can share accomodation)

Awesome thanks for sharing! I’ll use the 1.5x multiplier for planning purposes.

Hey ! Can I ask what the NomadCost represents exactly? Is it an estimate of food and accommodation?

NomadCost is based on staying short-term (up to 3 months) in a place, sleeping in (cheap) hotels/hostels (in private rooms) in the center of the city and eating outside 3 times a day.