Is there 3G in Kathmandu?

Anyone knows what internet options you have in Kathmandu?

I need to work a couple of hours when Im in Kathmandu, So I need to have reliable internet connection.

Is there any 3G options? I have an unlocked mobile Wi-Fi router

Hey @Alejandrow

So there are two main telecom providers in Kathmandu (in terms of reach). Ncell and NTC, my experience with NTC has been below average but Ncell used to be fairly reliable. Last year I could do Skype video calls. Although, when I was last in Kathmandu in September I felt Ncell wasn’t as fast (locals tell me that they have lowered the prices and mass adoption has lowered speeds). Saying that you are still better off with Ncell. If you do buy it, make sure to get one of the 3G packages this will certainly make it more affordable.

There are quiet a few cafés you can visit in Kathmandu too. Many spread across Thamel or Jhamsikhel (Jhamel). Although, my favourite cafe to work out is Lakuri Cafe (opposite Russian Embassy) or Imago Dei Cafe Gallery.

All the best mate!