Is there 4G in Boracay, Philippines?

There was a lot of talk about 4G coming to Boracay a few years ago, but I don’t hear much about Internet speeds there these days. I get the impression that real-world connection speeds are super slow? If I’m willing to pay for it can I get a fast+reliable connection?

Are speed tests like this one an urban legend?

never been there but check these:

Thanks @mike2381. Didn’t know about OpenSignal, was using Net Index before.

Has anybody been on the ground there recently? It’s been 3 or 4 years since I was last there.

Smart and Globe has LTE coverage in Boracay. They advertise unlimited which isn’t really unlimited according to fair usage policy. There is a monthly data cap depends on the plan/prepaid subscription. It’s hard to win against ISP’s here :neutral_face: That said, check there are specific threads about Smart / Globe LTE

Internet speed in the Philippines is generally quite low as they oversubscribe their capacity. Boracay is beautiful, but at least last year the internet was pretty crappy (wifi and mobile)

I have to agree with @MatthiasEZeitler on this one. Internet speed in the Philippines is quite slow and prices are way more expensive than other countries. There is no such thing as “unlimited internet” too, so don’t be fooled with all the advertisements. :smile:

Thanks everybody for your comments and suggestions!

There’s 4G, but it’s highly unreliable.
It’s usually overloaded at the evenings and connection problems are common.

That said, most of the time it’s still better than local WiFi.
That’s fresh test of my connection:

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Ooof, rough. I’ll be there next Friday, getting spoiled on the internet speeds here in Singapore

Boracay is not intended or equipped in any way for serious work. I barely hold there for a month. By the way, 4G is working mostly around so called Station 2 area. Stay in Station 1 or at the far southern end of Station 3 or on the eastern part of the island and chances are you wouldn’t get 4G.

“3G” here close to meaning “non-existing connection” - so if you don’t get 4G at any particular spot, you wouldn’t get any internet there at all.

Electricity shortages are also common - a few per week.

It’s a lovely island with nice beach sand, crystal turquoise water and fresh air, though. Just don’t assume that you would have stable (or fast) connection there.

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Avermat, how did you get on with your internet in Boracay? Heading there is January and if we can find internet we will stay for work so fingers crossed that it is working.

Haven’t been back there yet. Let me know what you find when you head there in January!

FFS people, get a grip, it’s not like there’s no internet connectivity. I lived there for a year a couple of years ago, and lack of internet was never an issue. It’s not fast, but it’s there.