Is there a US bank for easily creating new business checking accounts remotely?

Hi I tried US Bank this morning in person in San Diego and I just registered my LLC in Wyoming. They DENIED me unless I can prove my LLC does business in CA (and I have to register with the state)… I told them that doesn’t apply to online businesses but they said sorry that’s our policy… The person who opened US Bank… How did you do it? Wells Fargo asks for address verification in both the RESIDENTIAL AND BUSINESS like a lease, tax statement, utility bill… Obviously annoying.
I’m trying with Small Business Bank which is a purely online bank and services all states. My understanding is the bank of your choice has to have a presence in Wyoming… Is that wrong?

Hey guys, I’m a little bit late to the “party” but I recently opened a “borderless business account” with Transferwise. They are a fintech startup but extremely legit and regulated by UK, European and US authorities. They are 100% compliant. In 10 days they send you a debit card linked to the account.
The coolness factor is that on the same account you can basically open two accounts (if you want) one personal and one business, where you fill your tax details and the likes.
You can receive and send money in any currencies and upload money from whatever source and leave it on the account.
They have real accounts in any major continent, so it’s like a cloud server, they basically sublet their account to you but with your own unique Iban and all normal details. So if you need to receive wires or stuff, you have different bank accounts for each area.
Example: I have bank details at a bank in the US (a real bank) for the North America area, Deutsche Bank account for the European area, a Barclays account for the UK, etc. It’s like Amazon seller accounts. And in fact I easily linked those to each account.
On top of that, you change currencies at the best rate on the market (this is their core offer), without being robbed by hidden fees and pumped change rates of the traditional banks. Go check it out.

I use Seed for my LLC. I see a bunch of mentions for Simple upthread (which I also use, but they’re personal accounts only) - it’s worth noting that Seed was founded by a few Simple alumni.

I’ve had a great experience with them, and IIRC it hasn’t cost me much of anything to have the account for a year or so now.

Similar story here. One West Bank denied me a business account in CA because they are required to “visually inspect the site” of the business, and my business is registered outside of CA. I like kyshoc’s idea of using, I think I’ll try that next time.