Is there an option to add spoken languages?

Not sure if this has been addressed anywhere, but if we could specify which languages we speak, the nomad score for various non-English speaking destinations will change, making it more personalized per user.

For example, every city in China has a low “English-speaking” score, which brings it down to a lower overall score than it (may) deserve because of this, despite possibly being an overall great destination for remote/nomadic work etc.

You may be thinking: that would defeat the purpose of the “nomad community” and having English as a global language, but I don’t think it would detract from the community as a whole, but rather extend it and make it more inclusive.

Looking forward to any thoughts on this!

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If you scroll to the very bottom of the filters you can list the languages to filter countries by. So if you speak Portuguese and Russian, you can filter by countries that speak those two languages.

Not sure if that’s exactly what you’re looking for but I think it’s the closest answer possible.


Nomad List doesn’t use English Speaking as a very strong influence to rank/score, so don’t worry. China isn’t low ranked because of English, it’s low ranked due to its unusable internet. Unless you visit Chinese websites (which will be superfast), it’s literally 1-2mbps to any site outside China. Your VPN will disconnect every 15 minutes and sometimes be shutdown for weeks.

The top nomad places are Thailand and Bali, their English isn’t great but they rank on top.

I am considering a personalized scoring system btw!


That makes a lot of sense @levelsio. I’ve used Shadowsocks as a VPN and it works quite well; fast and reliable.

Looking forward to personalized scoring and glad to contribute any suggestions/data at that time if needed.

Thanks for your amazing work.

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