Is there any good and safe coworking space with fast internet in Costa Rica?

Everything is in the title.

I’m working on a big project so I will need fast internet (>15 mbps).
If it’s close to the beach, it would be even better.

Thanks !!

Check this one out in Santa Teresa/Playa Hermosa

It’s run by a German guy and it has the most amazing views and great internet connection!


Thank you!

I already checked that place (which seems awesome btw) but I didn’t find a cheap place to live nearby.
So I’m still searching :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ve just opened a coworking space in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca :slight_smile:
Have a look here:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hello @apwn ! I’m just seeing this thread. How is the skimboarding and surfing in Puerto Viejo de Telemanca? I’m looking for a beach town to relocate to and a coworking space is a big draw.

I just saw your message.
I’m not a surfer but Puerto Viejo is a surf destination!
You can surf at Playa Cocles or Playa Grande :slight_smile:

Hello! @apwn Thanks for the reply. We have decided to spend 2 months in Puerto Viejo and I’ll very likely need the coworking space. We’re staying on Playa Cocles between June 15 and August 15.

That’s great!
Send us a message on the website or FB or simply come by whenever you want while you’re in PV :slight_smile: