Issues with not being a tax resident anywhere?

Anyone with knowledge regarding complications of not being a tax resident anywhere in the world? I’m aware that primary health care, bank account opening and incorperation can be problematic but are there other practical or legal factors I should be aware of?

And what about paying myself salary from a self-owned OECD company? I would like to know if I risk potentieal issues with the tax authorities in the jurisdiction of the company, especially regarding withholding tax.

Appreciate your input!


I don’t think you can legally not be a tax resident anywhere. You may be exempted by taxation depending on your residency status and citizenship you hold. If you’re an American citizen, you will need to pay tax regardless if you live in the USA or not, at least when it comes to federal taxes.

When it comes to companies, that entirely depends on where you incorporated your company and whether or not you’re in CRS compliant country. I’d suggest reading up on this topic (if you’re a non-US-citizen):
Common Reporting Standard (can’t post a link but you’ll find it on Wikipedia)

Good luck!

It seems you can, though. My country of citizenship doesn’t require tax reporting if not living there and having declared so. No alternate tax residence documentation required.

Done a fair bit of research and haven’t found a definitive answer. Considering finding tax residency somewhere just to not raise any red flags anyway.