I've got where 8 days to get from Tallinn to London - where should I visit?

I’m heading to Tallinn next month to pick up my e-residency. I’ve built some time into my schedule, giving me 8 days or so to get from Tallinn to London for a meeting.

Looking for ideas on what route to take / places to visit or if there any good DN locations on-route.

One of my current ideas is to travel to Stockholm and take the train down to Copenhagen and then potentially the train down to Hamburg before train/fly to London.

But I’m open to suggestions and happy to fly or train it.

Thanks in advance…

You could take the ferry to Helsinki, then the train to Turku, another ferry to Stockholm. Then fly from there or from Copenhagen. None of these are great DN destinations (Scandinavia is too expensive) but are all faily interesting to see, and this might be the cheapest route with multiple stops if you want to see more of Scandinavia. Flying from Tallinn to London is not easy or cheap, so good idea to look at other options. One other route I might suggest is Tallinn to Riga via bus (I did this – it’s easy and cheap), and fly from there. Spend some time in Riga – it’s awesome!


I dont now what you like to do when you traveling but here iss my suggestian (similar to yours)

I should say two days in Stockholm (I like the Södermalm area) and than take the train to Gothenburg. The cheapest traincompany is MTR Express. Free Wifi, comfortable seets och almost new trains. Prize around 40 Euros.

2 days in Gothenburg who is the second biggest city in Sweden (population around 500 000). I really like the area Haga, where you can find nice vegetarian restaurants (Solrosen), second hand shops (Myrornas) and retro cafés (Soulstore).

2 days in Copenhagen. Take the train (Öresundståg or SJ) or take the cheapest alternative Bus (Flixbus or Nettbuss) for around 15-20 Euro. In Copenhagen i really love the Copenhagen Streetfood and Christiania is a very strange but unique place to visit.

2 days in Hamburg / Amsterdam

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