June 2017: Prague or Budapest?

Hi guys!

I’m currently in Vietnam, then heading back to Portland, Oregon for a couple months.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Europe, and I’ve never been to Eastern Europe.

For those who have spent time in both Prague and Budapest, is there a city you prefer over the other? I realize they’re relatively close, and I can always take weekend trips to the city that I don’t choose to stay in.

Thinking I will be there for at least a month. Will be working, but I’ll also take some time off. Prefer walkability. Decent internet.

Any input or opinions on this would be great! Thanks.

Me and a friend are headed to Budapest for June and July. I’ve never been to Prague before, but I think it’s considerably more touristy than Budapest. Budapest has more recently become somewhat of a hub for DNs in Europe, and I think there would be more chance of finding a good community there than Prague. Also, I’m English and the English are pretty well hated in Prague I believe for our terrible behaviour on stag/hen weekends that often take place there!

There’s a DN guide to Budapest available on Kindle which I’ve read and would recommend.

With whatever you choose - I would recommend booking accommodation sooner rather than later as everything will get booked up very fast in summer. We just booked our apartment for 2 months in Budapest as everyday I was looking I was finding less and less available, and with some increasing dramatically with the summer demand.

We booked out accommodation in Budapest via Airbnb, worked out about 700 euros a month for a 2 bed apartment in the city centre. Supposedly Airbnb is your best bet because landlords tend not to like short lets in Budapest and often want 2 months rent as security deposit.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I want to say Prague because I want to keep Budapest all for myself, but that would be doing you a huge disservice. GO TO BUDAPEST. Prague sucks a big one now, overcrowded, overpriced, not that nice. Go for a weekend to do the tourist stuff. Budapest is THE PLACE you need to be.

Thank you! I think I will stay in Budapest and book a weekend in Prague :slight_smile:

I’ve been to both. Budapest has a young college party atmosphere if you are looking for it and is more off the beaten path, but that won’t be true for much longer. I was absolutely taken away by the architecture of Prague, the public parks and beer gardens, and the sights. I really want to go back to Prague, much more so than Budapest.

My wife prefers prague even though it’s super touristy. It’s small and easy to walk everywhere. Feels safe and magical. Budapest has amazing architecture but it’s more spread out, feels like a much bigger city, need to take buses or taxis around. Pricewise they’re about the same if you avoid the tourist stuff. I’d probably also vote for Prague, there’s some great old coffeeshops for working, a bigger digital nomad scene. Though the others have a point - summer is the worst time for tourists, so prague might get a little unbearable.