Ko Lanta or Ko Phangan - which island is better for a digital nomad?

I’m currently in Penang, Malaysia and I was thinking to head to Thailand next. What are the best islands in Thailand to get some work done? I was considering either Ko Lanta or Ko Phangan because those both islands have coworking spaces. I might need to take some client calls, also video. Is the wifi good enough? Are there any other differences between the islands?

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Ah same question here! I know that koh phangan has for sure good WiFi, but I would like to see ko lanta this time.
I’m arriving in Thailand on the 7th what about you?

Both islands are nice. They are less mainstream compared to Phuket, Samui etc. but still have pretty good infrastructure. Probably the optimal combination to get things done :slight_smile:

Ko Lanta is smaller than Phangan.
Wi-Fi should be good on both (depending on venue), and you can use mobile internet from telecom provider (such as Ais, True etc.)

PS: Usually March-April are the hottest months in this region.

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My trip to Thailand was quite short this time. I decided to go to Koh Lanta and worked at Kohub…it was great! Highly recommend that coworking space.

Ko lanta is alot of tourists

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on both islands and like they both for different reasons.

But Koh Lanta wins currently for digital nomads, we had the Nomad Summit island retreat there after the conference this year.

I went to Koh Lanta last year and it had great wifi even in remote areas. I stayed at the Ozone resort and the internet was stable at around 20mbps for download speed. Also went to Kohub but I really didn’t like it as the place wasn’t clean to me (the toilets were clogged but perhaps they have fixed them now).
One of the big downside on this island to me is the road, there are gaps everywhere and sometimes people drive like crazy, I think the road destruction is due to the 2004 tsunami.

Apart from that the island is awesome, I really liked it there and if you’re the kind of person who’s looking for a peaceful island and great people you’ll enjoy it (nightlife is also very present on the island).