Links on the forum do not work - 50% of the time or even more :(

This is just a meta-question to be able to meaningfully reply to Pieter’s answer in my topic.

Anyways, I noticed this error since the beginning, I thought it’s time to report it, since I’m unable to click on Piter’s supposed link: most nomads make less than $500/month in my above linked topic. If it meant to be a link at all, the HTML source of the page doesn’t show anything there. But I noticed the same thing across the forum on other links as well. In all my browsers.

This thread is just for housekeeping only, hence will be deleted, I guess, so. on a half-related note, I want to ask: What’s the underlying forum engine used? Maybe completely custom? Who wrote it? Just interested. (Looks nice, just bugs?) Thank you!

Thread closed and locked. Reason: not within guidelines, not a question.

Bug issue being investigated. Unable to locate other examples, possible issue related to markup formatting.

The forum software is Discourse

In future, the Feedback option on the bottom left of most nomadlist sites can be used to report bugs.

Hey ride! Fixed that link now. I think links don’t work if you don’t include https:// in it. Not seeing any data 50% of links don’t work here.