Lisbon vs Barcelona for mid- to long-term stay: any advice?

you could have said that before ^^°

Ive lived in both and prefer Lisbon

The people are really friendly and it’s pretty damn cheap considering!

Living in Lisbon made me a more relaxed person and out of all the places i’ve been had the biggest impact on me.

Highly recommended, also you have the whole west coast of Portugal to explore and surf!

Hope this helps any other questions just hit me up :slightly_smiling:

I haven’t lived in Barcelona (but I’m planning to visit soon), so I cannot really comment there. But Lisbon is still my favorite city anywhere, even after exploring/living in large parts of Europe, SE Asia, the US (both west and east), and Latin America.

It’s laid back, fun, cheap, has great internet, great weather most of the year, it looks stunning, locals are very friendly, it’s close to the ocean, great food, and so on.

Overall just a great mix of quality of life, low costs, and a safe, well-functioning society.

I’ve lived for 4 years in Barcelona and have been many times after that, also spent some time in Lisbon, as I’m half Portuguese. A lot has been said about Barcelona and Lisbon so I’m only here to +1 Lisbon. Had you asked the question say, 6 years ago, my answer would have been Barcelona.

Lisbon has, imho:

  • better food
  • nicer people
  • is equally as beautiful (but in a different way)
  • is cheaper
  • has a more exciting startup scene
  • equally as many beautiful places to visit outside of the city (also different)
  • less annoying tourists
  • Equally as fun night life
  • Better level of English
  • Lisbon is better at mixing the new with the old
  • Equally as many options to work from
  • Weather equally as great but perhaps slightly lower temperature in the evenings in Lisbon

For me, Lisbon is the place to be in Europe at the moment. Good luck and enjoy!

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About 10 years ago, I was living in Algarve and was in the supermarket shopping with a Dutch vegetarian friend. I asked if they had any meat substitutes. The answer was “You mean fish?”. I bet it can get pretty tough in Portugal with special diets. Lucky are those who eat everything (me. in abundance.).

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