Living in CZ but working for USA

I currently live in California, and work remotely for a company in Philly. I am considering moving to CZ but keep my job here, get paid here, and pay taxes here. I am dual citizen of USA and Poland (EU member), so I know that residency won’t be a problem, but I am interested in paying taxes. If my company keeps paying me to my account in USA, and taxes in California, do I have to pay taxes is CZ as well? This company doesn’t have a post in CZ.

Usually, you pay taxes where you reside, so if you’re a legal resident of CR, you’ll probably pay taxes there. Most countries in Europe have a reciprocal agreement with the USA, so you don’t pay taxes in both places - just the one where you reside. So a Czech person residing in the US pays in the US and a US person residing in Czech pays in Czech. You’ll want to double check this with a tax professional (I am not one; just someone who has lived in Europe while making most of my income from US clients). Most tax pros will do a free 15 or 30 minute consult. Look for someone with experience with expats specifically.