Living in Dubai for a month. Tips?

I have to be in Dubai by end of the month to finish the formation of my company and residency etc. I’ve stayed at hotels earlier, but that sounds pretty impractical considering I will be living there nearly for a month.

Anyone got any tips about renting a short-stay apartment for a month? Maybe even a few leads?

What about living in Dubai? I will be working hard, but I don’t want to be bored out of my mind. Places I can hang out, things I can do?

Please share :slight_smile:

Other than Airbnb, your best bet for short term renting is dubizzle . com

In terms of things to do - the entertainer app is great for finding great deals on dining and other activities. You do have to pay for it but I do remember there being a free trial period.

whatson . ae /dubai/ also a great resource for finding out what’s happening in Dubai.

[Apologies for weird links - won’t let me post proper ones]

Thanks, I found that finding hotel apartments (they have a kitchenette) was cheaper than renting from Dubizzle or from Airbnb. I rented there for some days

Intend to live in different hotel apartments around different places in Dubai. Spend a few days in each.

Thanks for the tip about What’s on. I might visit a couple of attractions.

Mostly, I want to hang out at a nice informal cafe in the evenings, sip coffee, eat a veg sandwich and work.

I’ve been told JBR could be a nice place for that sort of thing.