Long term Bali nomads: how do you obtain items unavailable locally?

I’m planning on trying Bali as my first location after doing some extensive research. I plan on taking enough items (mostly particular skincare items that, as it is, I order from Ebay) to last 2-3 months, but if I run out, what are my options? I assume it’s possible to have anything shipping though the fees may be high.

What do you do when you need something unavailable locally? Pay lots of shipping? Fly over to Singapore?

Also, does anyone know if it’s best to have items shipped or to carry extra luggage if I want to bring more items? I plan to find an area on the island that’s suitable and stay there for about 5-6 months so I’ll need large supplies of a few items - like the particular sunscreen that I use. :wink:

Fly to Singapore, buy, fly back! :smiley:

Thanks! I get any electronics in Singapore, right? Such as a Kindle, new laptop, etc?

You can find great and organic skincare products in Bali, check out Bali Buda oder Down to Earth shops in Seminyak or Ubud.

Haha! That is true. Singapore is the place to shop and so close to Bali :stuck_out_tongue: