Looking a for a flat to rent in Barcelona from January for 6 months. Anyone?

Hi guys, as I wrote in the title I am planning to move to Barcelona with my girlfriend starting from January 2017 and I am looking to rent a flat for 6 months, possibly in the Born area, but open also to other neighborhoods. My budget is around €800 per month. Is anyone looking to rent out something that could fit my request? Any help would be appreciated!

Hey, how did you get on with this search? Maybe looking to come from April…

Hi Delia, at the end I booked a flat for the first two months on AirBnb and this week I found another apartment on idealista.com with a regular long term term contract (3 years, but can be terminated from the sixth months) since I have decided to stay here for longer time. The market now is quite crazy here, prices have increased quite a bit and you basically have to decide almost immediately if you see something nice otherwise someone will snap it. It’s a bit of a struggle but it’s worth it :slight_smile: