Looking for something to prop up my Asus MB169B+

I recently purchased a second monitor to connect to my MacBook Pro 15". I use the Nextstand laptop stand to get my MacBook to eye level. I’m wondering what second monitor (without base) users are using to get their second monitor at the same level. I know of this company Elevate Stand (.com), but it seems a bit heavy and bulky (although I guess it must be somewhat, if it is to hold a monitor).

I solved it with my existing stuff. The Asus rests nicely on the Nexstand. I use the Asus case, and my 10 keyless keyboard sleeve to prop my MacBook up. I use my two JBL Go speakers to prop up the stand. It’s a good setup!

Hope this helps someone.

I use whatever is at hand (usually a pile of books/magazines will do), but I’m open to more aesthetically pleasing alternatives.