Low cost + Nomad community in Europe?

Hi Guys! I’m planing to kick start my Nomad Life style in July, and I’m researching cities in Europe that can provide three things:

  1. Low cost (I’m earning money in Brazilian Real, not Dollars). Especially regarding rent.
  2. Some kind of Digital Nomad community and Co-working spaces.
  3. Security. Low criminality.

All other characteristics (Weather, english speaking), are not as important as the ones above.

I found that the resorts in Murcia Spain that are undersold since the housing crisis are good places to start. The co-working spaces are not really here, but it fits the other two criteria. Our #1 criteria is high speed reliable internet, then price, then location/security. I travel with my community (family of 5) so that’s less important for us.

The best we’ve found so far: For ~350 euro/mo in the low season, you can live in a furnished 3 bedroom apartment, with access to pools, golf course, golf club/restaurant/bar, restaurants, etc, everything included except electric costs. 10mbps/2mpbs wireless internet, UK satellite tv, water, and towels/linens, all included. It’s a fairly good deal if you are self sufficient and don’t need to go to a co-working space to GTD (get things done). Or you can get a two bedroom for ~300/mo. and turn one room into an office if you need an official desk area, or get the 3 bedroom and place two desks in one room, and get a roommate to split the rent. :slight_smile:

We found many of these units on Air B&B, but if you google you can find them directly and avoid the booking fee. Some resorts are more deserted than others, but still worth taking a look if you like some relax at home, and only 30 minutes to Murcia, and 15 to the beach.

The Polaris World resorts didn’t fare well during the housing crisis:
Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort
Las Lomas
Terrazas de la Torre Golf Resort
Condado de Alhama
Mar Menor Golf Resort

Some better than others, but if you can swing a car, the remote-ness of them makes a great home base, while you explore surrounding areas on the cheap. :wink: boa sorte.

I don’t know about the community piece, but for the budget thing, I can tell you the most affordable places I’ve based in almost 5 years of hopping around Europe have been:

:: Croatia (Split)

:: Slovenia (Kobarid and Ljubljana, though I’m guessing you could live very cheaply in lots of places)

:: Spain (Toledo was the cheapest of my Spain trips - the south was still affordable, but more expensive than I expected)

:: Belgium (Ghent is artsy and amazing and full of interesting people and living there was incredibly affordable)

:: Italy (main cities can be expensive apartment-wise, but smaller cities and towns, especially in the south, can be very affordable)

We’ve also just booked the summer in Bosnia and I was delighted by the prices there. We’ve rented a three bedroom for what we’d normally pay for one.

As a woman traveling solo during most of those trips, every single one of the places above felt very safe to me. Obviously it’s always good to research the neighborhood you’re staying in, but in general Europe is a very very safe place to be.

Here are some of my real budgets. Keep in mind that I’m a middle-of-the-road traveler, so you could definitely do cheaper! http://gigigriffis.com/category/budgeting-saving/

+1 for Cluj in Romania. Affordable and an incredible tech scene!

Found a few spots in Budapest recently for around 600 euro/mo, but nothing cheaper for a furnished 3 bedroom in Murcia. I am checking out the link/blog posts. Thanks for all the info. :slight_smile:

Trowing in a couple of options:
Sofia – coworking spaces, there are nomads during the warm months. It is really safe. Learned from a travelling friend – use homeaway instead of airbnb for longer term flats, he said it is cheaper.
Plovdiv – even cheaper rent, there are a few folks based there, dont know what the coworking situation is at the moment, there was one new space and some problems with it.
Maybe also worth checking:
Belgrade, Serbia;
Kiev, Ukraine;

I’d say give malta a look. Digital nomad community isn’t quite here yet unless, but it’s very safe, rent’s relatively cheap and sunny with lots of activities.
In terms of rent you could probably find something on airbnb for 20-30Eur a night, just book early as it gets busy. Outside of the central touristy areas will be even less then that.
Planning on opening some office space/co-working space here soon, so if it’s open by July i’ll hock you up with free membership and you’re welcome to use it all you want

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I think Malta should be a growing hotspot for digital nomads. I spent 3 years there in school, plan to come back for awhile this fall.

Thank You so much for so many replies guys!

Malta, Spain and Italy seems very interesting.
I’ll defiantly have a check on then.

This will help me a lot!